Selena Gomez: 'Come & Get It' - LISTEN NOW!

Selena Gomez: 'Come & Get It' - LISTEN NOW!

Selena Gomez gets lacy in this hot new shot for her upcoming single, “Come & Get It”.

The 20-year-old singer released a new pic and snippet of her upcoming track, off of her new album.

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“With “Come & Get It” I wanted to create something fun, sassy, and playful, but unexpected. The song is almost tribal. It’s going to surprise people in a good way,” she wrote on Facebook.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think!

Selena Gomez – ‘Come & Get It’
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  • lauren

    quite disappointed to come on here and see you guys posting a leaked version of this song..

  • Mari

    don’t like it at all

  • javi

    @lauren: it wasen’t jjj it was her people who release it her people i mean her record company.

  • http://@sandrakotarska sandra

    kind of disappointed not what i expected !

  • Rosalie

    I actually really like it. Mostly because of the beat.

  • mercy


  • Maria

    love that she made a complimentary song about justin instead of a bashing song about their breakup. Shows she’s very mature and as always, a total sweetheart! Love this~the entry chanting by someone else kinda creeps me out, but the rest is great! Very catchy and addicting for a song on repeat in the near future. :)

  • Tamar

    I think it was good but not great but shes inproving

  • Annie Vo

    her voice is improved so much, but i still love to listen to her gentle songs not kind of this song [love much at the end of the song]

  • LOL

    -_- How muchmore are they gonna computer modify her voice :/

  • v

    Sounds so blah and boring

  • ashley


  • selfan

    i like the song but only the melody really. i prefer her other songs. to be honest lately she seems a bit big headed about her career in general like with spring breakers and music. i mean a majority of the hype of SB was because of her and vanessa but she was praised for breaking out. i was so excited thinking she was going to do some messed up stuff but she didnt.

    im just rambling but i hope she doesnt become superficial with the fame because she really does think shes the sh*t

  • diana

    omg selena gomez look like my big sister she named arta and she has 25 year old

  • luca

    thia is baaad :/

  • michaela

    Quit the hating, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say ANYTHING. This song is really good. Not great but its good. Catchy too


    oh selena`s haters stink .how good that we know they are rude so we aint be sad.they ruin every post with their trash comments they say her music is bad while they are secretly dancing to it

  • Emma

    This song is really good! And I have to agree with people if you don’t have something nice to say, keep it to yourself. Selena is an amazing singer and doesn’t need everyone that is jealous of her to be mean. Anyway the song is really catchy, it makes you want to get up and dance! Nice Job Selena!!! : D

  • Emma

    @ANNIE: I totally agree. I love the last part of your comment!

  • Annie Vo

    @emma: yup. but you know what, after 3 day repeat and repeat, i purchased it already, it is really cool if you listen it carefully, now it resounds in my mind every single minutes

  • Natasha

    I absolutely love this song! It is extremely catchy. I love the Indian sound throughout the song as well. Great job!