Bella Thorne: Newest Hollywood Records Artist!

Bella Thorne: Newest Hollywood Records Artist!

It’s official — Bella Thorne just signed with Hollywood Records!

The 15-year-old actress is the latest star to sign with the label, joining the McClain Sisters, Coco Jones and Zendaya.

“The incredible @bellathorne just signed with @HollywoodRecs! YAY, CONGRATS BELLA! #LabelMates ;-): the McClain Sisters tweeted earlier today.

Bella will be recording her debut single this summer, which will be released later this year.

“Congrats to @bellathorne for signing with Hollywood Records. You’ve worked so hard I’m so proud of you,” boyfriend Tristan Klier tweeted.

Bella is also pictured catching an early morning flight on Friday (March 29) out of LAX airport in Los Angeles for a concert at PlayAmerica in New Jersey this weekend.

Congrats, Bella! 15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Michael Simon; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Startraksphoto
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  • Larry

    I would love to say Congrats Bella on that record deal.

  • trace

    Congrats Bella! I saw your tweet about TTYLXOX almost gold, that is so awesome. So proud of you!

  • tw

    too bad hwr loves to screw their artists

    see miley cyrus and now demi lovato

  • javi

    another future miley cyrus let me guess some one at hollywood records saw her in a bikini or tight clothes an got a boner and say lets give her a contract to see if we can make the same money as miley cyrus and then when she starts screwing guys and doing drugs we give the job to her co-star. thank god zendaya is not like that. in my view bella is going to be worst than miley and bieber. but with heavier drugs.

  • demi

    @javi: WTF is your problem? Drugs? Why would she do drugs? She seems very stable. Zendaya? She’s dancing on a reality show with old guys. You are obviously a bad judge of character. How do you know what Zendaya is doing? She hides her real life with secrets like the BF she’s been dating. Get your story right. We, Bella fans are sick of you Zendaya fans trashing our idol. Eff off already. We will see where they are both at in a few years.

  • candace v.

    She can’t sing, period. Every vocal that she has put out is reliant on autotune.

  • javi

    ok i tell it like i see it. but my problem is with this companies making adult out of kids. ok i was off by metioning if they screw up with drugs. but in my opinion hollywood records don’t promote there singers very well. and i hope that the hr don’t damage this girl.

  • Kilu787

    Another singer from Disney….so fucking tired!! I like Bella, but she can’t sing, Every vocal is reliant on autotune.

  • tokidokihustle

    javi and demi shut the fuck up! bella thorne is a nice girl and so is zendaya. they both have record deals and even if zendaya is dancing with a 26year old on dwts its not her fault they don’t have 16year old dancers and even if bella wears tight clothes guess what she is a teenager not a supreme highlord. clothes or dancing partners dont define you. yall just haters and i hope God forgives you for taking out your anger on young innocent girls.

  • Lindsay

    Bella is amazing and I cant wait to hear more of her music she is so talented

  • Selena

    Love bella she’s amazing! Good luck :D

  • Courtenay

    She can’t sing to save her life!!! At least Demi, Selena and Miley can carry a tune.

  • Kellyk

    It’s official you don’t need to be able to sing to be a singer these days. Society is so screwed up. She’s just a cash cow that Disney will milk for all she’s worth then she’ll grow up, rebel and turn into a depressing mess like the rest of the Disney alumni.

  • javi

    @Kellyk: see another who share my thoughts. hollywood records is more like lindsay lohan’s mom dina the help with your career and then if something happens the live you alone with out helping you. every record company they see a young kid singing they see dollar sighn they don’t care if the kid fails or not.

  • m

    its so discussing how record labels sign people who cant even sing but make it hard on the people who actually can sing. Whatever happened to GOOD music, she is just gonna be another pop singer with no musical talent and just barely is a good dancer.

