Disney's 'Cinderella' Testing Three New Possible Actresses

Disney's 'Cinderella' Testing Three New Possible Actresses

Disney is still looking for its Cinderella after Emma Watson reportedly left the upcoming film.

According to Deadline, the current leading contenders are Bella Heathcote, Lily James, and Margot Robbie, all of whom are testing this week in London. The site adds that “one of them will likely walk away with the title role.”

Cate Blanchett is still on board to play the evil stepmother and production is set to begin this fall. We can’t wait to see who gets cast!

WHO DO YOU THINK should play Cinderella?

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  • Maria

    none of them look like Cinderella. Any could dye their hair blonde, but if these are the only choices then i would go with the third, Margot I’m guessing is her name? She would look the most like a fairytale princess after her hair is colored. Good luck, please don’t make another bad Cinderella, it’s been done too many times! I’m entrusting Disney to step up to the plate and create a good one since they’re behind the original animated one that we all love so much!

  • Maria

    I guess the 3rd one is actually Bella, so I would choose her. Margot would be my 2cd, and i wouldn’t want Lily as this role, no offense to her, she just doesn’t have the Cinderella look. Bella all the way for this one! As long as she has the personality to go with it.

  • Selina

    MARGOT!! DEFSS!!!! She wore a pink fairytale like dress for her character Donna’s wedding in neighbours as you can see in this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ116TlIMCY She’d be an amazing Cinderella :)

  • oops

    they are ugly

  • Bruce Carter

    They have the perfect girl right under their noses – Olivia Holt! She resembles the animated character, and has already proven she can act.

  • kt

    @maria nope even though they put margots name last shes actually the blonde, and @selina as soon as i read this i thought back to her wedding dress in neighbours as well, i agree with you i hope she gets the role


    Bell Heathcote definatley!!! Based on her looks and acting abilities!

  • Kathryn

    None of these ladies look like the Cinderella in Disney’s original movie. Throughout her entire childhood, my 25-year-old daughter was told she looked like Disney’s Cinderella, and she definitely does–she has the wide-opened, huge, brown eyes, long neck, darker hair, beautiful smile and teeth and she sings like an angel. (She also resembles Belle in “Beauty and the Beast.”) How do I connect the audition committee and Katie?! They would choose her in a heartbeat. I am able to fly her to London immediately!!

  • joann

    Emily Browning!

  • Phoebe

    Woman on the right picture, I don’t know her name, match Belle of Beauty and the Beast. For Cinderella I think about Ellen Page, her cheeks, and her lips

  • night magic

    @Maria: i thought the same thing !!

  • chris

    Emma is stupid! How is she even left a role like this one!!!!!

  • Beth

    The middle girl looks like Debby Ryan.

  • Trix

    I’ve seen Margot in the series Pan Am and my brother and I always comment on how she’d be the PERFECT Cinderella if ever they made a movie. She even has Cinderella-esque hair in the show sometimes, her voice is soft and she has Cinderella mannerisms as well. Crossing my fingers they pick her!

  • anne

    Bella Heathcote the third girl is the prettiest one, between these three the obvious choice is Bella.

    The first girl, Margot, when you google her pics, most of them looks like tranny, I can’t imagine little girls wants their favorite character being ruined with queer looking girl.