Austin Butler & Chloe Bridges: 'Bello' Mag Features

Austin Butler & Chloe Bridges: 'Bello' Mag Features

Austin Butler and Chloe Bridges take over the entertainment covers of the latest issue of Bello magazine.

The two Carrie Diaries stars opened up about their characters, fashion, and Sex and the City. Check it:

Chloe on Donna LaDonna: “Donna is hot stuff. I mean, she wakes up every morning and teases that hair and puts on her pink eye shadow. So, y’know, she’s an interesting character to play for sure.”

Austin on research for his role: “I look at it knowing that everything we’re doing now is shaping who she eventually becomes, the person we see in Sex and the City. And also the comedy… I love Sex and The City for their comedic timing, and comedy in general. I, as an actor, don’t ever want to fall into being melodramatic, and I feel like it’s a very easy thing to fall into. Because you kind of sit into the emotion rather than going through it and making light of it, which is something we do on the show. We try not to let it get too serious.”

Chloe on the fashion: “I think that we are starting at a place in the show where there’s so much room to grow [in fashion]. All of the influences involved are very much SATC or Gossip Girl. So, yes, those are our influences and we will go in that direction, but we’re starting in a place where Carrie’s a virgin; she’ s not having sex yet and she’s living in Connecticut. So we’ll see her make her way into that life. We’ll be with her to discover it; we won’t meet her when she’s already a part of it. I’d have to say the same with the other characters. We’re all coming into our own.”

Austin on watching Sex and the City: “I hadn’t watched it before I did the pilot. But I was in New York and I said to myself, ‘I should really [watch] this show.’…Now, I’m on season three or four? I thought I’d watch maybe one episode for research. But it’s such a good show. You relate to it even though these are 30-something year old single women living in New York. But I think it’s the idea that they’re looking for love constantly, and in the weirdest places and it’s not quite lining up, and so one relates to that.”

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Photos: Karl Simone/Bello
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  • what the fuuu

    i dont like him. frickin douche came out of nowhere with an A lister attached to him like a puppy. seems so arrogant. guaranteed he’ll make it and in this year they will break up on good terms so while she is promoting SB among other works he will be gaining fame on Carrie Diaries. so damn clever. works every time. just look at selena, broke up with justin just in time for the promos for SB where she is now proclaimed a grown woman. funny how both her and vanessa have the same agent and publicist.

  • lala

    @what the fuuu: but you dont even know him. but i do think that him and nessa are going to break up this year. i personally think it wont last and its not like i dislike them or anything, but i think she will continue dating around. i mean, this was suppose to be having fun not a long serious relationship

  • Lawrence

    Van has herself a hot man!, now stay tuned for another round of hater stupidity, body language analysis*lol* and Sunny running her mouth*lmao*. Its become as predictable as watching paint dry*lol*.

  • kelly martineau

    Haven’t like him from the start, What does v see in him. GROSS!!!!!!!
    Can’t stand looking at him in pitchures.

  • waiting

    He is extremely arrogant. His show on the CW sucks. And Vanessa thinks she still has a “relationship” with this guy? He will leave her when he gets to where he wants in his career…

  • kim

    @waiting: Vanessa tries so hard to force something that’s not there. Judging from recent interviews, pictures, etc. Austin doesn’t look interested in Vanessa at all anymore. He’s using her as a crutch to become more popular. It’s a shame that she is blinded by that. I predict a breakup in the next 2-3 months. And how pathetic is it that she even had to spend Valentine’s Day by herself because her selfish “boyfriend” couldn’t set aside time for her?

  • JSYK

    @kim: I agree 100%! And he is pathetic as an actor… his show stinks!

>>>>>>> staging1