Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless While Releasing New Song

Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless While Releasing New Song

Justin Bieber is shirtless in this brand new video uploaded to Telly just for his fans!

Earlier this evening, the 18-year-old entertainer tried to host live streams on both TwitCam and UStream, but unfortunately the sites crashed due to too many viewers!

As an apology to his fans for not being able to chat with them live, Justin recorded a short video and played an unreleased new song!

UPDATE: Justin also uploaded a clearer version of “You Want Me” to SoundCloud!

Justin‘s adorable younger siblings Jazmyn and Jaxon also make a quick cameo towards the end of the video – check it out:

Justin Bieber – “Sorry”

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  • Disney17

    This is beyond embarrassing! Someone tell this bird chested loser to put a shirt on!

  • http://Nonsoya.con Noelleyyy

    He’s adorable…keeping it real :))

  • http://Nonsoya.con Noelleyyy

    They all said hi” so cute…great little voices…singers in the making too? Heehee :)))

  • Kay

    60k was not a lot of people, especially against the grammys and a kid that claims to have 40 millions followers. That number is hardly enough to crash ustream, or “not let him in”, He was already in the chat room! Proof is on his twit account. Then he said he had bad internet connection. After hours he posts a less than two minute video??? He obviously isn’t smart enough to make things happen- except chaos – without his handlers. It was nothing but disrespectful last night. ….my final issue was that the page he posted a screen shot of (not the same photo) looked like it had been photoshopped….and not very well. Why do all that lying to hurt fans for a publicity stunt?

  • midz

    Dude needs to put a shirt on and stop acting like he’s all that cause he ain’t and if you want to show off your body first get a body like Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Channing Tatum or Matt Bomer and then maybe you can show it off otherwise you still got the body of a skinny twig little 12 year old!

  • who

    Again with the shirtless pics. Would this guy put his damn shirt on? “Look at me, I’m sooo fine!” This boy is so in love with himself it’s sickening. Not attractive at all. A little humility goes a long way.

  • woohoo

    what a weak, feminine & skinny body.

  • CHAR


    I second d motion! He’s so brave to show off his abs – I mean “ribs.”

  • http://www.faceboo.com destiny nichole williams

    i know lol u just make me happy lol are u okay on the road

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