Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Paris Premiere!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Paris Premiere!

Vanessa Hudgens is pretty in pink on the red carpet at the premiere of her film Spring Breakers on Monday (February 18) at Le Grand Rex in Paris, France.

The 24-year-old actress made a stop at a radio station to chat about the film earlier in the day with her co-stars Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson.

“Paris is taking my breath away,” Vanessa wrote on her blog. “This was CRAZY. This is what happens when the girls go shopping. SO many fans and SO blessed. PREMIERE IS TONIGHT!!”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Rafael Cennamo dress with Sutra earrings.

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
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  • andrea

    she looks so cute

  • Liberty

    Can someone please explain to me how she was allowed to leave the hotel in this? That dress is horrid. If she still has a stylist they need firing,if she doesn’t have one they need to hire one.

    The only positive notes are the shoes,hair and make up which are flawless.

  • Alex

    It is not a very well put together look. It looks very tacky. None of the girls really impressed with their outfits for the premiere. Hopefully, they do better in the other ones.

  • hahaha

    gorgeous… her hair, make up and facee <3

  • shahad

    really ? i loved the dress unique and totally not boring like the other’s

  • IMO

    Gorgeous! She gets more beautiful every day.

  • mac

    Ugh! She has the worst taste. How is she a celeb.

  • IMO

    @mac: Someone woke up grumpy and jealous.

  • lillian

    OMG! I’m in love with that dress!! I want it!! Only If I could buy it… It’s beautiful!!

  • Xo

    It’s a different look for her. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either.

    @mac: Being a celeb had nothing to do with what you wear. That’s so dumb. There plenty of talented people in the business that can’t dress for crap.

  • mac

    I agree, she looks grumpy and ruined from a night out w/that hair. Horrible.

  • http://google barbara

    vanessa is growing up, she is going keep growing, in her life, and in her styles, i like want she has been wearing, she is so adorable.

  • Alex

    She should have worn something similar to the one she wore at the naam khan show

  • Leana

    Not feeling the dress, it looks really ugly to me.. don’t like the hairstyle either. The make-up looks alright, though.

  • JRDN

    She looks absolutely stunning and very much grown up and mature. Hater’s stop judging her every move, she can’t please everyone everytime but thank you for your hate comments, it’s a waste of time but get a good laugh out of it always. Ashley, Sel and Ms. K also look great in their outfits.

  • Mindy

    Who is her stylist? Does she still have one? Her style lately hasn’t been good like before..

  • Leana

    @JRDN Hating on someone is like calling them names. I was talking about what her Stylist picked out for her. That’s not called ‘hating’, dumbass.

  • muse

    Vanessa enjoys playing with styles and fasion. She has every right to change it up or try something new. The dress is very pretty, but personally for me, the rufling at the bottom is too much, other than that with her skin tone and frame, she pulls it off wonderfully. Vanessa isnt one to stick to basic or simple styles, she has a taste that differs to others. I think she look beautiful and its different but good different.

    People should stop being negative and stop complaining about things they cant change or have no respect to comment on. Why bother being a hateful perosn and waste your time? Im here to support someone I like and consider an idol or rolemodel. What do you gain for being spiteful and negative? Seems childish and silly to me.

  • Uknown

    I’m not that much of a fan of the bottom half of Vanessa’s dress but the top half is amazing & she pulls it off effortlessly. She’s looks stunning & her dress really fits with her skintone. When has Vanessa ever been the type of person who stuck with the predicable, boring, simple style? NEVER. That’s one thing I love about her. You never know what she’s going to wear & she plays with different styles & could careless what anyone else thinks as long as SHE loves it. TBH Vanessa could wear a trash bag & still look gorgeous. I don’t what you all are seeing but when I look at these pictures I see a person who is clearly very happy, a person who is glowing & a person who looks beautiful. Haters gonna hate.

  • kim

    well if you ask me, i’d say this is another hint that she and austin will break up soon. first off, he clearly doesn’t seem to take any interest in her when they are together, secondly, they are both busy dealing with their career and so forth, and third long distance relationships are difficult to maintain (as vanessa experienced with zac). like i’ve been saying, it’s a shame that she has to try and force something that simply isn’t there. austin isn’t interested anymore. maybe it’s a situation where she thinks it’s more than he does? i don’t know… but just saying that this could be indicating a breakup.

