Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: 'Spring Breakers' Movie Date!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: 'Spring Breakers' Movie Date!

Vanessa Hudgens smiles as she covers up her face and leaves ArcLight Cinemas after catching a screening of her film Spring Breakers on Tuesday night (April 2) in Hollywood.

The 24-year-old actress was joined by her beau Austin Butler.

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“Watch #TheCarrieDiaries live tonight and show the love. Help us get a season 2. #keepcalmandcarrieon,” Austin recently tweeted.

Earlier that day, V kept a low profile as she headed to her local gym for a workout in in West Hollywood.

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • OK

    Hi Hottie Hi cutie

  • Mili

    @OK: yep, you are so right, a cute and hot couple there!! and people said they were breaking up… lol…
    i like that they dont feel the need to hide or the need to not be honest as others do….
    love that…

  • OK

    @Mili I feel they will be together a very long time. They really seem happy to me.

  • punkin

    She is making the biggest mistake of her life….that dork is bringing her down….how many offers has she had since dating him….she needs to get her a real man and one that can give her the life she wants….he can’t he doesn’t work enough….I do not understand her….she is going to go down…..and deserves it……….

  • curious

    @punkin: could u state some of the offers she has got? genuine question because her company doesnt say shyt

  • juke

    Sean Pyfrom is right behind them in the first and fourth pictures.

  • http://google barbara

    vanessa is the only one smiling he has his mouth covered, and is more interested in his phone. you could have driven a truck between can people see there in love they hardly ever look at each other,and van is the only one that smiles,and is happy.

  • scarlett

    Honestly, we really don’t know much about them or their relationship. When she was with Zac there were always rumors that they were breaking up or on the rocks yet they stayed together for five years. If Austin were not a nice guy, I doubt she’d waste her time. Do I wish she were still with Zac? Hell yes but it’s not for me or anyone to decide. She can make her own decisions and she chose this guy so be it.

  • Cara Mia

    Cute couple.

  • Liberty

    @barbara: I WOULD love you trade places with them for a month,then see how f***ing happy you are being followed by rude and ignorant men with cameras.

  • Tina

    I love Shawn and it’s great they went to support her.

  • Cara Mia

    @Liberty: I agree , but would freak if it were them

  • yets

    going strong..i love them,

  • kim

    she obviously thinks that there is more to their relationship than he does. he looks so unhappy and bored with her all the time…


    The people who post comments here aren’t necessarily ‘Zanessa’ fans. I honestly could care less about them, and I even don’t think that Vanessa seems as happy with Austin (and Austin with Vanessa). He rarely looks happy when they are together, and he always seems like he is ignoring her… also if you look at their body language, he always looks like he is leaning in the opposite direction. And for those of you who say “Oh you don’t know anything about them, you don’t know what their personal life is like” or “Pictures don’t mean anything.” Here’s a question for you… how do you know that pictures don’t mean anything? Also, YOU don’t know anything about their personal lives either now do you? So how would you know if the relationship is going good or bad? They could be fighting at this very moment as far as we know…

  • BIG

    Whatever… either way, it seems like both Vanessa and Zac have gone downhill after they split.

  • kiki

    Their “relationship” is just laughable…

  • seeul8ter

    this is all just compensation… I don’t really see any connection between them and he always so unhappy. he looks more interested in what’s on his phone. sure, she may find attraction in him (and maybe him with her a little), but they don’t seem in love. you don’t necessarily have to be in love with the person to be in a relationship. I think that she likes having him around for company, to show the public she has a boyfriend, she might find him attractive, use him as an accessory, but they just don’t look in love. and how I hate going back to this…. when she was with zac, you could tell that they loved each other… with Austin, sorry… don’t see anything.

  • Sharon

    @seeul8ter@kim@BIG@JUST THE FACTS : You guys are always speaking the same things
    You guys don’t know anything about them so please shut your mouth.
    And if you guys hate them, don’t come

  • sarah

    austin looks so much like McCaulay Culkin.

  • kim

    @Sharon: you obviously know nothing about them either so…

  • oooookkkkaaayyy

    he has the looks of a 13 year old…. she really “upgraded” since zac

  • Lawrence

    I’m sure this will stir up the haters*lol*, still going strong. Sweet.

  • Jasmin

    She should break up with Austin and then gout out with Shawn
    I think Shawn has to go out with her… Shawn Vanessa and a call each other “love”. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever???

    Shawn calls Nessa his “love” and said he was “so proud” of her after watching SB and he calls her “Nessa” when he tweets about her

  • Store company

    Thanks for sharing about this in your blog. Its usefull for me to understand about that.

  • quinn

    speakings of the carrie diaries, a few articles say it’s gonna be cancelled. i thought it was untrue until i checked the ratings and views… i was like.. wow, this show will be really lucky if it gets another season.

