Zayn Malik Would Kiss Selena Gomez, But Would Selena Kiss Him? YEP!

Zayn Malik Would Kiss Selena Gomez, But Would Selena Kiss Him? YEP!

Although in a committed relationship with Little Mix‘s Perrie Edwards, Zayn Malik wouldn’t pass up a kiss with Selena Gomez.

That’s what the 20-year-old One Direction dished in a radio interview with NRJ along with his 1D band mates.

“I’d definitely kiss her,” he said when shown a couple of images of random female celebrities.

ExtraTV caught up with Selena at the Nylon mag party to see if she would do the same.

“That’s really nice, I love all of them, they’re so sweet, they’re really good guys,” Selena shared. When asked which one she would kiss herself though: “Oh no, Zayn!”

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One Direction Interview with NRJ
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Credit: Michael Williams; Photos: Startraksphoto, Teen Vogue
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  • Andy

    They’re hot so go for it kids. Have fun!

  • Jen

    Aww Zayn’s had a crush on Selena since 2010 so its cute she picked him as her favorite! Too bad it will never happen because Zayn is friends with Justin Bieber and he’s in a relationship with that annoying girl Perrie or whatever her name is…she’s too ugly for him and using him for publicity. No offense, that’s just the way I see it!

  • Denise

    @ Jen, I don’t know much about 1D so Zayn has had a crush on Selena since 2010? That is actually cute if it’s true. I think you are right about it not happening because of Justin and because he is going out with someone right now. They would look so good together though. They both are very good looking :)

  • Sour Grapes

    Nooo Zayn is MINE!

  • Em

    oh yea i remember too, zayn definitely had a crush on selena. he was talking about her in a twitcam and how he watched her show. he also tried saying hi to her on twitter haha. but that was when he was still single. i love him soooo much, she’d be so good for him!

  • :)

    oh that is so sweet, I’m going to try and find that twitcam video. thanks for posting that, Em.

  • elena

    hmmm… i love both of them yeah but seperately. selena is beautiful and ofcourse zayn is also hot…he also have a crush on her..but i guess zayn won’t do that to justin.

  • Kate

    I can see this happening whether or not Zayn is friends with Justin or not. I’m sure him and Perrie will break it off soon for the whole trust issue stuff. And in the business there really isn’t a “bro code” so he is openly able to get with her (or any code at all since Harry even said he’d kiss Selena even though he dated Taylor who is Selena’s best friend). But for now, I don’t see anything happening except for possible flirting. It’d be cute, and I could see them (if there is no relationship between the two) hooking up. I like it. The boys are so cute and Selena is adorable. I hope they end up hanging out for the most part.

  • http://@nadia_nadirr Nadia nadir

    i don’t think that they will be together as a couple , and i hope that they don’t :)

  • Amairany

    I do not like this

  • katie

    Zayn said he would def kiss her but it wasn’t selena it was a pic of a different celeb girl

  • katie

    zayn never had a crush on selena that was liam and niall..zayn had a big crush on megan fox..

  • jadeomg

    awwww so cute. i know this is put of the blues but i think she and tyler posey make a cute couple.

  • Caroline

    ‘Katie’ or number 11, you are wrong. It was a picture of Selena when Zayn said he would definitely kiss her. Go back to the interview and listen clearly to what Cauet asks the boys. There is actual proof of what was said.

  • ariel

    I’m a huge fan of Selena and One Direction.
    but i don’t want Sel to date or kiss or anything with Zayn..
    Sel is, like, very pure, cute, and beautiful
    but Zayn is tough, chic, and wild..though his personality is cute..
    they are a ill-matched..
    I think Selena and Logan are a really good pair :)

  • Lawrence

    That would be a hot hookup!, I’m sure Zayn would treat her good. Although with the boys always on the move I think they’re relationship would suffer, still it would be interesting to see how it would turn out. :)

  • giin

    Selena Gomez doing what she is good at – dropping hints and creating gossip which will link her to another teen idol. Have some respect for other people. So much for being so heartbroken, she goes and makes a joke about kissing someone elses boyfriend?? Perrie Edwards – Zayns girlfriend – is already putting up with enough crap her boyfriend is being accused of cheating on her. The last thing Perrie Edwards needs right now is Selena Gomez telling the whole world how she would kiss Zayn and creating more unneccesary drama.

  • lissy

    i agree with giin.

  • http://ademalove adema

    @:): where you can find twitcam?please answer me)

  • http://ademalove Adema

    I love Zayn and Selena.And I want them to friends…#ZAYLENA

  • Lawrence


    Gossip much?. you people need to stop reading this crap on sites and use a little common sense.

  • jadeomg

    woah calm down! How many people want to kiss zayn and haters stand up when selena says she would kiss him? lets point out that he said it first but i am sure he loves perrie. yall just want to find a problem with selena.

  • javi

    @giin: how old are you 12? keep reading gossip magazines or bloggs thats whatthe coutry need more ignorant people.

  • Mary

    Don’t do it Zayn! Bros before hoes remember!

  • Bored

    That poor dude’s gf can’t get a break can she?

  • http://justjared Doug

    My best friend just recently fell for Selena…….He asked me how I can like the other person so much and not Selena…………..It’s easy when Ms. Lovato finished ” Believe in Me” for the first time in concert, her eyes connected with my eyes………….and I wasn’t cutting an onion….It seemed to really touch Ms. Lovato. If only she knew what it meant to me.

  • http://msn RB

    This doesn’t make sense!! Selena has accused her ex of cheating on her, but now she states that she would not mind meeting; “Zayn Malik” after he has allegedly cheated on his girlfriend Perrie Edwards. Now the 1D boy group wants to have an orgy with her.

    Dam! Bieber!! Selena definitely has the Bieber Fever, and she is desperately trying to get back at you. What in the hell did you do to her?

  • Woah


    EXCURSEEEE U Perrie is not ugly :)

  • Megan

    Oh, GOD! Do you all remember that Zayn said that Selena is not his type?!
    This interview means nothing! :D He will never, ever date such a beastly and disgusting girl .. or whatever she is …. :)

  • Warren

    Hey, I’ll kiss Selena!

  • giin

    Gossip much? Are you talking to me or Gomez?
    lets see.
    1. Zayn is being ACCUSED of cheating. I personally don’t believe it, I think that Australian woman is a nutjob.

    2. Rather than feed gossip, Selena should instantly have dismissed the interviewer’s suggestion as being completely out of the question. Why feed this idea? Preventing rumours from circulating isn’t what she is trying to do here. All I’m saying is that IMO it’s not a good look for her to be offering herself ON CAMERA to someone who is not only in a relationship but is dealing with being accused of cheating on his girlfriend as well. It’s no wonder Justin felt the need to smoke marijuana while he was still dating her. I don’t blame him. :)

  • kanani

    @ariel: But opposites attract :) maybe Sel likes bad boy types.

  • kanani

    @Megan: LOL beastly and disgusting? Someone’s jelly.

  • Patty Maria

    Selena is WAY prettier than Perrie. She and Zayn would make a cute couple. :) Too bad he is a rat.

  • Megan

    @kanani: jealous of what?! that i’m not as ugly as she is? :D

  • tas

    I think they will make a great couple. n that perrie kid need to get out she will go with justin b

  • CULO

    Yet NOBODY gives a f*ck