Austin Mahone Interview - JJJ Exclusive!

Austin Mahone Interview - JJJ Exclusive!

Check out our brand new interview with singer Austin Mahone!

The 16-year-old YouTube breakout star is gearing up for his biggest year yet with his debut album in the works and an awesome gig opening up for Taylor Swift on tour this summer.

JJJ recently chatted with Austin about his new music, personal style, fans (“Mahomies”), and of course, what he looks for in a girlfriend.

He also spilled to us his celebrity crush and dream collaboration!

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Austin Mahone- Interview

JustJaredJr: Hi Austin! So what made you start posting videos to YouTube?

Austin Mahone: I started with my best friend Alex. We started posting videos because we were bored. We had nothing better to do, so we started to do that as a hobby, and then it kind of just grew.

JJJ: What did your friends and family think about it?

AM: They thought it was cool. They thought it was a fun thing for me to do. Rather than just doing nothing, they thought it was pretty cool.

JJJ: At what point did it start getting serious?

AM: It started getting really serious about a year ago when I was in Chicago and I was going for a meet and greet. I thought a couple people would be there, but there were over a thousand. It was a crazy experience.

JJJ: What can you tell us about your upcoming debut album?

AM: I’m actually working on my album now. It should be out by the end of April.

JJJ: What kind of songs can we expect?

AM: There’s going to be a lot of songs like “Say You’re Just a Friend” and “Say Something.” There’s going to be some ballads too and some really cool collaborations.

JJJ: What has been the biggest challenge transitioning into the music industry from your regular life?

AM: I would definitely say not getting to see my friends and family as much anymore.

JJJ: What was your high school experience like before you started getting home-schooled?

AM: It was cool. I didn’t really have too many friends, just a couple. Most of the people in my high school thought being on YouTube was pretty stupid and that I was never going to make it. I only had a couple friends, but once the ball started rolling and things started happening, I was amazed.

JJJ: Did any of those people who weren’t nice to you in high school all of a sudden start talking to you?

AM: Oh, definitely. All the time. Like, “Why doesn’t Austin like us? We were so nice to him in school.” Yeah, right.

JJJ: You’re going on tour with Taylor Swift later this year. What are you most excited for?

AM: Probably just being able to perform for 70,000 people. I’ve never performed for that big of a crowd before. I’m not really sure what to expect because I’ve never been on tour before, but I think it’s going to be fun. I’ve been rehearsing for a while now, just getting ready for all the shows.

JJJ: Let’s talk about your style. Has it changed at all over the last year or two?

AM: I don’t think it’s changed drastically. I still wear a hat everyday. That’s what everyone sees me as, you know, the kid that wears the hats. The reason behind that is because I hate the way my hair looks, so I wear a hat to cover it up. But yeah, it’s the same pretty much.

JJJ: What is your go-to outfit when you wake up?

AM: Basketball shorts, t-shirt, hat.

JJJ: What’s something we’d never see you wear?

AM: I see kids wear fox tails on their jeans, like animal tails. That’s just weird to me. I would never wear that.

JJJ: If you weren’t singing, what career would you pursue?

AM: I would want to be playing basketball.

JJJ: What’s the best advice your mom ever gave you?

AM: Probably to… she always tells me to stay humble and stay grounded. She’s definitely always there to help with that. There are so many things she says to me, but I would definitely say to “stay humble.”

JJJ: Do you still get in trouble?

AM: Yeah, when I don’t listen to her. If she tells me to do something and I ignore her, she gets really mad at me. This one time, I asked her if I could go to Best Buy because we were at Chili’s. The Best Buy was right across the street and I needed to get a charger case for my phone. She said no, but I just ran to Best Buy. She got really mad at me. And it turned out they were closed, so I lost.

JJJ: You recently got bombarded when you visited New York. What happened?

AM: That was crazy. I was trying to plan a meet and greet in Times Square. I tweeted, “Hey guys, meet me in like an hour.” I planned to go and take pictures with a bunch of people, but when I got there, everyone rushed at me and it was unorganized and crazy. If the cops didn’t take me away, I would have stayed there taking pictures with people. But they said it was unsafe. It was really lame.

JJJ: Let’s talk about girls! What do you look for in a girlfriend?

AM: I want a girl to have a great personality. She has to make me laugh. A girl I can be myself around. Someone I can talk to. She has to have a nice smile and nice eyes.

JJJ: What are your dating dealbreakers?

AM: A girl that’s really rude.

JJJ: Who is your celebrity crush?

AM: Mila Kunis. She’s so beautiful.

JJJ: Definitely! You’ve gotten to meet a lot of cool people. Have you ever been starstuck?

AM: I’ve never really been starstruck, but I really liked Taylor Swift. She was really nice. I met her in this little cafe in Nashville. She walked in and I went up to her and was like, “Can I have a picture with you?” I got a picture of her and I told her that I’m on YouTube and I sing. She was like, “That’s really cool. Keep up the hard work. Never give up on your dreams.” It’s crazy. Now a year later, I’m going on tour with her.

JJJ: Are you going to tell her that story when you see her?

AM: Yeah, I have pictures to prove it.

JJJ: So what’s your favorite TV show?

AM: Family Guy.

JJJ: If you could work with anyone, who would it be?

AM: [no hesitation] Chris Brown.

JJJ: What’s going on with the Kid’s Choice Awards? We saw it was trending!

AM: Basically, my fans are trying to get me to the Kid’s Choice Awards, so I was trying to help them trend it. So hopefully they’ll invite me. It was the number one trend worldwide. [My fans] are so dedicated, very loving, and very supportive.

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