Selena Gomez: Post-Grammy's Party with Alredo Flores!

Selena Gomez: Post-Grammy's Party with Alredo Flores!

Selena Gomez shows a little leg as she leaves the Chateau Marmont with friends after attending a 2013 Grammy Awards after-party on Sunday night (February 10) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 20-year-old actress/singer walked arm-in-arm with her ex Justin Bieber‘s mutual friend Alfredo Flores.

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“Love the Def Jam Family!” Alfredo tweeted later that night.

Earlier in the week, Selena was spotted heading to the studio in Los Angeles for more recording sessions in preparation for her upcoming album.

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  • jadeomg

    good to see them hang out. i thought he would stop chilling with her because justin and her broke up.

  • javi

    cmon don’t tell me that fredo is zapping justin’s ex girl. but at least is a change.

  • ohmi

    holy crap she’s so blasted out of her mind

  • mand

    few drinks too many?

  • lol


    If that were Miley the headlines would be sooooo much different and dramatic. Sel gets a free pass – hmm.

  • Simone

    She looks adorable!!!

  • midz

    Thats not necessarily true! And its Miley’s own fault she’s shown in bad light because she started itself when she started doing all these stuff knowing that she had younger fans when she could have done it a different way without hurting her fans or her image!

  • double standards

    @lol: so true. i see so many people hating on miley not wearing a bra. u know how many times sel has done the same thing? plus remember when she hosted the Emas and was all cool swearing and half naked but when miley does it shes a h0e. c’mon guys

  • lala

    she is drunk out of her mind. and i know lol.

  • javi

    @lol: yeah but miley dosen’t have a famous father and because of that the media is all over she still had younger fans when she filmed herself smoking salvia and people at the time and still now dosen’t like there idols smoking crap some do but the people with family values don’t. besides i thought miley fans didin’t care about selena anymore that they did grow up i guess with your comment the havent grown up.

  • javi

    @javi: i mean selena selena dosen’t have a famous father. sorry

  • freddy

    @javi I know your trying to make some sort of point, but your badly written diatribe makes no sense. Let me guess the gist of it: you’re a Selena fan and everything she does is wonderful. That about right?

  • javi

    @freddy: well i became a fan of hers i wasen’t a big fan but now i am and i think the only wonderful think she’s being doing is her charity work for unicef and the thing i been criticizing her the most on twitter is when she became an spokeswoman for addidas. so yeah some of the thinks she’s doing i think they are amazing.

  • lol


    the difference between Miley & Selena is that Miley is very honest about her life & although I also like Selena she gets a real free pass on the way she dresses & it is obvious to anyone who is honset about it. Miley & Selena both had & Selena still has very young fans since her show is still in reuns on Disney & she just completed a new WOWP movie, so if anyone still has an “obligation to her younger fans” it’s Selena. But that aside – if it is ok for Selena to grow up it should be ok for Miley too.

    Let’s be honest Miley is engaged to a guy she has been with for about 4 years & yet Sel is in hotels and “overnighters”with Justin & hanging on to this other guy & it’s ok. All I’m saying is it’s a DOUBLE STANDARD.

  • lol


    Hh & by the way your comments prove you have not grown up yet. if stating a simple fact that there is a difference in the way the media outlets cover the same issues about MIley & Selena is not grown up then talking about Miley fans vs Selena fans is real babyish. The difference between Miley fans & Selena fans is that Miley fans embrace the real person of Miley & accept her for who she is & the Selena fans want to embrace the fairytale version of their “idol” – and fairytales are very hard to live up to.

  • jadeomg

    @lol: uhm selena and alfredo are friends. is it wrong for her to hang out with a friend?

  • wow


    You know they are just friends how? You Selena fans are hilarious..
    Miley goes to the recording studio with her personnal assistant and she’s “cheating” – Selena comes out of a club dressed in a somewhat sexy outfit hanging on some guy the article says is a friend of Justin’s & she’s just hanging with a friend.

  • jennifer

    Selenaaaaaaaa <3

  • freddy

    If only Jason would post…

  • jadeomg

    @wow: i have never come across such a bogus story about miley cyrus. the only thing i heard of was when she was accused of cheating with ed westwick which she confronted on twitter and which is obviously not true. i have no problem with miley cyrus she is my favorite entertainer. i also have no problem with selena but its so obvious alfredo is good friends you think he would screw justin over by macking in a girl who justin really loved? yall just want to find a problem with either miley or selena which is not cool!

>>>>>>> staging1