  • waiting

    @kim: Well Austin’s going to leave her when he gets to where he wants in his career anyways. And yeah, it does seem like he has lost interest in her… they didn’t even spend Valentine’s Day with each other, so indication for a breakup possibly?

  • so much better

    @kim: it isn’t uncommon for people to get back together. it usually takes some time though. sometimes, people don’t realize their mistakes until it’s too late. so there isn’t necessarily an absolute 0% chance that she and zac won’t get back together

  • Limited

    @kim: You make some very good points. I personally think that Vanessa and Austin don’t have enough… (for lack of a better word.. “chemistry”) to make the relationship (real or not) last that long. But that’s just me…

  • coco

    @kim: yes i agree. vanessa and zac “grew up together” and zac knew what she was like… austin doesn’t know a whole lot about her.

    “We grew up together,It was nice to have someone to share all of those experiences with.”It was a good thing. The relationship kept me grounded, and because I was with someone who knew me so well, I didn’t need to try to be someone I’m not.”

  • teddy

    Sad that everyone is bringing Austin into this again. I really shouldn’t have to say thisa again but… Sorry Vanessa isn’t with Zac. But it’s time to face reality. This is her life, and at this point in her life, Vanessa knows what she wants. Everyone who disses her relationship with Austin are selfish, and don’t even know her personally. Yes, she may or may not find that it was a mistake to date Austin, but that’s just part of learning and discovering who you are as a person.Sure Vanessa and Austin’s relationship might not last as long as Vanessa’s with Zac, but at least she is happy. Right now, Vanessa seems happy… so people who hate that she’s dating Austin need to grow up and stop living under a rock. Vanessa isn’t perfect… no one is. If she wants to be with Austin, then let her. If she wants to be with Zac, then let her. If she wants to be with anyone or no one at all… then let her. Vanessa deserves to be happy, same as you and me. Just please be aware of that.

  • mf

    I do agree that Austin doesn’t look that interested in Vanessa. It always seems like that Vanessa needs to be the first one that “has to take a step forward” in order for the relationship (or whatever it’s called) to work.

  • Slick

    @Limited: Of course their relationship isn’t going to last long… there is nothing there between them. Every time they are seen together (well 95% of the time) Austin looks so bored, uncomfortable, awkward, and like he would rather be someplace else. And I also agree with what kim said… maybe Vanessa is more attracted to Austin than he is to her becuase it sure looks like it. Vanessa is trying way to hard to make something out of this relationship, but it’s not going to work becuase Austin doesn’t feel the same way about her. Also @coco; that quote says a lot. Especially this part: “because I was with someone who knew me so well, I didn’t need to try to be someone I’m not.” Vanessa is trying way too hard to be someone she’s not (well not exactly but yeah). Maybe she just wants to show the public that she has a boyfriend and that she has moved on from Zac Efron… but really, it’s all just sad to look at. Vanessa trying to be romantic with Austin and he just looking miserable with her. And like a lot of you already said… they don’t have any connection. Sure, Austin may know her from what she and friends have told him. (Jus for an example… But she and Zac connected on a much more personal and deeper level). He understood her better because as someone said they “grew up together”. She and Austin have none of that. And no, it isn’t uncommon for people to get back together. Right now, Vanessa is just “experimenting” with this guy….

  • Slick

    As for the dress… well.. shse could have done better

  • Warren

    Vanessa looks ready for love. Hot and sexy!

  • Jim Bob Duggar

    sinful people

  • Mili

    @kim: oh my god, grow up already!! stop copy paste in every V post, and stop the zac crap.

  • jadeomg

    there go the zanessa robots again. please someone put them in a good mental hospital one without internet.

  • Constance

    Is it just me or are the comments people made about Austin, Zac etc the EXACT same comments they posted in one of V’s posts a few days ago? ……. Anyway what does this article have to do with either Austin or Zac? Neither of them are mentioned in this. It’s all about Vanessa so focus on JUST her.

  • Limited

    @Constance: Yeah, people DO use the same comments. At some point, people (at least I do) get tired of having to repeat the same stuff… so why not use the same comment. It’s pretty lame yes but oh well..

