Vanessa Hudgens & Shay Mitchell: Starz Lounge Stop During New York Fashion Week

Vanessa Hudgens & Shay Mitchell: Starz Lounge Stop During New York Fashion Week

Vanessa Hudgens is beautiful in blue as she stops by the Mercedes-Benz Starz Lounge during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2013 held at Lincoln Center on Tuesday afternoon (February 12) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress was joined by actress Brooke Shields and Pretty Little LiarsShay Mitchell.

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The three stopped by to refuel before heading to the Naeem Khan Fall 2013 show where Vanessa was seen checking her emails.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Sutra earrings.

15+ pics inside of Shay Mitchell and Vanessa Hudgens

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Credit: Mike Coppola, Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty
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  • Milli

    love the blue dress. very charming and her style

  • someone unnamed

    Sorry to mention, but Vanessa seems perfectly fine when Austin is not there. She seems happier and “more free”. With Austin, she seems very awkward and it just doesn’t look natural. Nor does he look the least interested in her when they are together.

  • JSYK

    Yeah… hope her Valentine’s Day with Austin SUCKS!!!

  • My 2 Cents

    Vanessa looks amazing , I love the Blue it was one of the best looks of the week. I love Shay’s dress as well. Two gorgeous women.

  • My 2 Cents

    How hateful to wish Vanessa a horrible Valentine’s Day. Well I will wish her an amazing Valentines Day. Lots of Happiness and romance.
    Same to all of you.

  • muse

    Why mention Austin and make this post about him or them when it’s just a simple post about Vanessa attending a fasion event. Comment on her clothes or her style or her carerr. Stop focusing on her and Austin and leave them be. They are seperate beings and attend and do things seperately. Half of you post your hate for him about him being with her, and continue to do so even when he’s not with her. You’re not happy regardless.
    Vanessa is her own person, and who she dates, hangs out with or does, only affects herself and means something to her.
    As fans wish her well not the opposite.

    Again, she looks flawless and it’s great to see her on colours and not just black outfits that hide away her beauty or figure :)

  • bella

    Why don’t people just fucking deal with the fact bella is happy with Austin?

  • lala

    love what shay is wearing. vanessas is nice too.

  • IMO

    Perfection . This is one of Vanessa’s best looks this week. Shay looks great as well.

  • Anonymous

    @JSYK: it would be the best thing ever if vanessa got back together with zac… maybe not now… but someday

  • Hanah

    @Anonymous: Whther now she has boyfriend or not, she would not go back to Zac.
    If she wants to go back to Zac , she already had… and she dosen’t want Zac now… She seems happy with her boyfriend… So please leave her to live her own life

  • Anonymous

    @Hanah: Sometimes people need to take time to think about certain things, so she wouldn’t necessarily alredy have taken him back.

  • JSYK

    @Anonymous: Good points I must say…

  • kim

    @JSYK: well austin isn’t interested in vanessa anymore anywyas, so who knows, maybe a brekup in the near future?

  • kim



    VANESSA is making me sad …her style sucks now…dresses worse than people I knw. I used to loveeee her style she was my go to. Like yea i get it you llove the bohy look ….its more than fashion to you but theres way to make that look nice and expensive. Hence…..Rachel Zoe. Looks like she never has her hair or make up fully done now …her outfits are like things my parents wld pick out and id cry about having to wear them …and to fashion week? ayayay shes such a cute girl but what on earth ….her jewelry sucks too and its like 54 rings bracelets and necklaces that dont really match …yea thats getting old…

  • Whitney

    @mlCHELLE: Shut up!! You don’t know anything about her. She is young and beautiful. If you don’t like her, then don’t even come to this website. And What an amazing dress, i think that colour looks so great on her. Her last 3 looks have been gorgeous

  • Sally

    @Anonymous JSYK:
    Why she come back to him as you guys wanted?
    They already ended 2 years ago.!!
    She have the right to date with the person she want!!
    The world is not working as you guys want.!!

  • cutie

    Vanessa looks very beautiful in these pics…she has the most beautiful eyes. I was a big fan of Vanessa and Zac…they were a lovely couple. It’s a shame things ended but I think she is very happy with her life now as is he. I’m giving up on them getting back together for now anyway. If by chance it happens then great. If not then..well that’s how it goes. I am going to let them focus on the direction of their privates lives as should everyone else. It’s not up to us to tell them who is the best partner or who they should be with. It’s our prerogative to enjoy their work. Both are very talented and attractive people and both have the potential to go far in their careers and private lives. We shouldn’t be pitting them against each other or knocking their choice of partners.

  • Cutie

    @cutie: So you’re trying to use someone else’s name, is that it?

  • teddy

    @Cutie: Maybe they just so happened to have the same name…

  • cutie

    @Cutie: Um no. cutie is what I go by and it’s a pretty generic, universal handle. I’m obviously not the same “cutie” as you.

  • ooooooooooo
  • waiting

    @kim: i wouldnt be suprised if they broke up. they are both busy. she came to ny to spend time with him, but shes usually seen alone, and he doesnt really look that interested in her anymore. as i said before, he will leave her when he gets to where he wants in his career… or who knows, maybe she will break up with him…

  • waiting

    She even spent Valentine’s Day by herself… so hinting for a breakup?

  • kim

    @waiting: yeah, you’d expect that since she has a “boyfriend” that she would be with him. like i said before, austin isn’t interested in vanessa anymore… it’s a shame that she is still trying to force something that isn’t there. maybe it’s a situation where she wants the “relationship” to be something more than he does.

  • JSYK

    @kim: And poor Zac is spent Valentine’s Day by himself. I bet he wished Vanesa was with him since her current “boyfriend” doesn’t have enough time for her…

  • Alice

    I don’t mind anyone whom she has a date with……. I just want her to be happy……