Joey Kings Talks 'Oz The Great & Powerful' (Exclusive)

Joey Kings Talks 'Oz The Great & Powerful' (Exclusive)

Who’s ready to see Oz the Great and Powerful, in theaters March 8th?! had the amazing opportunity of visiting the set of the film in Pontiac, Michigan when it was filming to check out the behind the scenes action and interview the cast — including James Franco, Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis.

We also chatted with Joey King, who voices China Girl in the reincarnation of the popular movie and book.

On her favorite part of the original movie: “I don’t know, I love that when she [Dorothy] lands in Oz it turns so colorful, since it goes from black-and-white to color, I think it’s just really spectacular how they did that thing. You get to really see how colorful Oz is and I love everything about the movie, the scarecrow, the tin man, everything.”

On her characters: “I play two characters. In Kansas, when Oz is in Kansas I play a little wheelchair girl, she meets Oz while he’s doing a magic show and she asks him a favor he can’t return really. And I play China girl which is my main role, I’m a little 2 foot tall girl, she’s really cute, really sassy and Oz just kind of takes her in and he kind of becomes an adopted father to her.”

On the feeling she gets on set: “It’s really cool to say that I can walk on the yellow brick road, my mom, whenever she stepped on the yellow brick road she like ‘Woo, I’m on the yellow brick road!’ And I feel the same way since I saw the original Wizard of Oz movie, it’s really exciting.”

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On filming inside a booth for China Girl: “Yeah, I do have to go into a booth for filming because they’re filming my face in the booth, but since I’m 2 feet tall I can’t really be standing out there squatting. I have China girl’s body, my head’s on her, it’s very interesting. It’s like nothing I’ve ever done before. It’s not like a voice-over and it’s not like being on set, it’s just really different. Zach Braff is kind of doing the same thing, and we’re in the same booth together, it’s really fun, he’s crazy. He’s really funny!”

On filming in a wheelchair: “We had a lot of people there, we had clowns there, which I’m afraid of clowns so that was fun. We had some fire eaters there and different acrobatic people so it was very interesting to see all those people there. For me, filming I had to wear a wig for it, and I had long blonde hair, it wasn’t just any old wheelchair that you see in this movie, it’s this old wheelchair that’s wooden, I don’t even know how to explain it, it’s very creepy kind of. It was really fun getting to film in the circus, they turned the studio into a circus and it really look like a circus, they had all the tents set up and it was really, really, really fun filming in the circus. But I think Oz is pretty amazing so I love filming in Oz because there is the yellow brick road, everything is there, Glinda’s palace, the Emerald City.”

On China Girl’s personality: “She’s the last of her town, I think the last of her family, she at first yes her legs are broken, she’s very sassy, very, very sassy. She has an attitude, but she’s also very sweet. Oz first discovers her in China Town and he sees her crying there and he takes her in with Finley, Zach’s character. Her, Finley and Oz are trying to go kill the wicked witch, and that’s all I can say.”

On the amazing sets: “They’re all amazing sets, like the circus scene, Glinda’s palace is awesome, the throne room to the Emerald City, everything, everything was just so amazing. They’re building a couple of sets right now, they’re actually building my village China Town and it is really amazing.”

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