Selena Gomez: Lunch with Lily Collins!

Selena Gomez: Lunch with Lily Collins!

Selena Gomez rocks heart-shaped sunglasses as she heads to lunch at Sushi Dan on Tuesday afternoon (February 12) in Studio City, Calif.

The 20-year-old actress/singer met up with her good friend Lily Collins for a bite to eat.

“He’s bringing sexy back… And it’s about time!! @jtimberlake killed it!” she recently tweeted about Justin Timberlake.

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A few days before, Selena was spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont arm-in-arm with friend Alfredo Flores after attending a 2013 Grammy Awards party in West Hollywood.

FYI: Lily is wearing Matt Bernson ‘Delphine’ sandals.

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  • cate

    I’ve sen them take pics together at events but not together on thier downtime. They know each other through their agent, Nick Styne.

  • javi

    @cate: theres nothing wrong with that two actors hanging out. the girl makes bad choices in movies the last one i saw of her was mirror mirror that was a bad movie but i liked her in the blind side.

  • dany

    they have the same agent! maybe it’s a business lunch

  • cate

    @Javi: What? I never said there was anything wrong with tham hanging out. I love Lily and am a fan. I have no problem with Selena. She seems like a nice girl and I admire her charity work. I was just saying that I had only seen them together at events but I know they know each other through their agent

    I liked Mirror, Mirror. The only bad movies she’s made in my opinion were Abduction and Priest. Anyway Selena is hardly known for the high quality of her movies so I don’t understand why you are picking on Lily.

  • andy

    Here for this friendship. Cute girls.

  • dany

    @cate: also do not understand the comment of javi! LOL!

    the way he spoke, gave the impression that selena makes movies, great quality, and no lily!

    javi recommend you watch the movie, Writers, and also
    The Inglês Teacher! guarantee you’ll change your mind about lily not make good choices! XD

  • jennifer

    lily collins chooses such bad movie roles, the only one that was good was the blind side and that was because of sandra bullock. she’s not that good an actress either imo.

    love selena though.

  • milena

    @jennifer: and yes, she makes bad choices! sarcasmoON must be why she and one of the actresses who have but projects to be made

  • milena

    I do not know why I’m arguing about it! LOL! lily surely has a great future

  • javi

    @dany: what are you talking about? i just made a comment about lily collins not selena. and i don’t think selena makes quality films. those films are for little girls like you.

  • cate

    Are you Selena fans serious? I have no problems with Selena but it’s not like Selena Gomez’s acting and filmography are exactly impressive enough for her fans to be criticising someone else especially when Lily has been acting for far less time and has only appeared in four movies.

  • cate

    @dany: I don’t understand javi’s comment either!

    Honestly, I don’t understand why fans always have to pit actresses against each other in the first place. Lily and Selena seem to get on so why can’t people just leave it at that instead of starting pointless arguments.

  • Kate

    @cate: Selena can act, but we haven’t seen her in too many roles… Yet. Lily had average acting abilities but still is someone I love. Neither of the girls have shown off really good skills so far.

  • cate

    I definitely agree with your post. Neither of them have had a chance to prove themselves yet. I’m sure that will change as Lily has received great reviews for her upcoming films and Selena appears to have some promising roles lined up.

    I just don’t understand why Selena fans are attacking Lily when Lily has only appeared in a few movies and Selena’s choices so far are hardly superior.

  • javi

    @cate my comment was only about lily’s movie mirror mirror not about lily sorry but i thought the movie was bad. just a comment and yes you are right about selena’s movie choices. and I’m not trying to pit actress against actress.or fan against fan.

  • jennifer

    selena can act, she’s not the best actress, but she can act. lily can’t, i’ve seen almost all her movies and she’s not great, not to mention the movies are horrible. mirror, mirror was so laughably bad.

    isn’t she also attached to that dumb YA movie about vampires and demons or something? idk it looked ridiculous from the trailer. like i said, she chooses bad movie roles.

  • dany

    @javi: I understand now what you meant! your right not to like!

  • cate

    @Javi: @javi:
    That’s OK! Thank you for your explanation :-)
    I definitely don’t want to pit the girls or their fans against each other either so I hope we are all cool now! :-)

  • dany

    @jennifer: Really? I think you should report it to producers of hollywood and lily own! because she thinks she can act, and producers continue to hire her!

    so she retire because you as an expert in performance decreed that she can not act! she has to retire *——-*

  • jennifer

    @dany: lol, just because a producer hires an actress it means they’re brilliant?

    tell that to half of hollywood right now. a lot aren’t great but still get hired. don’t delude yourself into thinking the main reason lily is where she is is because of her father, phil collins.

    i’ve got nothing against lily the person, i’m sure she’s sweet and fine. but objectively her movies aren’t great and i don’t think she can act. it’s just my opinion.

  • javi

    @cate: yeah we cool.

  • dany

    @jennifer: I respect your opinion, but I disagree with her! lily and a girl who has always worked very hard, and now has harvested the fruits of your labor!

    I’m sure that has a promising future! :)

  • jennifer

    @dany: that’s fine, lol. you seem to be a hardcore fan. i’m not a hardcore fan of either, though i like selena. i just have not been impressed by anything lily’s done. but go on doing what you do.

  • jadeomg

    i had no idea they were friends. love both actresses

  • Sandra

    awww Selena’s kind enough to take a pic with a random dude in a bike

  • Sam

    Two of my favorite young actresses hanging out together yay!

  • lala

    everyone knows everyone in hollywood. just how it works :)

  • Ariel

    Sel is a friend with Lily too?
    wow, she is really friendly~
    of course, everyone knows that Selena’s personality is really good
    and she is totally cute and beautiful :)

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