Jake T. Austin: 'The Wizards Return' Interview!

Jake T. Austin: 'The Wizards Return' Interview!

Check out our brand new interview with Jake T. Austin!

The 18-year-old actor starred as Max on Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, which airs a special The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex tonight!

Jake also recently scored a gig on ABC Family’s upcoming show The Fosters and his first-ever Kids’ Choice Award nomination for Favorite TV Actor!

JJJ caught up with Jake about seeing the Wizards cast again, his role on The Fosters, working with Selena Gomez, and more!

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Jake T. Austin – JustJaredJr.com Interview

JustJaredJr.com: Hi Jake! So what was it like to get the whole cast back together again?

Jake T. Austin: Coming back to see the cast was fun. We were all looking forward to getting the opportunity to work together again. We just didn’t know what it would be and we’re happy Disney decided to do it. And we hope the final product is what fans are looking forward to.

JJJ: Was it a bummer David Henrie couldn’t participate?

JA: David is really busy and he’s transitioning into more adult roles. So unfortunately, he just wasn’t able to do it. But in due time, we’ll get to work together again.

JJJ: By the way, congrats on your role on ABC Family’s The Fosters! What are you looking forward to most about this series?

JA: Thank you! I’m looking forward to stepping into a network show and hopefully being able to wear different hats. And hopefully playing [this role] gives me a different insight into another character and makes me better.

JJJ: Where were you when you found out The Fosters role?

JA: I found out The Fosters was picked up as an official release when I was in New York actually, before I found out about the Kid’s Choice Awards nomination. So I was very excited and overwhelmed about both. The cast so far has been very welcoming and the whole process has been a learning experience.

JJJ: Speaking of, congrats on your KCA nomination! Are you going to the show?

JA: Thanks! Getting to go to the Kids’ Choice Awards as a nominee is the first time I’ve had that privilege and I look forward to going to the award show and meeting my fellow nominees, and being a part of the program. It’s an honor.

JJJ: So you were filming The Fosters at the same time as Wizards?

JA: I had been juggling both projects, so I feel very blessed and fortunate to be somebody who works in today’s economy. Being able to have all this work, I’m getting to learn more and more, especially working on both projects at the same time, just learning a lot from my casts. It’s been a blessing. Getting to do Wizards was fun, and then jumping onto The Fosters for ABC, I was definitely looking forward to.

JJJ: What has been your favorite part about playing Max over the years?

JA: It was getting to do a character who kept fans guessing and kept fans endeared. It also added comic relief to a show that had drama, comedy, and a live element. So playing Max was a lot of fun.

JJJ: Any favorite memories from filming?

JA: I remember a particular scene having to race to from the desert in Santa Clarita shooting the special to the beach shooting The Fosters. Just seeing that transition of geography in California was something that was really unusual to me because I’m from New York. Getting to work on both projects at the same time really brought me a new perspective of Los Angeles. I did a lot of traveling.

JJJ: What’s something about working with Selena fans may not know?

JA: Selena became an executive producer, so she had to assume the responsibilities. Hopefully, when she promotes the film, she’ll be able to talk about her experience behind the lens as well. That’s something fans might now know about her.

JJJ: Was it fun working with her in that capacity?

JA: Oh, yes. I’m sure she’ll have a lot of stories to talk about. She’s very interesting as a producer and as an actress to work with.

JJJ: You’ve been acting for a long time now. What have you learned about being in this industry?

JA: I’ve learned to be grateful for having a consistent job and also learned that everybody doesn’t always get what they want. And sometimes you have to face rejection.

JJJ: Who are some actors you look up to?

JA: I like actors like Michael Shannon, Steve Buschemi, Leonardo DiCaprio, and James Cagney – I draw a lot of influence. They are really masters of acting. Denzel Washington, I love him.

JJJ: What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working?

JA: I love to be outdoors, so anything that involves hiking, nature. I’m a huge sports fanatic, New York sports fanatic – going to Knicks games, going to see my Rangers play, and anything at Madison Square Garden.

JJJ: Have you had any interesting fan encounters recently?

JA: I had a fan encounter this morning with some great fans who were waiting for The Wanted outside their hotel. They had been sitting on the sidewalk for the last 48 hours. They hadn’t moved. Just seeing that level of dedication really inspires me to do more work. And hopefully I can get more fans who are that dedicated.

JJJ: What do you hope fans get out of this special?

JA: I hope fans really respond to the special and I hope fans get a sense of pleasure from watching it. I hope they realize that it’s like a movie in a lot of ways and there are elements to it that make it very unlike the show. And hopefully it brings some closure to things we didn’t see in the series finale.

The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex airs tonight March 15th @ 8PM ET on the Disney Channel!

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