Vanessa Hudgens: Launch with Austin Butler

Vanessa Hudgens: Launch with Austin Butler

Vanessa Hudgens hits up the re-launch on Tuesday night (February 5) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress kept it chic in all black with boyfriend actor Austin Butler while helping designer John Varvatos re-launch his new site.

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Vanessa recently took to her website to write about American Heart Month: “My first tip is one that is so easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Ready? TIP: WALK 20 MINUTES A DAY.”

She added, ” Now I want to hear from you guys… where do you walk to regularly? Or how do you plan to incorporate walking into your day? AND What’s on YOUR ‘Walking Playlist’”

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Credit: Mike Coppola; Photos: Getty
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lorel @ 11:53 pm on 02/05/2013

she looks adorable!

Milli @ 11:53 pm on 02/05/2013

she looks great, dont judge the cover, wait till you see her w/o the jacket

whatever @ 11:56 pm on 02/05/2013

What the heck are you wearing V?

Cutie @ 11:59 pm on 02/05/2013

Austin is taking over her entire career. She has her own career to worry about. She doesn’t need to follow him constantly to New York. There is no reason for her to be there right now. I think she is being way to clingy after her breakup with Zac because she doesn’t want this to form into another long distance relatinship. However, I don’t necessarily think that it is healthy for her to be glued by his side all the time. What’s really pathetic in my opinion, is that she is/has been doing more projects than he has (he’s basically new to the acting world), yet she’s the one who feels the need to follow him around. And frankly, I think he kind of gets annoyed by it to. If she continues to do this, I don’t think their “relationship” or whatever you want to call it will last much longer (not like it would last that long anyways).

IMO @ 12:00 am on 02/06/2013

Looking good. It must be so cold I agree Milli she has coat on so you can’t tell what the dress looks like. She still looks so pretty.

jk @ 12:02 am on 02/06/2013

gosh… it is so annoying to see her in ny again. she shouldnt let what austin does, affect her life. gosh… this is getting old. seems like the only way she can maintain a relationship (if thats what you wish to call it) with him is by going everywhere with him, which in the long run inst really healthy for a relationship. compensation probably… she doesnt have anything to do so by following her “boyfriend” around is the only way she can draw attention to herself. just sickening really…

Yarelly @ 12:02 am on 02/06/2013

she looks georgeous but her boyfriend omg! what a horrible thing look his face its like visual contamination

someone unnamed @ 12:02 am on 02/06/2013

i don’t really think that they’re relationship will last. she seems fine when hes not there. if they were to breakup tomorrow i dont think she would be too upset about it… i just think hes a guy who she takes interest in and shes having fun with him for the time being. i dont necessarily think that its “love”. for one thing, the pda displayed is much too over the top to be love, mainly just for attention if you ask me.(this is just my opinion but, when she was with zac they were kind of like a “power couple” and everyone liked them together. now that they are broken up, she has lost a decent amount of popularity, so she feels the need to compensate by showing the public her gross pda make out sessions) and another thing, is because she was set up with him by a friend, i dont think it was really was meant for a long lasting relationship, nor does it seem to have the potential to last for that long.

Strawberryluva @ 12:03 am on 02/06/2013

she has never looked at austin the way she used to look at zac… desperate for attention with austin seems like it to me

Hugsandkisses @ 12:04 am on 02/06/2013

I don’t necessarily hate them as a couple (I liked her with Zac better), but I respect her decision. Although after watching the links that ‘i dont believe it’ posted, I do have to agree. It’s different when you see it on video than on pictures.On pictures, it’s a still shot, on video it moves and you see more of it. I’ve seen the pictures of Vanessa and Austin that were on the videos before. But ater seeing the videos, I think Austin has this arrogance to him that Zac never had. He seems like he likes the spotlight and I know that Zac had said things about how he liked to keep parts of their relationship private. Austin doesn’t seem like a very conservative person. However, I don’t think it’s really Vanessa desperate for attention, but Austin. I think Vanessa was better off with Zac because he kept her grounded, but that’s my opinion. No mean comments preferably. I didn’t say anything that deserves to be commented badly upon. I never said I hated them or anything so, I just was staing what I think. And some people really need to calm down about what they post in their comments here… gosh.

seeul8ter @ 12:05 am on 02/06/2013

theyre probably going to breakup soon. he is probably getting annoyed at her following him to ny all the time….

