One Direction 3D Movie Title: 'This Is Us'!

One Direction 3D Movie Title: 'This Is Us'!

One Direction just revealed the title of their upcoming movie — This Is Us!

The band revealed clues and letters via Twitter for their fans to unscramble.

“BIG NEWS! #1D3DMovie has been given a title! We want our fans to be the first to know,” they wrote.

1D continued, “But we don’t want to just tell you the title. Where’s the fun in that? Let’s play a game =) There are 8 letters and 3 words. The letters are hidden and YOU need to find them ;) Ready to go?”

One Direction: This Is Us will hit theaters on August 30th!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the movie’s title?

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  • midz

    Could they not come up with something original seriously?!
    This is Us will always be remembered as Backstreet Boys (the biggest boy band still out there) album!

  • Anne

    they should have come up with another name. Backstreet boys may accuse them.

  • midz

    And the fact that they claimed they spent sometime thinking of a name, really cause if they did then the title would be originally and not the name of Backstreet Boys album!

  • merlin’s mum

    No one really expected anything original from 1D did they??: They don’t even know what the word means!!

  • rachel

    but seriously. they are such copycats

  • Roberta Anderson

    Seriously guys One Direction can come up with whatever name they want to come up with for their movie. It’s not nice to make fun of people when you don’t really know why they even chose the name this is us for their movie, so just shut up and leave them alone

  • http://@sUYIGIL

    Ehy porque ofender a one direction?? son simplementes palabrasˇˇ cualquier persona del planeta tierra puede usar This is usˇˇ Ademas one direction son super originales ok? Putos de mieeerdaaˇˇ No saben lo que dicenˇˇ :)

  • avalon

    I don’t get why you guys keep saying that the title isn’t original! Demi Lovato has a song called “Heart Attack” and so does 1D. It doesn’t bother me at all and if the boys came up with the name for their movie, then it’s perfectly fine to use. I think ‘This Is Us’ is the perfect title because you’ll get to know the boys better an that’s why they want. This is a name for a movie, the Backstreet Boys used it for an album name. I don’t think it’s a big deal personally because there are only so many ways to convey the message “this is us.” Sorry if I sounded harsh, I just wanted to state my opinion.

  • Avalon

    @rachel: I don’t think they tried to copy it. Why is everyone getting so worked up about it?!

  • jennifer

    i love that “original” name ..jk … thats really good for your moveie

  • bruno

    Love it!

  • Mrs. Horan

    Niall….PERFECTION!!!! I love the entire One Direction but theres just something about Niall that makes you stop and stare dazed! Niall…ohh yes, he’s so mine. :D

>>>>>>> staging1