Joe Jonas: 'Pom Poms' 60-Second First Listen!

Joe Jonas: 'Pom Poms' 60-Second First Listen!

Joe Jonas and girlfriend model Blanda Eggenschwiler head back to their apartment after a day out in New York City on Friday afternoon (March 29).

In case you missed it, check out JustJared‘s exclusive 60-second teaser for the Jonas Brothers‘ upcoming single, “Pom Poms,” from their fifth album!

“Pom Poms” features an electrifying combination of pop and rock, and will be available on Tuesday, April 2nd.

The song will premiere on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show NEXT Tuesday with the video following later that night on E!

Check out the lyrics at

Jonas Brothers – “Pom Poms” 60-Second Teaser

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Credit: TNYF; Photos: WENN
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  • marie

    Just Jared Jr, please STOP. We DO NOT want to see pics of Joe and that Satan worshiper-drug dealer and less when the band is promoting the new single in these days. Please, post pics of Nick, Kevin (with Danielle) or the band complete but not of this irrelevant and famewhore woman of almost 30 years old who is blackmailing Joe and his family.

    The kinky sex tape exists and that nasty woman and her druggies friends planned everything from the beginning. She is desperate to be famous and wants money. BG confirmed that Blanda Eggenschwiler is a fame hungry and she is using Joe Jonas. She can’t sue the web site that published the story because BG has proof of what they said.

  • http://facebbok Anonymous

    justjuredjr, please don’t to be like oceanup(oceanup is a shame) She is nobody and this is a fake relationship. PR STUNT.


    honestly, noone wants to see blanda. Joe yes, but blanda needs to go play in traffic. Nobody likes her except the New York stalkers who are willing to lick the pavement when she walks down it. Blanda is a cunt to fans. Joe would be at a hotel and meeting us if it weren’t for her. She wants to take him away from us and have him for her coattail riding self. stop fucking posting pictures of her b/c i want to throw up everytime you do.

  • Lauren

    marie, Anonymous, ANONYMOUS

    Stop being so mean to Blanda! What has she done to you?

    And their is no proof that this relationship is fake! Stop believing what you read on Blind Gossip!

  • To the haters!!

    Stop speaking for all of us by saying “We don’t want” or “no one wants” , just speak for YOURSELVES! You may not want pictures of Blanda, sure, but some of us do. Cause Joe’s happiness is more important than hating on an innocent woman we don’t know much about other than she’s a former model now turned designer. Please grow up! In a few years you’re going to look back on this and think, why was I such an immature child! Mark my words!

  • marian

    You know whats the funny?
    Blanda has s e x with Joe everynight and you don’t

  • Lisa

    Why do all are so mean to Blanda? I don’t understand it..

  • I’m Worried about Joe jonas

    Joe Is With this piece of crap again. I feel sorry for him. Joe looks sick, too skinny (look at his face) and depressed. Only those who follow Joe since more than five years ago can realize how he looks lost now. Where is the happy, hottie and healthy boy?

    How he can continue with that drug dealer after what she did? You should know that this manly woman is a worshiper of satan and she started the rumor about the kinky sex tape. She was the one who planned everything. Look how she’s always looking at the camera. Attention whore. In a discussion between fans and one of her friend, who is a perverted dude of 30 years old, he said that Blanda is going to go far and she knows that.

    This opportunistic woman is giving the high life, to live with her friends in a small apartment happened to live in a good and luxurious apartment, know countries she never thought to know. no more travels in economy class now travel first class. From being a nobody happened to have a little recognition.

    Joe, poor boy, he is being manipulated by this gross woman of almost 30 year old who does not work, she is a parasite. This woman and her friends are a group of drug addicts who like to suck the life of young boys and get them into drugs.

    Unfortunately Jonas family can’t do anything for his son because he is 23 years old, but are concerned about the situation. Joe needs help and maybe go to rehab, but first get away from all that toxic people around him. He can do much better, he deserves a normal girl her age, healthy and that really love him.

  • marian

    @I’m Worried about Joe jonas
    f u c k off, get a life

  • http://none kendra joy bethune

    nice but why u telling me though when it looks like bethune cookman wild cats colors i have disasscioted my self with bethune cookman unviersity i want nothing to do with my dad’s father when they used to send flyers all
    i did was tear them up and watch tearing up my heart and i want you back and if it is’nt love nsync and new edition can u stand the rain cause of my dads father sleeping around with college girls then and he was 78 albert junior i’m his grand daughter kendra joy bethune i used to watch liz taylor
    let it go the pom pom’s picture

  • http://facebbok Anonymous


  • Liberty

    You people p*** me off. How dare you call someone that your so called idol obviously likes having in his life. Just because he is not dating you. You people are not worthy to be called fans of anybody, you are nasty hateful little trolls.

  • scarlett

    @Liberty: You are kidding right? I mean you have got to be kidding…OMG. His so called “girlfriend” set him up big time. They made a sex tape and she was intent on getting paid by either keeping it out of the public eye (his team makes a big payoff to make the tape disappear ) or it gets released and she get profits and exposure (no pun intended). She used this guy relentlessly. He is strung out on drugs and word is that it’s heroin. She is evil to the core but he is so addicted that he can’t see straight.

  • jonas fan

    Does anyone know can you buy jonas brothers cd pompoms in the store on tuesday

  • jonas fan

    Please hlep me i what to know this

  • Andrea

    Everyone talk about how they hate Joe and Blanda relationship but when it comes to music… nobody says nothing at all! Because I remember you It’s not only Joe and Blanda photos, but also 50 sec. of NEW MUSIC!!!!

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