  • javi

    @m: don’t misunderstand me she and zendaya are funny on that show of theres. and you are right hollywood records/disney makes it hard for real singers unfortunatley hr thinks pop music sells and the little kid image dosen’t that is why i thnak god that selena gomez is doing her last album with them and focus on movies. remember when she was young she sighn with hr and then she transform from sweet kid to an adult very fast.

  • helia

    congratulations! you are very talented.

  • Angie

    Bella is very talented and she sells music it’s that simple. Selena wasn’t a strong singer when she started and everyone talked smack about her too. In a year everyone will be praising Bella. So many haters. Grow up. Live your own dream. Besides u don’t need a voice like Adele to sell fun songs. Most of the music I listen to is pop and its not about the strength of the voice in those songs. Like it or not, she’s talented and popular and will sell music.

  • Sarah

    You guys are so dumb Bella can sing so what they put that effect on her voice she said once her music isn’t like that! That’s a style not because she can’t sing. And she always says how hard she’s working on her voice. And if she doesn’t have talent then how is her Ttylxox song almost gold!?! Their are a lot of ppl who can’t get that. I love her and she’s amazing plus she does a lot of charity work so you guys are picking on someone who’s trying to help make the world a better place. Smart!

  • Liv

    I don’t know why everyone is hating on Bella she’s an AMZING person and I don’t think it’s necessary to be say all these rude things about a person you don’t even know and know what she does or what kind of person she is. How about everyone clam down and wait and see her new music.

  • Tanya

    OMG! REALY!?! WHY!?! I swear HWR records just signs anybody. I like Bella and all but she CANNOT sing, at least I haven’t heard her actually sing. Every song she’s every done has her talking the whole time and has been autotuned! I also don’t think Zendaya shoud’ve been signed…yet. She has a good voice BUT I feel like she should have made it better before she actually signed to a record label. I feel that the only reason Bella got signed was because she’s very popular, not because she can sing. (like Coco and The McClain Sisters) HWR should sign Chloe and Halle (from NBT), Shaleigh (from NBT), and Carly-Rose Sonenclair . These four are amazing singers NOT Bella! Then again, I don’t know Bella, maybe she can sing on the low. Congrats to you Bella, I just hope you can actually sing and not put out some autotuned, talked-through single/album.

  • Dana

    I am very excited to get Bella’s songs…GO Bella!!! yayayyayayayy

  • Naomi

    This was bound to happen, so everyone shouldn’t act so surprised. Hollywood Records/Disney Channel does this every single time when a new star emerges. They force their products to sing even though they really cannot sing well like Selena or Bella. I don’t consider HR a real record label because it’s just a marketing machine. Just because Bella’s song almost went gold, doesn’t mean it’s a good song. The only reason why it got up to that status because of how popular she is. Either way, it doesn’t really matter. Delusional children will buy into it, but in a few years, they’ll realize that they bought garbage. It’s like a cycle that never ends.

  • anisha

    she can’t sing though…

  • javi

    @Liv: we are not hating on bella at least not after hollywood records that keeps making this kids adults in there short lives. bella in my view she’s seems like a nice kid but unfortunatley her parent’s and her are blinded by hollywood and the glamour. with out thinking of whats going to happen if they loose control.

  • Josh

    i will def buy bella’s songs fo sho

  • Lola

    She can’t even seen have you heard her she is auto tuned wow what ever happened to having talent in this industry I am disappointed.

  • Lola


  • javi

    @Lola: what happen the record companies discovered that if the little kids want it parents has to buy it. example kids buying 1D cd’s and bieber cd’s and concert tickets. and it dosen’t matter if they can sing or not.

  • Josh

    @javi: well this is true and i can’t wait to buy bella’s…it doesn’t matter what some of u say because she continues to impress and will do amazing

  • Bella jackson

    Did Bella die Kingston’s hair in the front?

  • Angie

    I live for Bella

  • Lovatic

    @Kilu787: maybe, but now she improved a lot and now SHE CAN SING you cant say that she cant sing if you didnt hear her in live so dont tell lies!

>>>>>>> staging1