Vanessa Hudgens: LAX Arrival with Selena Gomez & Ashley Benson

Vanessa Hudgens: LAX Arrival with Selena Gomez & Ashley Benson

Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez huddle together as they arrive at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (February 23).

The two actresses landed safely with co-star Ashley Benson after promoting their new film, Spring Breakers, throughout Europe.

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Along with other co-star Rachel Korine, the girls made stops in Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Rome.

WHICH STOP WAS your favorite of the promo tour?

Spring Breakers opens in New York and LA on Friday, March 15th.

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  • Mili

    Paparazzi are so complicated and stupid some times…

  • YETS

    so vanessa is in LA why Austin?

  • whatever

    LOL they look dumb. It was too hot in LA to be wearing a jacket and a scarf or whatever Vanessa is hiding behind.

  • javi

    selena is the one withthe green jacket or the one with the hat? because it kind it look like michael jackson with the hat and sunglasses.

  • jadeomg

    @javi: i think vanessa is the one in the green hoodie thingy because i am pretty sure selena is taller than her.

  • Liberty

    @YETS: He is NY working on the Carrie Diaries. You know what normal people do….

    I feel for V,S,A&R there body clocks will be crazy for the next week.

  • http://Amberusa18 Amber

    The paperazti must be soo annoying after just being on a plane for hours you don’t want idiots in your face as soon as you land! I feel sorry for them they must be soo tired xxxx

  • me

    Funny how when Miley covers her face they call her attention whore but when selena does it papz are the one to blame. Pathetic selena stans.

  • javi

    @me: why are you bringing miley cyrus in to a selena,ashley,vanessa post? no one here wants to start a fan vs fan fight grow up.

  • emily

    How do the paps even know when they leave and arrive. Someone has to tip them off? So does Wizards get a premiere event on March 15th? With more Selena, and perhaps even Gregg Sulkin, Maria Canals-Barrera, Jake T Austin and perhaps even David Henrie (who has been busy directing a short film)?

  • kim

    @YETS: obviously not. he’s in new york and could care less about her. he doesn’t seem to have a problem not seeing her. and when she was at all her premieres, she looked a lot happier than when she’s ever with him…

  • teddy

    @kim: You’re extremely rude! You don’t know either Vanessa or Austin personally. You have no control over how they feel, and shouldn’t be making up false pieces of information to satisfy your immature fantasy world. If you don’t like them together, then that’s fine, but quit with the rude comments would you? And once again, I didn’t see Austin’s name mentioned anywhere on here.

  • Cutie

    She and Austin will be pretty much over soon. Itís hard to force a relationship with someone who doesnít know you that well (as you say they are). You can clearly see from when they were recently together, that Austin didnít look comfortable around her (or at least thatís what it seemed like to me). Their ďrelationshipĒ does not have the potential to last that much longerÖ they have no connection with each otherÖ they donít truly know each other. But thatís all I will say on thatÖ

  • Candy

    @kim: Yeah. tell me about it! I’m so disgusted with them together.

  • ohohrich


  • Caroline

    I like seeing Selena and Vanessa together! They are so beautiful <3

  • simran kaue

    I do not know why they are covering themselves basically what is the point being a celeb and just layering clothes.

>>>>>>> staging1