'Degrassi' Season 12 Spring Finale: 'Zombies Part Two' Clip - JJJ Exclusive!

'Degrassi' Season 12 Spring Finale: 'Zombies Part Two' Clip - JJJ Exclusive!

Check out this brand new clip from this week’s Degrassi Spring finale, exclusively on JustJaredJr.com!

In the sneak peek, Maya (Olivia Scriven) gets lectured by her sister Katie (Chloe Rose) after posting something rather racy on her Facerange wall.

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As for the rest of the “Zombie Part 2″ episode, the competition between Drew (Luke Bilyk) and Clare (Aislinn Paul) intensifies while Connor (A.J. Saudin) offers Eli (Munro Chambers) some advice about love.

Be sure to tune in FRIDAY @ 9PM on TeenNick! Watch the exclusive clip below!

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  • http://@Hazza2929 Autumn

    (New comers and Other Desgrassians SPOLIERSSSSS) Let’s be real.I never really Liked Katie.I don’t know why though,I personally thought it was because She Was Kinda a jerk to Drew When he asked her about Her eating Disorder I mean come on Katie He’s just trying to help you AND THE NERVE SHE HAS to call herself fat? Like Your NOT EVEN FAT,but Anyway Enough Spolier Alearts for New comers :D I’ve Always liked Mia Till the Thing with Zig and Miles…….And Zoe I Feel So bad for Zoe after having everyone Call her a Slut For Getting something done to her SHE COULDN’T CONTROL!!!!!

  • http://@Hazza2929 Autumn

    Here’s another Thing I didn’t post

    What the hell happened to Katie? Did she move? Was she Killed off? Did she graduate? Where the Hell is she? I looked it up on varouis Websites asked Groups of Desgrassians No one seems to know where she went And did she ever Come clean to Drew? Like What the hell Katie!

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