Victoria Justice Writes Her Own 'Victorious' Ending

Victoria Justice Writes Her Own 'Victorious' Ending

Tonight is the night — the series finale of Victorious.

Star Victoria Justice took to Twitter and Tumblr for her own version of how the ending should be.

“Hi guys, as most of you know by now, tonight is the final episode of Victorious. In honor of this I thought I’d write a letter about my journey on Nickelodeon and most of all my gratitude to all of you.

“It all started when I was twelve years old and auditioned for a role on a show called Zoey 101 for the part of Lola. I was cast as a series regular on the second season. I knew my life was going to change in many ways, but I didn’t know then that that role on Zoey 101 would lead me to almost eight years on ‘Nickelodeon’ (all my teenage years). I remember Dan Schneider approaching me and my Mom about giving me the starring role of my own show. I remember discussing the premise of what the show would be, like it was yesterday. I remember discussing what we would name it and him calling me one day and saying, ‘I have it, it’s going to be called Victorious‘. He was so excited, because he thought it was perfect. I remember him saying, ‘see, it has your name in the title, along with your character’s name (Tori) and you’re character’s ‘Victorious‘ because she makes it into this really cool school.’ I thought great, I loved it. From that point on, it’s been an incredible ride.”

Read her whole letter inside…

“Our first day of production of the pilot was on my 16th birthday. I remember Dan saying, ‘some girls get a car for their 16th birthday, but I just thought I’d give you a TV show’. We all laughed and we then started our very first table read. It was all so exciting. At the end of the table read, they surprised me with a big birthday cake, flowers and balloons. It was a moment I’ll never forget. That moment happened Feb. 19th, 2009.

“The show aired in March of 2010 right after the Kids Choice Awards and we debuted to record numbers for the network. I remember it like it was yesterday. So, here we are, Feb. 2nd and it’s almost three years later and we are showing our final episode, titled, ‘Victori-yes’. The cast and I have had so many incredible memories together and we are so touched by the outpouring of support from all of you. The cast and I really do wish we had a proper finale, but it wasn’t to be. So, because we don’t have one, I’m going to tell you what I think happens to every cast member.

Tori- Tori gets signed to a record deal and becomes a popstar. She then goes out on a headlining tour *wink*.

Andre- He also gets signed to a record deal and not only is super successful as a recording artist, but also as a writer/producer. His albums go multi-platinum.

Trina- Trina is looking to marry a prince (because that’s what she feels she deserves) so she auditions and gets accepted to the new season of the bachelor, where England’s Prince Harry is the new bachelor (poor Harry).

Beck- He keeps auditioning and gets cast in his own series of a high school student who’s also a sociopath *wink*. His new show films in another city and he and Jade break up.

Cat- She realizes that she has strong feelings for Robbie and that it was him along. Cat also starts her own babysitting service with a girl named “Sam” *wink*.

Robbie- He finally says goodbye to Rex after he finds love with Cat. Sometimes he tries to move Cat’s mouth with his hand… she understands and goes along with it.

Jade- goes onto have a very successful career as Hollywood’s new horror queen.

Sikowitz- starts a very successful coconut water company.

Sin Jin- becomes a billionaire because of a new social media online company he started. He gives Mark Zuckerberg (FaceBook owner) a run for his money.

“There you have it. The gang always stays in touch every year after year at Hollwood Arts reunions.

“So many of you have tweeted me and messaged me about how the show has really touched you and given you inspiration to follow your own dreams. I just want to say that all of you have touched us with your incredible support and inspired all of us each week to make it the best show we possibly could. It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of your childhood/teenagehood (20+hood, we know you guys are watching too, lol) for these past three years.

“So with much love, we hope you enjoy the final episode of Victorious tonight at 8 pm. It’s goodbye for now, but not forever. The cast and I hope you’ll continue to check in and see what 2013 has in store for all of us.

“With much love and gratitude, Victoria Justice a.k.a. Tori Vega”

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Credit: Aaron Warkov; Photos: Nickelodeon
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  • Luci

    i think i’m gonna cry…<3 i like the endings except jade and beck breaking up. nice try "tori". not gonna happen.

  • jadeomg

    there we go again me, me, me
    breaking up bade also no! thats why most people tuned into the show.

  • brenda

    señor productor de victorius te estas arriesgando mucho por que no se sabe si ba haber una gran audiencia en su nueva serie sam y cat

    eso no es un final verdadero concientisese de lo que esta haciendo

  • Loise

    I think you are idiots , this show was awsome, I am 48 and I loved this show and you didn’t even give it a proper ending. PATHETIC. oh, ya teenage mutant ninja turtles is gonna be a big hit, ya, or dog with a blog, vinnie and wendle, come on….you should have just re-grouped all the characters and came back under a new name (not victorious)…now that everone loves all the characters we dont need to watch just for her…sad, sad, sad,…bad move,pretty soon good luck charlie will be gone, jessie, all the truely funny kid shows you people seem to get rid of, are you stupid or something…do you not know what funny is? or are you just plain old stupid

  • http://@tazlynngovender Tazlynn

    I liked bade thanks a lot tori

  • http://justjaredjr Wayne

    “Victorious” , during its run, had a great sense of fun, heart-warming musical talent, and one of the best ensemble casts ever put on television. In
    all its episodes, there was never a lame line or a wasted gesture. Every viewer who watched was made to feel like an insider, a member of the
    Hollywood Arts ensemble.
    After three years we know and love them so well, Tori and Andre and Cat.
    Robbie may still have the Pontiac stuck somewhere inside him, and Jade
    (somehow) may actually have a kind heart. But how will we ever know, if Nickelodeon will not give us new episodes? Please…..somebody! Give this
    wonderful show continued life. We need its spirit so much. Put new
    adventures at Hollywood Arts on ABC Family Channel, or NBC, or
    somewhere. Tori Vega’s fans will never be truly victorious, until they win her
    new life on television.

