Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: NYC Date Night Details

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: NYC Date Night Details
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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty
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  • OK

    My favorite couple

  • Warren

    This guy looks like a kid next to womanly Vanessa.

  • cc

    stop promoting these D listers jr , you got more class than that

  • Sara

    seriously, who even gives a fuck about this?

    I thought this site was meant for acting news and showing new pics of celebs, not fake sightings with NO PROOF THAT IT HAPPENED. This site just gets stupid and more stupid.

    You might as will just sent this info to perez hilton and have him post it on his website, not here.

  • elena

    So if that’s true..she rented a place in ny to be closer to him, I see her as someone who depends on men too much, she became obsessed with this guy since they started dating. And she’s really clingly of austin. I kinda wonder if she has daddy issues.

  • yets

    i love them.
    to the people here fyi Vanessa is no.1 top celeb here in Just jared jr…just saying.

  • Xo

    lol I love how these two manage to piss people off even when there aren’t even any pics. I hope they had a good time and I hope she feels better

  • kim

    no pics? there is no proof that this happened. and an “eye witness” could be someone from highly doubt it happened…

  • Cutie

    For some reason, I feel like this was made up….

  • kiki

    whoever made this article up, has no life….

  • coolio

    when she started dating him… everything was downgraded. her fashion sense, boyfriend… everything. also, when she started to date him (or maybe i didn’t notice it as much) she started wearing fake nails (at least im pretty sure they are fake). when she was with zac, i only saw her with long nails about one time…

  • Lawrence

    Funny, the only people doubting it are the haters*lol*. So predictable, they probably had a great time. Thats sweet, she wants to be close to her man. :)

  • Missy

    I highly doubt it happened either. Vanessa is sick, so I don’t think she’d want to go on a date. Look on her Instagram

  • Mary

    yup, this is %100 fake. Don’t believe every sighting you see on the net, people make things up for attention. and Justjared gets paid to post things, that’s a fact. so of course he will put this on his site even though it didn’t really happen. lmao. pathetic.

  • http://google barbara

    lol, this picture was taken on feb,2 20013. she and austin were seen at the airport, and she proably, really isn’t sick, she doesn’t want to see zac, who is there, filming and his movie is being shown, she is a coward, if she is over him, it wouldn’t matter, if he’s there. and her boyfriend is not a very good actor,he is so day she will wake up.

  • Missy

    Check her Instagram. She is sick.

  • teddy

    I’m not sure if it happened, but I’m not going to say it didn’t. So, I really have no say in whether it did or not because I simply don’t know.

  • tell me about it

    @barbara: that’s just insane…

  • Emma

    There are a lot of stupid people around here.

    Why don’t you just leave them alone?

    You don’t know anything about them.

    It is also none of your business whatever they do.

    Mind your own business.

  • Mel

    Emma: when articles like this are written about them (fake or not), people will comment on it. And Vanessa and Austin put their “business” out there willingly. they KNOW the outcome.

  • florence2

    They went out on a date in NY on the 6th March. I have to agree she does seem very clingy with Austin she never er rented somewhere when she was dating Zac and he was away filming and she wasn’t she went and visited him but never rented somewhere just to be close to him but with Austin it seems when he’s away she likes to be near him to keep a check on him. Her family and friends back in la deinetly seem to have taken a back seat.

  • Mary

    @florence2 and I think that is , you know, weird. how she acts like she can’t go away from him for at least a week. even from the beginning of the relationship, she came across as obsessed. she took him with her supposedly while she filmed frozen ground… at this point, they wern’t even together that long. She always wants to keep an eye on him, like she doesn’t trust him alone or something. It makes you wonder why… why she acts like that? and if that is the same reason why it didn’t work out with josh and zac, cause she didn’t give them space? i dk, it’s just a guess.

  • Whitney

    Let her do whatever she wants.
    That’s her life.
    She doesn’t damage you… Let he alone, please

  • Melissa

    @florence2@Mary: Nonsense! Have you seen with your own eyes her stick to Josh or Zac like glue or how do you know she doesn’t want to give them space? Do you have any proof?
    She wants to be together with her boyfriend for long. Why do you call it obsession?… I like them to spend a lot of time together

  • Mary

    well, it is kinda obvious she is one clingy person towards austin, there has been proof of that. so since she is obsessed with a guy from the start, she could of been this way towards josh and zac too, it is very likely.

    I called it “obsession” because it appears that she can’t go at least a week without austin, she has to always be with him, this has started since the beginning.

    I get the impression she is the type of girl who can’t stay single, has to have a guy with her like all the time. It’s just my point of view and how I see it from what articles/pics/videos/sightings, ect I’ve came acrossed.

  • Nikita

    @Mary: Oh You don’t know anything about them…Please keep your mouth shut.

  • mary

    Nikita, I do know alot about them, esp since they show it to the papz like everyday, tweets saying they spotted them together everyday. she rented a house for austin and herself in ny, and he lives with her in her house. she always has to be with him.. yup, that’s called obession. & no, I’m not going to shut my mouth. this is a gossip site, I can say whatever I want ;)

  • Nikita

    @mary: Whatever she wants, it is not your business!!

  • Nikita

    @mary: and I really donít agree at all!! Her first relationship would never have lasted if she didnít give him space. He was off filming plenty of times without her, and she without him. They made time to visit each other, and thatís what couples do, for heavenís sake. I never went more than a week not seeing my guy through college when we went to different schools. Couples WANT to be together, and those who whine about time a couple spend with each other, obviously have NOT experienced a real relationship. With Austin, he VISITED her in Alaska while she was filming, and it wasnít for long. They have obviously decided not to spend long periods of time apart, and that is how to keep and nurture a relationship. You donít have a clue. It has nothing to do with trust

  • Emma

    @Mary, they are a couple. What do you expect them to do? Stay as far away as possible from each other? That is so stupid. How they run their relationship and how much time they spend together is their business. Not your call. Itís not ďclingyĒ, itís called being in love. Like I said, you must have no experience with a good relationship. And she does NOT put it out there. When was the last time you saw them do that? Seriously. Enough with the PDA whining. Every other celeb couple is caught in private moments. Youíre just ticked itís no longer loverboy. Youíre more bitter than an ex-girlfriend. Get over it already. They are both fine.

  • Serena

    He’s so cute! Lucky girl!

  • Vincent

    Needs to get rid of his Beiber look, he was so much better looking before it.