Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Sushi Date!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Sushi Date!

Vanessa Hudgens gets into her car after grabbing some sushi at Sugar Fish restaurant with her boyfriend Austin Butler on Tuesday night (March 19) in Studio City, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress got into the driver’s seat while her 21-year-old actor beau took the passenger seat.

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“I’m home sick, but sending tons of love to everyone at the Spring Breakers premiere! Especially the beautiful girl in the feather dress ;)” Austin recently tweeted.

Earlier in the day, Vanessa was spotted heading to the gym with her BFF Ashley Tisdale in West Hollywood.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler leaving dinner…

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  • OK

    Holy Gazonkas Vanessa is that You ?!?!?!

  • OK

    OMG I didn’t even see Austin there I was so distracted ! Hi hottie!

  • kim

    yeah, this totally looks like a date…. they look so “happy” together.

  • kiki

    @kim: haha. why, they even look happier when they are alone or with someone else. their relationship is laughable

  • teddy

    @kim, kiki; You really should just shut up. You don’t know what goes on in their personal lives. It doesn’t matter whether you post similar things over and over again… it isn’t going to change anything. Frankly, people who post such things are very annoying and very immature. Just because things aren’t the way YOU want them, you don’t need to go on and pout about it do you? How are you… 5?

  • IMO

    @OK: LOL oh you man you. Too funny . I have to agree her body is great and those exercise classes are sure paying off. Both her and Austin are looking good!

  • OK

    Austin you look great ! My favorite couple.

  • just4laughs

    Never liked them together from the start…. and never will

  • Mili

    VAUSTIN! sounds about right! a sweet boy for a sweet girl! cute couple

  • i don’t believe it

    One of the worst couples ever in my opinion. They don’t even seem like they like each other’s company.

  • jk

    @Mili: I’m going to have to disagree…. “Vaustin” just sounds dumb. The guy’s name is usually supposed to go first anyways.

  • OK

    @IMO Honestly I have never seen them look so good as they do here.
    Very casual yet she is so beautiful and he is so sexy.

  • …………………………

    Ick…. not them…. together.

  • Luvly

    I don’t think that we should be concerned who she dates. Sure, we can have preferences, but what good is dissing her relationship with Austin on a celebrity gossip site? What good will that do… where will that get you? Nowhere…. so learn to deal with it.

  • sunny

    Wow…. not these two again.

  • teddy

    People really need to get a life…. seriously

  • mf

    Don’t really like them together…. but anyways.

  • That’s weird

    That’s so creepy… he reminds me of a guy I used to go to school with

  • lucy

    sees like the “honeymoon” stage went away.

  • lauren

    finally!! her old style is coming back. I hope the hippy style stays away, it wasn’t a good look on her.

  • juliet

    Most people are fans of Zanessa in here

    It’s none of your business whatever they do

    You just care about your life

  • SAmm

    Zac and Vanessa were more photogenically compatible with each other. At least Zac doesn’t look like a 12 year old. lol…

  • Xo

    You guys can copy and paste whatever it is you want to see, it won’t make it true.You’ve been saying for months that they’ll break up soon and yet they’re still together. Proves you know nothing about them.

  • Lawrence

    Sweet!, glad to see they’re still going strong. Haters eat your hearts out!*lol*.

  • grace

    whenever someone says they don’t like austin and vanessa together, vaustin fans automatically think they’re zanessa fans. I’ve met so many people who don’t like ‘vaustin’ and guess what? they aren’t even zanessa fans. and anothing thing–not everyone ships zanessa, not everyone ships vaustin. get over it already. people can express it if they want on gossip sites, it’s one of the reasons people have internet– to say what’s on their mind.

  • Madalyn

    It isn’t important whoever she date with, her happiness is important.

  • Yeriel

    @grace: Yes, I cannot say that those who hates them is Zanessa’s Fan. But I saw a lot of curse words from Zanessa and Zac’ Fan to them

  • Spencer

    everyone needs to undertand that we cannot judge celebrities we dont even know.
    if she is happy with him than so be it.
    if he is happy with her then hooray for them.

  • http://google barbara

    he doesn’t look happy, look at his face, it tells verything, for one he is too skinny, he must have lost more wait, from being sick.this is hollywood,couples are breaking up right and left. i rember vanessa always said zac always new want to say to make her laugh, she would absoulately, crack up,the only time i seen her crack up is when she was with her friends, especially at her perimeirs. he looks like he’s bored all the time,he hardley smiles, never laughs. she may be happy, but he doesn’t look like he is.i wish her luck!

  • ashley

    @barbara from readng that, i realize austin has the same type of personality that kristen stewart has…

  • Zane

    one thing i noticed with Vanessa. she is good with handling longterm relationship and so with Ashley Tisdale. unlike Taylor Swift, 2-or three boys in a year

  • ummm yeah

    how is this a date? they don’t even look happy together…

  • kristi

    It’s a good thing the PDA isn’t happening anymore and the calling the papz on herself rarely happens anymore, guess her team told her to stop it cause it made vaustin look like it’s a fake rel.

  • bella

    You don’t know anything about them.
    shut up and let them be.

  • mandy

    Austin’s hair looks like Justin Bieber

  • jojo

    Drop the duckface austin


    The people who post comments here aren’t necessarily ‘Zanessa’ fans. I honestly could care less about them, and I even don’t think that Vanessa seems as happy with Austin (and Austin with Vanessa). He rarely looks happy when they are together, and he always seems like he is ignoring her… also if you look at their body language, he always looks like he is leaning in the opposite direction. And for those of you who say “Oh you don’t know anything about, you don’t know what their personal life is like” or “Pictures don’t mean anything.” Here’s a question for you… how do you know that pictures don’t mean anything? Also, YOU don’t know anything about their personal lives either now do you? So how would you know if the relationship is going good or bad? They could be fighting at this very moment as far as we know…

  • someone unnamed

    @JUS THE FACTS: Thank you… someone with some common sense around here.

  • BIG

    Whatever… either way, it seems like both Vanessa and Zac have gone downhill after they split. Maybe Zac a little more than Vanessa, but still…

  • juliet

    But you can’t say that there are no fans of Zanessa..And if you are not happy together, then why are you together?…No one really knows about them.

  • zanessafan

    Aww.. it’s sweet but ayoko pa rin sa’yo noh. :P