  • http://victoriajustice victoria

    hey guys don’t need to be upset I am upset too but it will be back in November the date it will end is 16th may. the last words were we are clear. love you guys xx

  • Linzi


  • Linzi

    We will surely be back right?

  • mimi123

    i wish victorious was still going on best show on nickelodeon, even tho its over i will continue to watch and enjoy it for as long as i live,

  • mimi123

    @Linzi: i hope you guys do

  • http://gmail crystal204

    I wish Victorious would go on forever!!! :(

  • Tina

    I am a mother and enjoyed watching every episode of Victorious with my daughter. We would have to be home for every new episode. The show brought excitement to our house and it will be missed!

  • shasha

    beck’s ending was actually real but i dont mean beck i mean avan he really has a new show and hes starring in it ts called twisted it just aired a few days ago and its really good you guys should check it out hes extremely cute in it!!!!!!!

  • Tessa

    I love Victorious. I wanted a proper ending, but the last episode was fun. Can’t believe I’m finally commenting on July nineteenth 2013!!!!!!!I love you guys, I love Victorious, can’t believe it’s over! But I really enjoyed all the songs and seasons! I hope Victoria Justice, Daniela Monet, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande, Avan Jogia, Matt Bennett, Leon Thomas III, Mr. Eric Lange, and of course Rex all have fame and fortune in the future. Have an awesome life you guys!!!

  • Tessa

    @Tessa: I cried when I found out it was over.

  • Tessa

    @jadeomg: OMG, I love your character Jade.

  • Tessa

    Are all the blue names stars of the show? OMG I love you guys, have an awesome life,I will be keeping in touch.

  • Blackthorne


    Dog with a blog, good luck Charlie, and Jessie are Disney shows. Victorious is nick. Nick has had a history of cutting good shows short(invader zim, etc,). Sam and cat sucks balls. I mean really? Sam is not as funny without overly nice Carly or stiff Freddy.. Cat is not funny without the victorious cast to complement her bipolarness and naïveté. It’s like a chore to watch. An ep about a goat? An ep about a texting competition? That’s a laugh,,, :(

  • Ari

    Sam & Cat isn’t a laugh is the problem.

  • Fawaz sm

    I’m very Sadi like victourious it’s my favorite show hope Victoria read this i love her character tori , I loved Robbie , jade , cat is cute , and beck is good , and its the end I was watching the show and send a message to Victoria about the show but now it’s over :( :( some clips in the show makes me angry but it still good it’s the goodbye the end…………

  • http://ememyliz badeisawesome

    Victoria is so jealous that more people like bade than bori. Victoria is such a b*******

  • http://ememyliz badeisawesome

    @Luci: yeah

  • http://ememyliz badeisawesome

    Bade is only reason every one at my school watch victorious

  • http://victorious oksana

    i like show victorious is the best movie ever

  • http://facebook tori fan

    tori i love you , your songs specially like make it shine was my inspiration and you thank you for every thing you’ve done for my life and i appreciate it
    and also i am very sad that you are ending victorious , as your words and acts inspired me in obtaining my goal may your life be prosperous and one day i will pay my debts .

  • http://@zatykhan zaty

    no no no no, all are great. but Beck and Jade CANNOT broke up. they r like the perfect couple ever. even if they had broken up, they will get together again, like always :)

    Gosh i miss Victorious so much! :,(

  • Holly


    Good Luck Charlie did end !

  • Omer

    Tbh this is how I think victorious should of ended.
    Cat: find things aren’t working out with Robbie but she finds true love in Andre

    Andre: gets a record label and starts dating Cat

    Beck: becomes a famous movie star and is still dating Jade.

    Jade: is dating Jade and is also is a actress and stars in the sissoring 2

    Robbie: moves on from Rex and gets a great education. He starts having feeling for tori and eventually they date.

    Tori: signs a record deal and is a famous pop star. She starts dating Robbie

    They all are still close and they are still friends even Jade and tori.

    That’s how it should’ve ended

  • Jada

    Beck-New show, Twisted
    Cat- new show/cancelled show, Sam and cat
    Jade- movie, Animal
    Robbie- no life
    Andre-Solo career
    Tori- Solo career
    Trina- engaged

  • http://gmail twilighter123

    Why did u end it me and my cousin recorded every single episode i luved it the most and now u cancel it thats crazy how dare u guys but i still luv u avan u were the best and Victoria. The best ones. I love VICTORIOUS rock on guys

  • http://gmail twilighter123

    I agree