Ariana Grande & Jai Brooks Split (Exclusive)

Ariana Grande & Jai Brooks Split (Exclusive)

Ariana Grande and her boyfriend Jai Brooks have decided to part ways, her rep confirms exclusively to

The 19-year-old actress/singer and the Janoskians group member cited long distance as reason for the split.

“The distance played a major role as it was hard to maintain a relationship so far away,” her rep says. “They remain close friends.”

Ariana is hard at work filming her upcoming show Sam & Cat, which is a crossover spin-off of both Victorious and iCarly. It is set to premiere this Fall.

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  • jonah

    can’t believe anyone really believed this was a real relationship

  • Whitney

    I like how her rep has to confirm this, like there’s such a huge amount of public interest and questions surround her personal life.

  • Cat


  • denisse

    oh por dios esto no puede ser :c maldita distancia, eran una pareja tan linda <3

  • Alice

    Oh my goodness this is so sad ): THESE TWO WERE PERFECT TOGETHER

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Man, she just has no luck with guys.

  • Amy

    He found out she IS a Bigot.

  • Jariana


  • rick

    crying??REALLY???give me a break if you’re crying you got issues and need help..maybe he finally got tired of her huge ego.

  • Jariana

    fuck you ‘rick’ you dont know them

  • Shelby

    they lasted longer than i thought they would. still looks so fake though. cue the sappy heartbroken tweets. *gag*

  • audrey

    Her rep? Who the hell is Ariana now? Too good to talk to the blogs herself?

    I’d put money that her “rep” was her pushy stagemom. She seems like she wants them to be the next Kardashians.

  • http://@taranoopura Taranoopura

    I Agree With You.

  • Amy-lou

    so obviously not true. If they’ve made it last this long together with distance, then they’re not going to split because of it.

  • alexia

    whoever believes this is stupid. jai & ariana have been dating since summer of last year and he really loves her. this article is just BS.

  • yoo

    she only “dated” him to create some buzz about herself she’s thirsty af and the janoskians are getting somewhat famous

  • jadeomg

    wait didnt he just fly in to see her?

  • http://@lyrrahfaith Lyrrahfaith

    What’s hard to believe is that “distance” broke them up, when they were talking/dating for 10 months without meeting each other. The fact that he was just with her 2 days ago, not buying it.

  • Luke

    I am a huge fan of Ari but I had a feeling they wouldn’t last very long.


    Why is everyone being so rude about Ariana? What has she EVER done to you guys?

  • maggie

    @alexia: they haven’t been dating since last summer..they tweeted occasionally last summer they didn’t even confirm any type of dating until november

  • mally

    that’s what happens when you bring the public into your relationship. this was too publicized.

  • ShevsRJW

    Actually, Jai confirmed it on his Twitter, him and Ari are still friends, all the proof you need is the reply Jai sent to a fan and the reply Ari sent to a fan!! The distance thing was kinda inevitable, Australia and America, they knew it was gonna be hard, they just didn’t realise HOW hard!! This is all stuff that they themselves have said on twitter!! All you people who are like ‘they weren’t really dating’ need to pipe the heck down!! Your speculation and hate is irrelevent!! All this ‘she’s fake’ ‘it was all for show’ kinda ish is ridiculous, all that hate just makes you look stupid!! In any case, all this is their business, it doesn’t affect us!!

  • who cares

    the janoskians are idiot ratbags who are becoming irrelevant, ariana can do so much better.
    why the eff have the rats got so much hype? they put Australia to fucking SHAME, it makes me not proud to be from melbourne

  • love actully

    right seriously anno people can be upset about ******* celebrity relationships but its not worth it becuz its their business not ours okay ??
    and like think about it. its not fair on them everybody talking about ari and jai spliting. im a really big ari fan.
    think about how shes feeling, shes probley really upset right now. she might not be showing it but shes probley feeling it. so give her a break okayss :( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    He literally just posted a picture of them together on instagram 15 hours ago, and this article is from thursday! research before you believe the first thing you hear, ladies.

  • Megan leanne

    Omg, I CANT EVEN!
    this can not happen!:’(

  • jaiariana?…

    honestly, who the ‘eff cares if they broke up or not its their life not ours…. and long distances love affairs almost never work out

  • Alaina

    They are great couple together.
    Ari and Jai shouldn’t break up. I am the huge fan of Ari.

  • idgaf

    shut up you no life cunnie

  • loveheartlesslove

    This obviously wasn’t fake seeing as she’s making out with Mac Miller in her new video.

  • Lovejanoskians

    “who cares” you are an a**hole janoskians are amazing and so much better than you so stop hating on them alright i don’t see you making awesome videos on youtube and i dont care that this was ages ago i just wanted to get it out there that who cares needs to get a life and stop hating on people that are better than him/her.

  • Lovejanoskians

    @who cares:
    You are an a**hole your just jealous because janoskians are better than you and i dont care if this was ages ago i just wanted to let some people know that they are stupid

  • Katelynn

    This is ultimately not the truth, I was there when they were hand-n-hand in Hollywood!!! They are so cute together I even took a photo with them! And I even told Jai to tell daniel that I am single and ready to mingle! He gave me Daniel number! JARIANA forever!!!!<3

  • Yup yup agree

    I agree with #24, I had absolutely no idea who jai brooks or the janoskians were until I found out one of them was dating Ariana. I look up their videos and they’re famous for what? Spraying mace into they’re eyes, drinking/throwing up colored milk, humping on trains and all-around being douchebags in Melbourne. OH and being “cute” if that’s what you can call it. Ariana can do WAAAAY better than that, I mean she’s gorgeous as fuck, and classier than that.

  • Unknown

    @jonah: Can’t believe you didn’t, green eye’d monster got hold of another one huh!

  • Unknown

    @Whitney: Well its in the press quite a bit, and their are many fans on both sides, so clearly many do care, even if your not one of them!

  • Unknown

    @AnonymousGuy08: Oh Please, at her young age, I hardly think anyone can really judge that! Young people aren’t suppost to be so serious so soon, atleast that’s what many seem to think. Dating, loving and breaking up, are all a part of growing up. Weather she has luck with guys, is too soon to tell!

  • Unknown


  • Unknown


  • Unknown

    @Shelby: Jealousy got you too huh! HATER Like your in any position to say if it was real or not!

  • Unknown

    @audrey: I put money on you being a jealous hater who can’t stand seing anyone do better in life than you! Her talent is what got her where she is, not a pushy stage mom! Shows how much you know, she spends a lot of her time in NYC, away from her mom! And a 20yr old is able to speak for herself, and do what “SHE WANTS!” Her mom’s not controlling anything, just supporting her kid!

  • Unknown

    @yoo: If she was only looking to date someone to get attention for herself, she could have done that with someone who was way better off than Jai Brooks, are you f-ing kidding me. He was a nobdoy compaired to her, even while they dated, she was the star in that relationship, not him. He, and his group are still trying to make their mark in the business, and she has a much better chance at a future, than they do! Stupid pranks and food challenges ARE NOT A TALENT, and they admit it themselves. Where will they be in 5-10 years, who the hell knows. Ariana has a way better future ahead, and Scooter Braun knows how to help her get there!

    Ariana can do better than that guy in her sleep, and probably will in time!

  • Unknown

    @mally: Now that is one post I can agree with! She should keep her personal life private from now on! People have no respect these days!