Vanessa Hudgens Finally Joins Twitter & Tumblr!

Vanessa Hudgens Finally Joins Twitter & Tumblr!

Vanessa Hudgens is finally, and officially, on Twitter!

The 24-year-old actress teased fans and wrote, “BEEP BEEP… who got the keys to my TWEET? Vroooom! ;)))”

“That’s right love bugs, I’ve finally joined twitter AND tumblr. Thanks for all the lovin’! You guys are seriously the best,” Vanessa added.

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And not only is she on Twitter, she’s also joined Tumblr.

Vanessa wrote on her new network, “Welcome to my new blog,! I’ve got lots in store for ya. Happy Monday! :))”

ARE YOU EXCITED Vanessa is finally tweeting?

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  • George

    Long time coming you hot sweetheart.

  • Yuli

    W H O C A R E S?

  • tina

    It’s a nice way to be in contact with your fans

  • Sammy

    @Yuli: You don’t have to care I probably don’t care about who you are a fan of. Just ignore her, and don’t follow her . But it really makes me laugh the way haters go out of their way to go on her posts to bash someone they “don’t care about”. Believe me when I don’t care about someone I certainly don’t bother to post

  • Bella Linda

    What a gorgeous pic. I love her !!!!!

  • What???

    For real ? or April fools day.don’t play with me.

  • Karen

    I love her and finally

  • Nitsa

    I hope she only Tweets about her career and news.

  • Sammy

    @Nitsa: people are so critical other celebs Tweet all the time about what is happening in their day. Even he HSM co stars. Even Z says he doesn’t respect Tweeting but he does it when it serves him and his career. so go ahead an criticize

  • Nitsa

    @Sammy: dude take it easy didn’t mean to offend.

  • Caro

    so this means anything that was said on @VHOfficial wasn’t her but actually her team. some of the tweets on that twitter, she implied that it was her tweeting but it really wasn’t. that girl loves lying to her fans. I wonder if it’s even actually vanessa who’s tweeting from @vanessahudgens account. it could easily be her team on that account too.

  • lol

    “BEEP BEEP… who got the keys to my TWEET? Vroooom! ;)))”

    I’m guessing she watched zac in the John John Denim Commercial..

  • hahaha

    yes <3

  • Haters Suck!

    Seriously? I thought it was very clear that pretty much everything that came from vhoffical was her team not her. It even said that a few times. Maybe u misunderstood but I think most people knew everything congo from that twitter wasn’t her.

  • caro

    @Haters Suck! yes, seriously. some of the tweets implied that it was her when it really wasn’t. i’m not going to go on that twitter and show you all the tweets that say it’s “her”, but you can do that yourself if you want lol. I for one think it’s her team who runs both the twitters; vanessa doesn’t have the time to be on it and i remember she says she hates the internet or something like that before so.

  • Haters Suck!

    Most of the tweets end with @vanessahudgens you think
    She liked just referring to herself in the 3rd person?

  • Liberty

    To be fair to Vanessa she did say sometime ago she was not a fan of social networking sites.

    Hopefully her now seeming to have a”personal public” profiles on Twitter and Tumblr, it will clear up the mixed messages which have been sent out in the past by her and her team.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    And I’m still not getting one. I can’t remain anonymous if I get a twitter, facebook, or tumblr account.

  • jill

    how many social media networks do people need? it’s not just Vanessa, but celebs in general. she has a twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr,official website,the people who help with her official site also have an rss newsfeed, google plus, bloglovin’, and even a vhofiicial twitter. it’s really kind of ridiculous that celebs need all these social media accounts.

  • blank

    official Vanessa hudgens website

  • blank

    vanessa hudgens facebook

  • blank

    vh official twitter

  • blank

    vanessa hudgens rss news feed (i’m assuming peope who help with her site also help with things like this because they basically have the same stuff)

  • blank

    vanessa hudgens google plus (people who help with site probably)

  • blank
  • blank

    vanessa hudgens personal twitter

  • blank

    vanessa hudgens tumblr

  • blank

    vanessa hudgens instagram

  • blank

    vanessa hudgens instagram

  • Cara Mia

    Love her so much. Looking forward to her Tweets.

  • sanfran

    Social networking sites are a necessary evil for celebs. She may not want to do them especially Twitter but the sites do help her stay connected to her fanbase and that is what keeps them interested in her and her projects.

  • mi

    @Caro: Vanessa always had her Twitter @VanessaHudgens so someone wouldn’t try and take it. She just never used it until now. @VHOfficial was always her team.

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