Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Madrid Premiere

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Madrid Premiere

Vanessa Hudgens is radiant in red as she arrives at the premiere of Spring Breakers on Thursday night (February 21) held at the Callao Cinema in Madrid, Spain.

The 24-year-old actress showed off a little leg in her glam gown alongside co-stars Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine.

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“Last time I was traveling for Spring Breakers for Venice and Toronto I shared my playlist with you all soooo it seems only right to share my new one. :)” Vanessa wrote on her official website.

Head on over to see what made her playlist!

FYI: Vanessa wore a Julien MacDonald dress, Norman Silverman earrings and an Adeler ring. 10+ pics inside…

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Caitlin @ 7:55 pm on 02/21/2013

omg I love Vanessa’s dress :) I love when her hair is short. The other girls look good too. I’m excited for this movie. Looks like it’s going to do great :) Happy for everyone who is in it.

Zane @ 7:57 pm on 02/21/2013

yeah, i love the dress. perfect outfit for her

Lawrence @ 9:09 pm on 02/21/2013

She looks pretty with her hair in that style, very nice Van.

Warren @ 9:13 pm on 02/21/2013

Vanessa looks sexy in that dress. She look hot enough to lick and eat!

barbara @ 11:47 pm on 02/21/2013

vanessa looks beautiful!

kim @ 1:04 am on 02/22/2013

she looks so much happier without austin around. she doesn’t need to pretend to be a different person because he’s no there. well if you ask me, i’d say this is another hint that she and austin will break up soon. first off, he clearly doesn’t seem to take any interest in her when they are together, secondly, they are both busy dealing with their career and so forth, and third long distance relationships are difficult to maintain (as vanessa experienced with zac). like i’ve been saying, it’s a shame that she has to try and force something that simply isn’t there. austin isn’t interested anymore. maybe it’s a situation where she thinks it’s more than he does? i don’t know… but just saying that this could be indicating a breakup.

kiki @ 1:06 am on 02/22/2013

@kim: he probably doenst mind that shes gone… he never did look that interested in her

teddy @ 1:07 am on 02/22/2013

@kim, @kiki; You guys seriously need to stop…

going... @ 1:21 am on 02/22/2013

@kiki: yeah austin even looks more interested in his costar

awkward @ 1:26 am on 02/22/2013

@going…: yeah no joke. you can see the way he looks at her. he just looks plain bored with vanessa.

teddy @ 1:30 am on 02/22/2013

@awkward: Oh this is so laughable. “The way he looks at her”. It’s called acting…. I don’t understand why people need to find some sort of excuse about something to diss their relationship. Very mature people here… very.

Lawrence @ 1:35 am on 02/22/2013


Why do I have a feeling its the same person or persons just using different names*lol*, its funny how they just sprang up in these last few posts. They are seriously delusional anyways, reality isn’t going to bend simply by stating the same comments over and over.

kiki @ 1:42 am on 02/22/2013

@Lawrence: don’t be stupid… maybe it just so happened that people are online at the same time? there is no logic behind using the same name. if you have something to say, then you shouldnt be ashamed to use the same frickin name. whoever would do that is idiotic.

kiki @ 1:44 am on 02/22/2013

@teddy: what is that supposed to mean? get off of here

teddy @ 1:50 am on 02/22/2013

@kiki: Well now you’re the one being stupid. Austin is an actor… he acts. So of course the character has to look interested… they are playing love interests. As for Vanessa, you don’t know if he isn’t interested in her. You can’t judge off of pictures. Did you send Austin fanmail or something asking him to state how he truly feels? Everything people are saying is stupid and meaningless. Why don’t you get a life of your own instead of worrying and complaining about other people’s?

teddy @ 1:51 am on 02/22/2013

@Lawrence: Maybe… I wouldn’t be suprised if they were the same person.

kiki @ 1:54 am on 02/22/2013

@teddy: Shut up! Why would anyone use multiple names? That doesn’t even make sense

JRDN @ 2:16 am on 02/22/2013

Really!!!, why must people always have negative things to say about Vanessa herself, her relationships, what she wears, etc. STOP!STOP!STOP!, just stop it already, she is doing something that she loves and has the passion for in life it’s the least I can say for all you hater’s. No one knows anything about her life nor her personal life, stop trying to figure out her everything it’s none of our business. If you don’t like her move the h*ll on and stop with the what you think it is about her already. Stop with the hate, move on from the past and stop with the judging, move on from the past. Hate is UGLY, HURTFULL and DISRESPECTFULL.

Jane @ 3:00 am on 02/22/2013

@kiki: Just shut up yourself

Lawrence @ 10:38 am on 02/22/2013


I’m not, its quite logical. Using different names is a good way to spread the negativity at the same time looking like a lot of people share your opinion when in truth is just a minority. Its a sad practice but I’ve seen it done before.

Lawrence @ 10:45 am on 02/22/2013


Me either, the grammar, maturity and way of speaking look so familiar. Then again its not always easy to tell with way some these people carry on*lol*, bottom line the whole “hate Austin” thing has got really tiresome. The endless theories and picture analysis what does any of that prove?, pics are only split second captures not a guarantee.

who let the dogs out @ 12:33 am on 02/23/2013


MEL @ 12:37 am on 02/23/2013

I get the impression that people who go on and on about others having many accounts, do it themselves…. i’ve seen that a lot on here, even her weird fans do it, esp. on twitter. I’m guessing it’s got to do with they don’t have any life…

IMO @ 1:33 am on 02/23/2013

She looks so pretty , her smile makes the look complete.

Kimberly @ 3:53 pm on 02/23/2013

lol people are so dumb.. you can’t know whether people like each other of not.. I’ve never seen her more beautiful

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