  • quinn

    @seeul8ter ngl he seems way more interested in ashley tisdale than her bff vanessa. have you seen the way he looks at ashley? it;’s like she’s the only girl in the room to him. I’d be worried if I was vanessa, this guy for sure has a thing for her best friend. it’s no wonder ashley paired them together, she wanted him to leave her alone and go fall inlove with someone else lol.

  • march

    @quinn: think that when austin and ashley costared together, he had a crush on her. i think he was attracted to her, but obviously she had a boyfriend at the time, and is like 6 years older than him. she was good friends with him, but wasnt looking for a relationship with him because she was dating scott. zac and vanessa split, and ashley is friends with both of them. maybe she saw that vanessa was upset about the breakup and introduced her to austin so things wouldnt get awkward between her and austin. but yeah… dont like vanessa and austin together. I think Austin likes Vanessa, but isn’t in love with her.

  • march

    I also think that Austin looks more comfortable with Ashley too

  • Xo

    I think Austin is more comfortable with ashley because they are just friends…never saw anything that was more than plutonic. Same with Zac..friends with Ashley so it’s easier to romp around on the beach..Ash’s b-day party 2011. It’s easy to be comfortable around someone when you aren’t f*cking. When you are it becomes complicated.

  • ology

    Obviously Austin knew Ashley before Vanessa, and Ashley introduced them… it’s kind of obvious that Austin liked Ashley. And no, it’s not necessarily easier to be comfortable with someone when you are just friends. Vanessa and Zac seemed comfortable with each other. And no offense, to be in a relationship, you kind of need to be comfortable with each other. The reason probably is (like a bunch of people are saying) that they have no connection, nothing to talk about. It’s hard to for them to be comfortable because really, they aren’t (or don’t seem) in love. Being comfortable with each other is sort of a key part in relationship. If you aren’t comfortable with your partner, then how is that a healthy relationship? It’s not…

  • ROX

    When Vanessa and Zac went to see movies, they would be walking next to each other, sometimes holding hands. But you surely didn’t see either of them on their phone. Laughable couple…

  • kiki

    @ROX: who Austin and Vanessa?

  • ROX

    @kiki: Of course I’m talking about Vanessa and Austin…

  • connie

    looks like the honeymoon stage is gone… probably a breakup next….

  • Catherine

    @march: Why Ashely?
    This board is for Austin and Vanessa. You’re always talking the same story. And you seem to think Austin likes Ashely. But I don’t think so. I believe they are just comfortable as friends to each other.

  • kiki

    @Catherine: obviously he likes Ashley… he knew her first, he looks more comfortable with her, he looks happier with her. she set them up… so I think they both kind of were “pushed” into the relationship. it would be awkward if they declined. because clearly, he is not in love with Vanessa.

  • Xo

    @ology: When I say “comfortable with each other” ..what I’m trying to say is comfortable with press getting pics. Zac is very private…if he had something really going on with me there would be none of that overtly over the top stuff that went on at her b-party 2011. As far Austin goes…nothing to talk about with him and Ashley. He’s a good guy..if he wanted Ash it would have happened. Don’t care anyway.

  • …………………………

    @seeul8ter: Yes, I agree. You don’t necessarily have to be in love with someone to have a relationship with them. Vanessa seems to think that there is more to the relationship. Lately, Austin looks bored and uninterested when they are together. I’m sure they enjoy each other’s company, and I’m sure they had some interest in each other, but now it really doesn’t look like it. I think mainly why they are together is to just have someone. Everyone needs someone… and it doesn’t have to be romantically. I don’t think they are in love, I just don’t see it…..

  • teddy

    Everyone should be quiet. I understand that on sites like this you can post whatever you want… but it gets annoying.

  • _
  • Melissa

    People have to live their own life… If they are not happy as you said, why are they still together?….And why is Austin with her if he doesn’t like her?..You’re really pathetic and mannerless…There is no one among us who knows really about them…I hope people just leave them alone.!!

  • …………………………

    @Melissa: They probably are together because they take an interest in each other…. they’re dating yes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in love with one another

  • Nightwish

    Same clowns here using different names from regular jj, LOL you guys crack me up

  • Tiffany

    I wonder if it was awkward for Austin to see this movie. I know it’s fake, but still! She’s a wild girl in this film.

  • Melissa

    I can’t agree with your opinion. Having interests in each other does not mean that we can be together. And that is their lives, not ours. There is no need for us to interfere

  • Jess

    Why do they cover their faces? It’s obvious that her team calls the paps.

  • juliet

    @Jess: Why do you care if they cover their faces or not? And is there any evidence that she called paparazzi?

  • BIG

    Whatever… both she and Zac have gone “downhill” after the breakup. Haha… remember in 2011, when she was caught smoking and she attacked the papz? Hope celebs realize, that if you want to be an actor, you shouldn’t smoke… obviously everyone should know that it’s bad for the lungs

  • dont ask

    @BIG: whatever…. sure smoking is a bad habit, and I would recommend to any actor to stop. and she didn’t start smoking because she broke up with zac. she was caught with cigarettes once before.

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