Dove Cameron: Disney Upfronts with Chloe & Halle Bailey

Dove Cameron: Disney Upfronts with Chloe & Halle Bailey

Dove Cameron arrives at the 2013 Disney Channel Kids Upfront held at Hudson Theatre on Tuesday afternoon (March 12) in New York City.

The 16-year-old actress was just announced as the star of Cloud 9 and new pilot, Liv & Maddie over the weekend.

The show follows an outstanding student and school basketball phenomenon whose popularity is on the rise until her twin sister, a television star, makes a triumphant return to their Wisconsin high school. Dove stars as the title twins.

“We haven’t started shooting yet. I just started basketball training,” Dove shared with us. “I’m 5’2 and I’m a very small person, so basically I’m dunking already. I am Michael Jordan. But no, it’s been incredible. Disney found me a really great coach.”

Also spotted on the carpet: N.B.T. winners Chloe and Halle Bailey.

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Credit: Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty
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  • katie

    she did lip injections and a nose job and curses!! what a good disney influence….

  • Jessica


    Katie, why would you care?? Seriously, there are more important things to put your mind on. Dove is a beautiful, kind, thoughtful person who never hurt you–you don’t even know her. AND she hasn’t had any plastic surgery!! I know it’s hard when you feel insecure, but bringing Dove down is childish, and just shows how dissatisfied you are with your own life. Plus, even if she did get lip injections of some kind of enhancement, she has a right to feel beautiful! Go get your own nose done if you feel that jealous. REALLY, KATIE: Grow up. Tear down people you actually know. Plus, cursing is fine, unless you’re that rigid, like you’re being. Leave her alone, Katie. Get some friends, express your loneliness in healthier ways.

  • Elliott

    ^^^^^^ this is an interesting comment. I am positive that this is dove herself. getting a little defenisve are you? seems you really have gotten work done lol people are allowed opinions. this is a public forum

  • katie

    @elliot @jessica LMAOO i know right! its funny how i always see a comment defending dove and its this same person but the name is changed… pretty pathetic. and how i said, sorry that i dont want kids to look up to a girl who has done plastic surgury, lies, and curses. she did do surgry she admit it but then deleted the message on instagram.

  • Jessica


    LOL, guys, I get it. Keep doing your thing. Enjoy putting others down.

  • Poppi5

    @katie @elliot @jessica I understand how you guys feel, but at the same time. Demi Lovato cut herself and had a eating disorder (i still love her), Miley Cyrus has smoked (I still love her), they both curse from time to time? I don’t see what her having plastic surgery has to do with her acting and singing. Even if she did have surgery and I honestly do think she has, why does it matter. It’s 2013, girls look up to Miley and Demi even though both of them did some crazy things. At least they’re trying to better their lives? Working on music, acting and being successful. I mean I could even she if she was mean then yes, but she seems really nice. She retweeted me on twitter twice before. So yeah, she may or may not had surgery, so what? She’s not running around with Lindsay Lohan and selling drugs? I guess what I’m trying to say is, she’s still a human, maybe she wanted to feel pretty? I would never get plastic surgery, but I don’t hate anyone who does. She never said she didn’t have plastic surgery, just because she’s not going around talking about it to everyone doesn’t mean she’s a liar? She probably just wanted a new life or a fresh start. I mean the girl lost her father :/ I guess what I’m trying to say is, yes people are entitled to their own opinion, bu that’s not a reason to be disrespectful and judge someone. If we worried about ourselves as much as we did about other people maybe our generation would be a lot better. If anyone has a response to this or wants to reply to me, just mention me on twitter @Poppi5 (I say this because I probably won’t get on this page again lol, and I ask that you be respectful to me, but then again the choice is yours :/)

  • Kristen1242

    Demi Lovato influence kids to NOT cut, to feel beautiful, and everyone smokes and Miley is 100 percent gone in the industry, they are done with Disney, but this girl hasen’t even starter and I fundador out about this! It wouldn’t be as bad if she wasen’t on Disney. And so she’s nice for retweeting you? Wow then I guess everyone is nice, judt beca use someone is nice doesn’t mean then are a good person… Anyways all she did was make her face ugly… SHE WAS WAY PREETIER IN SHAMLESS. This is dicusting @poppi5

  • Kristen1242

    Started* Found* Just*. Because*

  • bryanmarraro121

    this girl is sooo ugly. I will stick to my wifes selena and ariana ;b

  • James

    Everyone who is insulting Dove and saying she has had plastic surgery just shut up and stop making up lies. You can’t prove she has had Plastic Surgery, or that she curses. I know her show is gonna be successful and she’s gonna be successful. Please take your pathetic hate elsewhere.

  • mendie

    The people posting mean things about her is entitled to their own opinion but you people are getting rude. Don’t judge her when you don’t even know enough information about her to judge.

  • Katthemendie

    Honestly, the first few comments I saw were really ignorant and slightly bordering on the edge of idiotic. Everyone can have their own opinion, everyone is entitled to it. However, when I see comments like “I’m positive this is dove herself”, it makes me frustrated. Why would she waste her time on hate comments, that she probably gets every so often? I’m not trying to say that she is easily hated, but when you have your own show, hate is probably unavoidable. There’s always going to be people that have a different view. When I found out that Dove Cameron had plastic surgery, I wasn’t ecstatic. But I can’t believe some of the rude comments I saw. So what, she got some plastic surgery. It’s most likely true, there are obvious differences in her face from previous shows that she has been in, but why is it such a big deal? She can do what she wants, and just because she is on Disney doesn’t mean that she can’t do ANYTHING taboo for children. She probably had the surgery before she signed to Disney. With that being said, she’s also grown up, she can make her own decisions.

  • princess_coco

    how about yall GET A LIFE

>>>>>>> staging1