American Idol: Zoanette Johnson Sings 'Circle Of Life' - Watch Now!

American Idol: Zoanette Johnson Sings 'Circle Of Life' - Watch Now!

Nicki Minaj was left in tears after contestant Zoanette Johnson belted out her version of The Lion King’s “Circle of Life”!

The 20-year-old Oklahoma native received a standing ovation from Nicki, Randy Jackson, and Keith Urban. Fellow judge Mariah Carey was impressed as well.

“Kudos to the Queen of the jungle,” Keith said.

As expected, Zoanette was one of the five lucky girls to make it through to the next round.

Watch Zoanette‘s performance of “Circle of Life” below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zoanette’s performance?

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    Hopefully, the viewers will get past her “wayout there look,” and recognize the enormous talent that she is.

    Tough act to follow……

  • abundantcreature

    Before the racist trolls begin their rant, let me agree with Judy PIckens and applaud Zoanette for filling the stage with her PRESENCE. Loved it and can’t wait to see more! Way to shake things up!!!!

  • bwilliams

    Zoanette Johnson

    I have never been so excited over a performance than the performance
    rendered by Zoanette.

    Thank you


    Kudos Zoanette
    You showed us that you can play when it is to play, act crazy at times but can be serious when it calls for it. Your Circle of life Performance was unbelievable and breathe taking, you Wowed me and stunned me You meant business. Obviously cannot wait for your next choice of song and performance.

  • slhyde

    Was a good performance, but she was off key more than she was on key. But overall, was fairly good. I can’t wait to see what she will do when the judges pick the catagories. She will have to prove how good she is then. Good luck to you!

  • virgil scott

    I just want to say thank you to Zoanette Johnson, with everything that i am going through that what ever is going in my life can’t be all that bad. You brought tears to my eyes and joy to my soul, Thanks Virgil Scott

  • virgil scott

    First allow me to say thank you for remaining me that life is a circle and that no matter what i go through that i will get to the other side. There is this saying that in order to dance in the rain, you must go through the storm. You sing Circle of life allow me to to dance in the rain. Thank you and good luck

  • thomas liberto

    Zoanettes’ performance was out of this world. There hasn’t been one better before, nor will there be one after, and I’m not talking about just this season. It only helps varify my statement. “If you don’t love Idol, you don’t love music.

    ps Nicki, if I was you, I would sign her now as your new opening act.

  • Tori

    This is my favorite season of Idol. The new judges have led to more artistic contestants rather than typical talent. Kudos to Nicki for seeing uniqueness unconventional artist. I though Zoanettes performance was BRILLIANT. She’s unique, I was captivated the whole time, not just because she’s “different” but because it was breathtaking, and so different from everything else. Before yesterday, I thought she’d definitely be cut, but after her performance, I knew her and Candace would be a shoe in. Contrary to popular though, the judges this cycle (esp Nicki and Keith) seem serious about talent, so I doubt they’d keep people just for ratings. Hopefully the viewers this season change due to the picks, and we see voters who can recognize unique talent vs just picking another “great” singer, in an industry with hundreds of “great” singers. Unique trumps great in a day and age where we’ve seen it all and heard it all. JustJaredJr readers must have a really good ear to all agree Zoanette is the real deal!

  • pricely

    Born a star! Winner, winner chicken dinner.

  • Rach

    I loved her performance and I am a HUGE fan if the Lion king I loved it so much it was indescribable.

  • odizzy

    Zoanette is just amazing, love everything about her !!

    Big up Zoanette – hope she wins it!

  • Elizabeth

    A STAR IS BORN! Love you Zoanette!

  • Elizabeth


    Talent and singing is about “communicating” emotion and God dang did she do it!

    Vote for her people! She deserves more and we need a world with MORE ZOANNETTE! YOU GO GIRL! She uplifted my day times 100, so that is what an artist and talent is about, they reach us! :) Vote for her!

  • Jaydee

    This is an absolutely amazing performance! Hopefully she can pull through a win!

  • lucent

    i am surprised w/ all the comments, yes it was a memorable & unique performance but it’s like she can’t sing & can only shout, it is unfair for the others who got cut but the priority is the ratings though

>>>>>>> staging1