'Glee' Recap: Did Quinntana Really Just Happen?

'Glee' Recap: Did Quinntana Really Just Happen?

Tonight’s Glee brought some old faces back together for Will and Emma’s big wedding day!

But with everyone back in Lima, things got a little crazy and some major unexpected hookups transpired among our favorite Gleeks!

We never saw any of it coming! And one couple in particular really made us do a double-take! Not to mention, someone might be preggers!

Click inside to find out who hooked up and what went down in tonight’s episode…


In the aftermath of the awkward kiss between Finn (Cory Monteith) and Emma (Jayma Mays), she leaves Will (Matthew Morrison) at the alter!

Meanwhile, our favorite past couples Finn and Rachel (Lea Michele), and Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine, (Darren Criss) hook up again!

And in perhaps the biggest shocker of the night, Santana (Naya Rivera) hopped in bed with Quinn (Dianna Agron)!

Oh, and did we mention Brody (Dean Geyer) might be a hooker and Rachel might be pregnant?!

Tell JJJ: What did you think of tonight’s shocking episode?

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  • Courtney

    What about the whole Brody might be a hooker!!! I think that was WAY more shocking than Santana and Quinn hooking up! Haha.

  • ann

    Why didn’t Brittana have this during their whole time dating?

  • Lara

    Santana and quinn surprised me, totally unexpected but not a bad surprised. That was kind of hot.

  • Susie

    Santana and Quinn was so hot. More chemistry in one episode than Brittana during their entire romance IMO

  • tam

    why was a kiss so hard to include in the scene? pfftt.

  • Ell

    no surprise… i mean, come on! both snarky, hot, and quinn is mad not interested in guys apart from using them. smokin

  • ms leggs

    F..ck Quintana. Worse idea ever. Glee is dead to me.

  • Sarah

    Quinntana, I ship it. They have a lot of chemistry.


    Best episode this season! A whole lot of WHA??????? Sue was funny again, Becky as flower girl, Quinntana! Blaine, just exist & be with me, hooker Brody, Rachel preggers (should have done that nude scene, girl!), Brit- “Sue, you look great!” Even Marley/Ryder/Jake had me interested. So happy they brought the beautiful blonde lesbian from Glee project on. Lastly, “Hagatha Kristy.”

  • Monchele

    OMG best episode yet i can’t believe that Rachel’s pregnant and i am dying to know who the father is. I am shocked about Brody I love him and i am not really shocked about Quinn and Santana Glee is getting so good best season so far!!

  • anonymous

    by far the best scene wasn’t really a shocker though was sad that they didn’t show a kiss between them and the look naya/santana gave her when they were at the reception was hot wondering if they are going to show more of them

  • Lily

    Pretty sure Emma left Will at the altAr (I find it funny how many people get this spelling wrong.)
    Matthew has such an incredible singing voice, and I’m happy he got to perform with Amber, and Jayma, especially.

  • Lisa

    Naya is soooo AWESOME !!!!

  • http://andrewthomasy andrew

    wow!!! now glee become more exciting..especially about quintana and rachel’s pregnant…i sad little bit about santana and brittany break up,but i want see santana happy…maybe quinn is better than brittany who may make santana happy i think…whatever!!! i don’t care if santana want love with brittany or quinn , their still best friends in real life….i wonder how the next episode between them..i hope the writers can make this couple with cheer love story than sad story..the unholy trinity :)


    WOW! This episode was so shocking,this is really GLEE. But Ryan is definitely keep in us interesting. Rachel maybe is pregnant, or maybe not. Either way, I hope its Finn’s. Santana and Quinn were the most shocking thing of the whole episode, obviously they’re not gonna be endgame, but I feel like it is like Santana & Quinn vs Brittany & Sam, and honestly, I liked way more Brittana and Fabrevans, they are true love.

  • http://@carolinebrongar -> BRASIL love Glee

    for Quinn Men are like cigarettes!
    everyone has their time.
    -> BRASIL love Glee

  • Rosemary

    Ok to me Rachel might be pregnant is way more surprising then the other stuff

  • http://google mary

    Quinn you dust have sex with santana in hotel on will ans emma wedding day why i fot you going out with a nuther man don’t lieing to santana dust tell santana the truth if not then i will tell veryone then you don’t like it

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