Vanessa Hudgens: 'Conan' Appearance - Watch Now!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Conan' Appearance - Watch Now!

Vanessa Hudgens opens about her role in Spring Breakers during an appearance on Conan on Tuesday night (March 26) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress talked about what it was like filming the movie on location in Miami.

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“I didn’t. I never been because I was home-schooled,” she said of going on Spring Break vacation. “We shot with real Spring Breakers.”

Watch Vanessa‘s interview with Conan O’Brien below!

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  • http://deleted emma

    what’s wrong with her?

  • thetis


    Let’s see whats wrong with her? She cute, famous, super rich, in a long term relationship and in demand. WOW what a problem to have.

    Why don’t you tell us about your 9 to 5 existence and we will see whats wrong with you

  • ch

    mmmm… for some reason I don’t like her. to me it seems like shes become “wilder”. maybe its because of her boyfriend. yes, I understand people “grow up”, but it really does seem like that she is desperately trying to erase her Disney image. let’s take a look at some of her recent roles. gimme shelter: homeless, pregnant teenager. spring breakers: just weird…. froen ground: teenage stripper. so yeah, notice anything about those roles? apparently she thinks that in order for you to be a good actor and get noticed, you always need to take on racy or weird roles. I just don’t have as much respect for her anymore. sure, she may be known for high school musical, but trying to desperately erase that image is not the right approach. throughout her entire career she will always be known for Disney, and that’s something that she’ll just have to live with.

  • …………………………

    @ch: Yes, it does seem like she is taking on similar roles. And yes, I agree that she is trying to get away from her Disney image by doing racy roles. To break away from that Disney image, she doesn’t need to do such racy roles to prove some sort of point.

  • kim

    @ch: yeah, some of the stuff she’s doing lately is just… weird. she also released a new song inspired by her movie spring breakers. it sucks. I don’t hate her, just hate some of the things shes doing lately. I mean, she seems kind of slutty… not saying that she is one. but yeah.

  • kim
  • IMO

    Vanessa looks incredible. Vanessa has NEVER dissed Disney as a matter of fact she always says how grateful she is to HSM., and she loved her start there. In her current film roles all I ever heard her say is she is growing up and talking on more adult material. Which is the goal isn’t it? For any child star at Disney to grown up and take on other roles as actors. To broaden their resume’s with interesting characters. You can’t blame any Actor who got their start at Disney to not want to be pigeonholed and locked in Disney sitcoms and made for TV movies forever. All the HSM cast is doing just that and I love that they are all working doing projects that are all so different than anything Disney channel. They are are grateful for HSM success. The only stars I have ever heard diss Disney have not been from HSM.

  • Pricely

    She’s awkward. It looks like she’s uncomfortable in her own skin. Why does she kick up her leg like a child. Conans not flirting with her but she acts like he is. It’s annoying to watch her.

  • George

    She’s not awkward she is hyper if anything. that girl has energy to spare

  • George

    Forgot to say SHE LOOKS HOT!!!!!

  • TINA

    @IMO I agree .the Disney kids are all judged so much and HSM wasn’t really the typical Disney Sitcom . It was a movie that did so well it warranted two more films. They are not in the category as the other Disney kids.

  • conan fan

    Hot chick , my man always a pleasure.

  • Maria

    Vanessa looks stunning. Interview was too short, but cute.

  • IMO

    @TINA: I agree with what you said as well .The only exception was Ashley she has and will have a harder road to get out of the association with Kid Disney . As a matter of fact she is still attached and with that it makes it hard to see her in “Grown Up” roles. At least she is just a cartoon character so I wish her luck on making it out .

  • Maria

    @IMO: I like Ashley but I can see it’s hard for her. Vanessa is naturally sexy so she is more believable in grown up roles , so is Zac.

  • Bella Donna

    Te Amo Vanessa

  • Danny boy

    Hot Mama!!!!

  • IMO

    @Maria: I agree with you Zac and Vanessa are the ones to watch, but the others are doing very grown up things as well. l Corbin has done nudity and love scenes but he is just not as popular and recognized. So for now all eyes are on Zac, Vanessa, and even Ashley. They are the ones who have most benefitted from their Disney fan base . Those kids are growing up with them and isn’t that the point to move on to bigger and better projects. They are being accepted by people who never even saw a HSM but they are known and will always be known for it .