  • HI



  • http://noraivanova1 Nora


  • muse

    To whoever wrote that Vanessa and Austin are breaking up becuase he isnt there, is really blind, stupid or both! The girls are in Paris! In the livestream interview in Paris, the girls were asked who was single and Vanessa answered ‘none of us”. So if they all have partners, why should Austin be the only there??? When the film premieres in America, I have no doubt that he will be there to support his girlfriend, if he isnt, then he probably coulndt get away from shooting for his show, just like Zac couldnt make some of her premiers when they were together coz he was working.
    Both of them are actors and its hard to make certain commitments when you already have some.
    Vanessa is happy, and if they break up, then they break up, but then she’ll find someone else who makes her happy, and it might not be Zac, AND YET half of you will continue to complain.
    Just leave Vanessa to live her own life, and stop commenting on how much you hate someone. Its repeatitive and old. They’ve been dating over a year, and who has proof they didnt do anything for Valentines day. Maybe they did, maybe they didnt, but dont say false things when you dont know just because there wasnt any photos of them out and about.
    Their both private people, so maybe Austin planned something at home and private for them. Who cares? Just stop the hate.

  • bella

    @muse: Good job..You’re right…. Why doesn’t people just leave her alone?….She can wear clothes that she want and she can date with anyone she want….Whatever she does, that is none of your business.
    Do not come this post again if you don’t like her

  • Tomy

    1 paper for Ashley Bensons,
    1 paper for Selena Gomez
    1 paper for Vanessa Hudgens
    AND No paper for Rachel Korine ???
    WHY ??

  • JRDN

    @Leana: OK,dumbass, you didn’t state re: her stylist in your comment, all I saw was hate and judgemental and negative comments, which makes me laugh dumbo. It’s the problem nowdays, people got no RESPECT!!
    so you don’t like her style than for goodness sake dumbass move on. I personally think her style has gotten matured in a good way, she is not 16 years of age anymore so let it go!!!

  • JRDN

    @Leana: Oh and also Missy, there is no need for name calling it’s ugly like you, be carefull what you say it reflects back to you:).

  • OK

    Vanessa your my little cutie, but really that dress? I could of pulled a better one out of my closet for you!

  • xo

    You would think the way these people keep bringing up the video of them at the Varvatos show that they were arguing or giving each other dirty looks.There’s nothing happening that would signal a break up. They are literally just standing next to each other sipping their drinks and enjoying the music.
    Four seconds of a video (good or bad) does not speak for an entire relationship. Neither do pictures that capture a second of their day. Why do people not get that? Since they love bringing Zac up so much, why don’t they bring up the video of ZV in Hawaii? Supposedly they were so in love and happier than ever, yet 2 weeks later they broke up. No matter how many videos you watch or pictures you see, you will never know the whole story. Acting like you do just makes you look silly.

  • Leana

    @JRDN That’s what it implied, dumbass- She doesn’t style herself, she hires someone. Just because someone says something like”not feeling her dress choice” doesn’t mean they’re hating on HER. Hating on someone is calling them a slut and such. and besides, I was referring to what HER STYLIST CHOOSE FOR HER. And I never said anything involving how she dressed when she was sixteen. You act like I go on and on about every outfit she wears. LMAO.

    And based on what else you said- You’ve got to be very small minded if you seriously think every comments going to go “OMGGG,I LOVE HER OUTFIT!” cause, gasp,everyone doesn’t think the same way!

  • Anon

    Austin isn’t there because he’s still filming TCD in NYC. If he wasn’t he most likely would’ve been there. I think he’s going to be filming through March but I could be wrong.

  • ABC

    @muse: Not only because he isn’t there, but because people don’t think that he is interested in her.

  • :)

    @mac: they need to look good to be a celeb. they need to act good and have a good team

  • http://google barbara

    vanessa is promoting her movie it is her job, you don’t bring boyfriends, vanessa enjoys being with her friends, she doesn’t need a babysitter, he will proably be there for her premere in la or ny.besides dates get in the way of promoting there movie, if vanessa does well from her movies, she will get more offers. like zac, because she is doing more serious rolls.

  • IMO

    @teddy: I agree with you 100%

>>>>>>> staging1