Zoey Deutch Enrolls in 'Vampire Academy'

Zoey Deutch Enrolls in 'Vampire Academy'

Zoey Deutch has just landed the lead in Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters (via Deadline).

Based on Richelle Mead‘s popular book series, the novels tell the tale of Rose Hathaway, a seventeen year old girl who has a mental and spiritual bond with her vampire best friend Lissa. The two girls attend a special school for Vampires who struggle to retain some humanity while other Vampires become more feral.

The flick, which will be shot this summer, will be directed by Mark Waters, while his brother Daniel wrote the screenplay.

Producer Deepak Nayer shared, “On a creative level we love the story and the creative team. We also love the potential to do a series of six strong movies based on this beloved series of novels” he said. There could even be more as Mead has spun off characters from her Vampire Academy books into a second series, Bloodlines, two of which have already been released.”

Lucy Fry will star as Lissa and Danila Kozlovski will play the role of Dimitri.

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  • Mary

    I love these books, I adore the character of Rose, such a badass! Can’t wait for the movie

  • moon

    i was hoping Ben Barnes would play Dimitri. i cant wait to see who plays Sydney and Adrian >.<

  • mercy

    No, no, no. I wanted Ben Barnes to play Dimitri and Sophia Bush as Rose.. THAT would be a perfect cast!:// But well.. We will see..

  • Jordyn

    Love the books, the movie will be fantastic!

  • Niki

    No, I dont like Lucy Fry as Lissa, she is beautiful but she’s manly. She’s not as feminine as Lissa is supposed to be.

  • Nikki

    They better be good freaking Actors and Actress because Zoey Deutch and that guy Isn’t who I thought would play as Rose and Dimitri

  • Scarlet

    Sophia Bush is way too old to play Rose. I like the choices they made for the lead characters.

  • Amanda

    They better not mess this movie up!

  • Mist

    This book series is phenomenal. Intense with a mature depth not seen in any recent book-to-movie franchises. The characters are fully developed and will draw you into their interactions and situations like no other book has done before. For the first time, there’s not only a major female lead who is strong and admirable, but there’s also focus on girl friendship, social issues currently affecting girls today, major heart-wrenching and thrilling action, and a love story that isn’t the predominant and only theme and is actually well-developed! The books are international best-sellers. They will make for amazing movies. The cast is excellent. I love Lucy Fry’s look for Lissa. Danila is an award-winning Russian actor who suits Dimitri’s character perfectly, and Zoey looks like she can carry Rose’s fiery, fierce personality. Can’t wait!

  • Sydney

    Love the casting. I’m actually pleased that I don’t know any of the actors, as my expectations won’t already be set as to how they act/embody the character of the role they’re playing. In any case, I trust the producers have made as best a decision as they can and will make a highly popular and successful film – I’m so excited!!! I think the fan-base (myself included naturally) should also remember that we are lucky to be having a movie made at all, it was always a dream for both the author and her fans but it was never expected to be fully realised!

  • Caty

    Ben Barnes was my mental Dimitri as i read the whole series. But he’s a little older now and also Sophia Bush. I think Danila for Dimitri is perfect, I love the fact that he’s russian. Can’t wait for the movie!

  • Squeal

    never heard of these actors, but filling these types of roles are very difficult because they have many expectations to live up to… I’m so excited to see this series on the big screen :D Hope the director doesn’t turn all Twilight sell-out on us and tells everyone to take off their shirts every 10 minutes. I love this series and would hate if people didn’t give these movies a chance just because of the negativity towards vampire flicks Twilight has garnered. :|

  • MEl

    I’ve seen Zoey guest star in a T.V show and in that she showed her smart arse sarcastic side, as a felow aussie I’m glad that Lucy is being Lissa and a real russian as Dimitri AMAZING!

  • Bianca

    Unlike most of the female fans I’ve never seen Ben Barns as Dimitri, so I was really relieved when Danila was chosen. The fact that he’s Russian is even better! I also think Zoey can be a nice Rose.
    Now I’m curious about Christian… I just can’t wait for it!

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