Zac Efron: 'Townies' Set in Los Angeles!

Zac Efron: 'Townies' Set in Los Angeles!

Zac Efron is surrounded by a group of technical workers as he makes his way to his location on the Townies set on Wednesday (March 27) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old actor stars in the comedy about a frat boy whose behavior affects a local neighbor’s family life

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Rose Byrne, Seth Rogen, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Dave Franco also star in the film. No release date has been set yet – we can’t wait to check it out in theaters!

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  • Mari


  • lauren

    if the pics were from yesterday why its it out today?

  • Marie

    @lauren: JJ is always late…

  • jadeomg

    dave franco and zac efron in the same movie! dreams do come true

  • Sharona

    Better late than never. LOVING his look…..the hair, those arms. Lookin’ good, babe!

  • Kim

    WOW he looks amazing!

  • cg

    @jadeomg: Dave Franco was in Charlie St Cloud too.
    Im excited about them teaming up together again

  • china26

    Zac es hermosamente bello!!! Manito arriba si ustedes también lo creen???

  • colombian girl

    our boy is back, I love his look, good luck in this new movie zac

  • BO

    omg , i can’t believe this .i was asleep when this good news came .

  • OK

    He is a dream !

  • piper

    He looks great

  • OK

    Fantastic looking!

  • OK

    Just one more look before I get ready for work. The sexiest man in the world.

  • IMO
  • OK

    @IMO He can’t be beat . Lucky the person that snags him for life.You gave a very good and Blessed Friday.

  • scarlett

    Is this a documentary? Isn’t his middle aged neighbor always complaining about the ungodly level of noise coming from his house parties? The guy even mentioned that he was thinking of moving because of the noise and 24-hour parties.

  • sad

    “Working with Vanessa…it’s really fun. I think we were friends pretty much from the moment we met. She’s always been really easy to talk to.” – Zac Efron in 2007

    “But when you’re in my situation, you don’t have anybody you can talk to about it except a select group of friends, and sometimes you get the sense like they don’t care.” – Zac Efron in 2013

  • Just me

    @sad: Zac said in an interview in 2010 that Vanessa was the “only one” who understood what he was going through and dealing with. I can’t believe that almost three years have gone by and I can’t shake the feeling that these two still belong together.

  • Just me

    And I’m not even one of those crazy Zanessa fans.

  • sad

    @Just me: ikr? i just saw it on tumblr and i thought i should post it because its really sad. they know eachother inside out and its sad he cant find anyone to share common interests with like he did with vanessa. to me austin seems like a really long fling like to me they are still just sex partners

  • IMO

    @OK: Yes I agree and that person will be pretty special since they are the one who won his heart. Same to you remember the reason it’s called “Good Friday” what He did for us , He died so we could live.

  • Liz

    Hermosisimo como siempre <333

  • amelia25

    Beautiful zac!

  • b
  • please no

    @Just me:
    Are you kidding me? Zac has spoken strongly against celebs using their fame and getting photographed everyday. Vanessa is exactly the kind of celebs he despises the most. I’m sure he can easily find a girl who’s willing to understand him and love him with all her heart. He just doesn’t want to be in a relationship to focus on career.

  • lauren

    @ scarlet
    are you trying to be funny? because im pretty sure you jsut took the same comment someone posted on jj with the same words,

  • scarlett

    @lauren: No, I’m being honest not funny and NO I didn’t copy from another post. But if I did what’s it to you? Get life sweetheart.

  • sad

    @please no: its his words so calm down. plus whether or not he finds a girl as easily as you claim, he will always care for vanessa he said that himself and they will know certain things about eachother that no one else will know. i mean 5 years is a pretty long time dude

  • sad

    @please no: and zac has said that hes bad on dates and very awkward as he had been on quite a few proving that he is in fact still out there trying to date. your career alone cannot bring happiness

  • lauren

    well first it was rude of you?
    and dont call me sweetheart, second its zac life if he wants to have parties let him, it’s his neighbor who makes it a big deal and wants the attention. if you have nothing nice to say than dont say anything, its like you come on here to start trouble.

  • scarlett

    @lauren: You need to back off. You are not Zac’s keeper although in your warped little mind you are. Mind your own business SWEETHEART. What a freaking nutcase UR.

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