MO @ 12:06 am on 02/06/2013

Awww.. this is just too cute. Wish Zac and Vanessa were still together! Maybe one day….

IMO @ 12:06 am on 02/06/2013

@Cutie: IMO no one should judge, you don’t know why. Maybe she is just spending as much time as she can because she will be leaving soon to promote her SB. She looks happy and why go alone .If they last or not it’s their business and between them.

Sayingsomething @ 12:06 am on 02/06/2013

Sorry… but Austin Butler is UGLY… with Vanessa Hudgens. It’s a shame that she and Zac broke up. They had a special connection and a special realtionship, Austin is just some random guy she met through Ashley Tisdale. Everyone can see the chemsitry that Zac and Vanessa had. Their costars, fans, even directors. It’s obvious that she had something very special with Zac that she will never have with Austin, or any other guy. You can see by the way they looked at each other, that Vanessa and Zac truely loved each other. Even though Vanessa may have moved on in a new (PR realtionship), that doesn’t mean she “loves” Austin more than she loved Zac. I think Vanessa still cares about Zac even though they’re not together because he was a special part of her life. I think she still loves him, and he loves her, but they’re both very confused at this point in their life. I think that seeing other people is a healthy thing for them. But I’m still hoping that they will get back together sometime in the future.. even though the chances of that happening are very slim.

waiting @ 12:07 am on 02/06/2013

austin will leave vanessa when he gets to where he wants to be as a star. hes using her as a crutch to rise to stardom… then shell realize that she was better off with zac

maybethistime @ 12:07 am on 02/06/2013

zac still wants vanessa back. in recent interviews he looks so teary eyed when asked about dating and stuff. she should relaize that and break up with austin whos using her for fame

sucks4u @ 12:08 am on 02/06/2013

honestly, if anything, people should be blaming ashley tisdale that vanessa and austin are together… shet set them up. i think that if ashley hadnt done that, zac and vanessa would have eventually gotten back together. so if you HAVE to blame anyone, blame ashley tisdale

xo @ 12:08 am on 02/06/2013

Don’t like the outfit, but I love that she’s going to be going to Fashion Week this week :)

march @ 12:08 am on 02/06/2013

i think that when austin and ashley costared together, he had a crush on her. i think he was attracted to her, but obviously she had a boyfriend at the time, and is like 6 years older than him. she was good friends with him, but wasnt looking for a relationship with him because she was dating scott. zac and vanessa split, and ashley is friends with both of them. maybe she saw that vanessa was upset about the breakup and introduced her to austin so things wouldnt get awkward between her and austin. but yeah… dont like vanessa and austin together

smiley @ 12:09 am on 02/06/2013

“The one thing that I can say is that the minute I met Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens at auditions and I paired them up together, there was something about their chemistry and their connection with each other that was just right.”They’re amazing, they are Troy and Gabriella and they are meant to be together.–”Kenny Ortega

so what? @ 12:10 am on 02/06/2013

i dont know… looking at their body language, austin doesnt seem very interested in her.. hes just awkwardly standing next to her.

kim @ 12:15 am on 02/06/2013

hes probably thinking that she is an embarassment to him with her ugly outifit… and further more, he doesnt seem like he wants her there. he looks so uncomfortable next to her…. honestly, i think he is concerned about his career. he doesnt want vanessa to be with him 24/7. and frankly having her seen with him everywhere isnt going to necessarily help his career… its just embarassing. i predict a breakup very soon

i dont believe it @ 12:16 am on 02/06/2013

ugh… hate him. he walks around as if he doesnt have a care in the world. walks with such arrogance…. zac was much better for her. austin enjoys being seen by the papz, its pathetic

sunny @ 12:18 am on 02/06/2013

Austin isn’t interested in Vanessa (and if he was once upon a time, he sure doesn’t look like it anymore… awkwardly standing next to her) So yeah, he must find her embarrassing to stand next to. He kind of seems like he is leaning away from her…

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