  • Xo

    People that keep giving her crap for her recent interviews obviously are not real fans, cause they would know she’s always been very bubbly and giggly in her interviews. This isn’t something new, her interviews have been like this for years.

    As for the ones criticizing her newer roles, she’s challenging herself. She’s gotten a lot of praise and recognition for SB so obviously that was a smart move for her. She’s growing up and trying to improve herself. She can’t keep doing children’s movies for the rest of her life to make certain people more comfortable. She has to appeal to more audiences and that includes proving she can more mature roles. She’s doing several different genres, not just mature films (everyone always forgets about J2).

  • IMO

    @Xo: Love what you said I also think that she has mixed it up very well. If they actually would see her films each character is very different . Then when you see Vanessa as herself I have to say she is 1000% polar opposite than the characters she plays. She takes a lot of heat and extra criticism for no other reason than she was the goody two shoes in HSM and known more for having an hearththob BF. So she has to works twice as hard as others.

  • samsam

    her role choices have been strange i must admit. although i think she will be successful there is no need to attach sex to roles in order to prove that it is adult. all three of the movies she has currently done are all connected to some sort of promiscuity and although i give her props for it as she has gotten some great reviews (in frozen ground many have said she was the best out of all of them in private screenings but i cant find the quotes!) i hope that these arent the only roles she goes for. she has definitely been diverse with movies like sucker punch but it seems that shes gotten into a pattern. in her papermag interview she was saying that she thought she wanted to play a prostitute and i thought that was a little strange but hey its her aspirations. im a huge fan but lately she has gotten really wild and sexual and i dont know if this is to help promote spring breakers but its a little off putting. please dont get upset guys.

  • lala

    @samsam: i think that she has attached sex to all three projects but in three completely different ways. there is the girl who probably has sex once and ends up in the worst predicament, the girl who sleeps with some rapper even though she barely knows him like its nothing and a girl who get raped. three completely different scenarios. maybe in doing this vanessa is trying to find what really fits her and what she will do in order to really fit the role.
    in regards to her acting in real life i think that she has always been wild, its just that we never really saw it before. i think that she is secretly very wild and sexual but thats her and thats what makes her fun and quirky yet mysterious. there is nothing wrong with being wild.

  • yets

    i love her.

  • Michelle O’Donnell

    she’s always irked me the wrong way. quite fake. I don’t get how people like HER are in Hollywood & are so successful. There’s far more interesting and more mature and talented people out there than her. Definitely not my role model.

  • babyvlover

    I think she did so great recently. I’m just so excited for Gimme Shelter and Frozen Ground to come out, so that directors & producers can see her in more mature roles. I also like her in Spring Breakers. These movies are totally different and I bet she’ll get a lot of praise for Gimme Shelter because she was so dedicated on that movie.

    Someone on here said she’s naturally sexy & can pull off these characters more easily than Ashley. I totally agree. Ashley is also trying to do more mature things and she’s producing and stuff and I think that’s great. But she’s the girl next door. She needs to do comedy because she’s fucking hilarious on that. I could never imagine her as a stripper or a spring breaker. Vanessa is naturally sexy & these roles were made for her and she’ll get what she deserve when the other two are also sown in cinemas.

    I love her. She’s humble, bubbly, giggly and natural. She’s always been like that & she feels good about herself. She & Zac have made huge career jumpers and did very great on that. And besides, she looks frikking hot by the way.

  • Whitney

    I love that Vanessa was herself and extremely perky/happy. Really lit up the room seeing her smile and giggle like that

  • Emma

    @ch@…………………………@kim@ samsam@Michelle O’Donnell: why you guys keep coming to this post if you don’t like her?
    just go to your own worshiping posts

  • http://lfvklv ewww

    What’s wrong with her?

  • amy

    @ewww@emma: You have to stop changing your nickname!!!
    she is no problem and can say what she think…but persons have always negative comments against her!!!

  • http://safd hi

    the roles vanessa plays doesnt define who the real vanessa is. she might just got bored and decided to do some crazy roles, whats wrong with that, u guys are making this more complicated than what it actually might be..

  • xoxo

    @ewww: Emma, for f ucks sake grow up.

  • Bel Ami

    Je T’aime Vanessa

>>>>>>> staging1