Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Engagement Off?

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Engagement Off?

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have reportedly called off their engagement.

Rumors that the 19-year-old actress/singer and the 23-year-old Hunger Games actor had split were swirling since the beginning of the month.

Miley and Liam are done; it’s over. She likes to party really hard and can be pretty wild. It became a problem for him,” a source shared with Page Six.

Another source added, “They have broken up before, and are broken up again now. There was drama because she suspected he had a wandering eye. And she recently tweeted a denial that he cheated.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s split?

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  • ohmi


  • Christy

    So glad they broke up. They’re obviously not meant for each other. Liam is a great guy and he deserves someone better than Miley who acts really wild all the time.

  • Warren

    If true, I’m OK, because Miley can be my single dream girl again. But didn’t Miley deny this like just yesterday? I doubt if Miley partying had anything to do with it. Liam seems to get out just as much as Miley. He is the one that seemed out of control if the reports are true.

  • Warren

    @Christy: Well, he’s not a great guy if he is a cheater. And Miley was wild before he met her so he must have liked that.

  • Iris

    I blame Miley’s haircut!

  • Amanda

    This was inevitable. They had it coming

  • shanghai

    Just too young and too many temptations in Hollywood for both of them.

  • dylan

    good for him, he can do so much better.

  • Ella

    It’s Nicholas’ time to shine! ;)

  • amy

    Not believing this until it comes directly from their people. And Liam is just as wild as Miley (why do you think Miley smokes – Liam smokes) – it’s just that the paparazzi are always all over Miley & so many jealous girls like to write nasty stuff on these sites about Miley so the gulable believe that garbage..

  • cam


    so can she do much better!

  • Dina

    for one thing she is 20 not 19 , and another thing it is not true casue she sadi this lots of times, that they are still getting married! miley does not need the madia to make up rumers about her like that, leave her alone, even though i wish she would go back to nick

  • amy


    I love how girls all say they are glad they broke up or they had it coming AS IF Liam would ever want any of you. Stop, just stop! Unless Miley herself says they are over it’s only a rumor.

    I love them together and it seemsthey love each other – only they know if they are meant to be forever.

  • biker mike

    yeah really, How’s that ugly ugly haircut working for ya now? what took him so long? when is she going to realize that those who hate her told how great she looked, and were laughing at her behind her back

  • kim

    @christy totally agree with u. and HE HASNT CHEATED STFU guys

  • julie

    well miley tweeted just a couple of days ago “I am so sick of La. And sick of the lies that come with it. I didn’t call off my wedding. Taking a break from social media. #draining” so i dont really believe its true

  • Chelsy

    @julie: The guy is not with his supposed fiancee but hiding out as far away from this mess as Australia. No one has to say anything about a break up. His actions speak volumes.

  • Ariana

    I’m glad she broke up with this monkey with anger problems. As if he was a saint.

  • Amairany

    @Ella: I hope that

  • Sam

    The truth is that they don’t live together since the beginning of the year. They tried to make it work. Miley doesn’t want to call off the wedding yet. Liam is in Australia since last week and Miley stopped wearing the ring when Liam traveled there.

  • Gossip Girl

    @amy: funny you should mention that, I find it odd that nobody noticed that , it wasn’t till AFTER Miley met Liam that she started smoking and stuff. I always though of Liam as a bad influence on her. She swers more that ever now and so does Liam. Liam also has a tenper problem which Miley jas admitted to. I never shipped this too as hard as I once did after they met on the set of “The Last Song” back in June almost 3 years ago. However, Something inside me this wasn’t going to last. IMO, Being 19 is WAY too young to get married. ASK NE-YO.

  • amy

    This story is not true! – ENews reports that Liam & Miley are not over & they both want to work it out. (see and

  • Girl

    @Iris: LOL me too

  • Lawrence

    I’m glad Liam finally came to his senses, now lets see how true this turns out. He’s gone back to her before, hopefully he’ll think twice this time.

  • http://@luisaantia lu


  • Payla

    I don’t think this is true. Page six? They’re always making things up. Miley also recently tweeted that she hasn’t called off her wedding, AKA a denial of this rumor. I’m surprised your ‘sources’ missed that. And more than that, I’m surprised you guys posted this at all; you usually only post fully confirmed, factual news, not ‘speculation’. That’s why I come here instead of sites like

    I’m disappointed.

  • Swan

    Nick and Miley are not going to be getting back together. Nick already said he has no intention of getting her back that he wrote that song out of shock and I understand him because I would be shocked too because she’s so young to be getting married so soon. However I feel like Miley and Liam will work things out and I doubt the wedding is off because Miley denied it a few days ago so this is crap.

  • amy


    I agree with you totally. Thanks for setting it straight.

    and Perez is a dispicable excuse for a human being – he’s blog is trash!

  • amy


  • Rosalie

    @Iris: That’s hilarious lol

  • Polina

    Miley is 20 and not 19!

  • http://fraromro francesca

    were good together

  • romina


  • Martin

    No wonder why she hates LA, every step, so many articles hounding them every step of the way. Make me hate the city very much as well.

  • MUAH

    They engaged very soon and that’s what happens.

  • IMO

    Sad :(

  • GTFO

    @kim: how do you know?!?!?! everything on this are just rumors is all…leave them alone sheesh…go get a life and look at your own self see where your life is headed to:p you wouldnt like it if someone said the same for you :p

  • Caroline

    @Iris: Hhahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha i thought the same thing!

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