Jonas Brothers: Listen To 'Pom Poms' Preview!

Jonas Brothers: Listen To 'Pom Poms' Preview!

The Jonas Brothers are gearing up for the drop of their new single, “Pom Poms”!

The guys — Nick, Joe and Kevin — just wrapped up their tour in South America and are counting down the days until the track drops on April 9th.

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“What a great tour in Latin and South America. Thank you to all the fans who came out to support us. Now get ready for #pompoms” Nick tweeted out after wrapping up the last concert.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the “Pom Poms” preview?

Jonas Brothers – “Pom Poms” Preview
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  • shanghai

    Sounds OK but not sure about the title Pom Pom I was hoping their new music would be more mature.

  • Julyrose

    @shanghai Pom Poms is obviously a metaphor for something else. You can tell by listening to the preview. It’s not about ACTUAL Pom Poms XD

  • yolo


  • carter

    i like it – i heard a longer cut and saw some footage of the music video as well. something about Nick Jonas’ voice i totally love. Jonas Brother concerts are so much fun & high energy – hope their tour comes to USA & Canada. x0x carter

  • cocojucieybooty

    thats kwl i guess.. well im hungry

  • d

    Sorry boys, you career is done! buh bye.

  • Liberty

    As already mentioned Pom Poms is a metaphor for something else. Rather clever actually.

  • sara

    @d: Then why you’re commenting here? lol! Haters are really stupid.

    Good job guys! Can’t wait to hear the whole song. Only 7 days left! :)

  • DJB

    I still can’t figure out how they got where they are. His voice sounds horrible and weak. Throughout the years there have been much better boy bands that could actually sing.

  • http://ETERNALOZZIE.COM eternalozzie

    dear Jonas brothers … you are adults … its a little creepy to be making pop music for young people … time to grow up and make some adult music.

  • Julyrose

    @eternalozzie have you listened to their whole album? Or even this whole song? No you haven’t. If you read into the lyrics, they’re increasingly “grown up”. But music is made so anyone of any age can enjoy it. It can be teens or adults, that’s the beauty of music. Stop hating its not good for you, spend your time on something you care about.

  • yolo

    @eternalozzie they obviously want a catchy song for the single.
    I suggest u to listen to Wedding Bells.

  • bruno

    So excited for the song to come out! Love the Jobros forever

  • karen

    i can’t wait here my favorite group the jonas brothers new album pompoms they will always be my favorite group and they will always be number 1 the best group……. i loved all of there songs i got all of there musics and books and school bag i am a true jonas brothers fan and i will alaways lov them forever and forever.

>>>>>>> staging1