Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower: Toronto Departures

Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower: Toronto Departures

Lily Collins waits patiently in line before checking in to her departing flight at Toronto Pearson International Airport on Saturday afternoon (April 13) in Toronto, Canada.

The 24-year-old actress was in town to film re-shoots for The Mortal Instruments with her co-star and boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower.

Later that afternoon, Jamie was also spotted at the airport to catch a separate departing flight with a guy pal.

Just last week, Lily looked vintage chic for a photoshoot outside of Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.

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  • Lisa

    Lily is so AWESOME !

  • deby


  • Logan

    JCB, I congratulate you on your face, sir.
    What a beautiful guy.

  • dany

    she looks so tired!

  • Daddariotic

    Jamie looks good

  • Cate

    Lily looks lovely as always but you can see she is very tired. She is so busy. Hope she gets a rest before she starts filming ‘Love, Rosie’.

  • minnie

    I think they broke up but it was amicable so they can still be friends because they’re never together anymore unless it’s related to the film

  • nolan

    @minnie: They’re still together. They went to the Muse concert together last week in Toronto and people who have seen them together said they are still obviously a couple. They are just keeping their relationship under the radar.

  • minnie

    @nolan: Jamie went to that muse concert with his friend, Lily was not the only one there. I said they’re still “friends” and friends can hang out together. They were in Toronto for the reshoots. That is the only time they’ve been spotted together in the last 3 months. And again, they were there for reshoots. To me it’s pretty obvious they’re no longer together. But like I said, still friendly and amicable for the movie.

  • Daddariotic

    @minnie: Well, everyone spotted Jamie WITH Lily at the Muse concert so stop writing that they broke up.

  • minnie

    @Daddariotic: LOL, how many times do I have to say they’re still friends? Obviously they are. The break up was not a bad one. They probably just realized they didn’t mesh as well as they hoped. But please point to them hanging out outside of that event in Toronto — where they were there for reshoots — because I have seen zero.Why the heck would Jamie take his friend to Toronto if he could be there with his girlfriend? It makes no sense. Face it, my opinion is they’re broken up.

  • annna

    Its funny people care so much. Bowers always given me a gay vibe..have never bought him being straight.

  • pup

    I hope they’re still together. They both look great!

  • cloedy

    I think there are just good friends and thats it..maybe there do flirt a bit with each other but nothing dont worry it wont affect the movie now or in later projects to this series..=D but if there would been together both would spend more time together even in a busy see it clearly that JCB didnt look so healthy a period in some pics but now he looks much more better again..(sorry btw bad grammar)

  • justsomeone

    i’m getting real tired of people saying jcb isnt gorgeous, and that he isn’t ‘good looking enough’ to play jace. he is the epitome of a beautiful man. just like they describe in the books. i don’t know how much more you want. and he’s not gay, everyone that isn’t informed about fashion culture thinks guys like this are gay. he’s just a fashionista hipster and it goes well with him.
    btw- alex pettyfer is a horrible actor
    i couldn’t stop laughing during the movie ‘beastly’

  • kelly

    i don’t think they were ever together, all the couply pics were just promo for the movie. They’re obviously friends but I mean if they were together, they’d hang out a lot more than they do. so yeah I think it was just promo and to get people talking.

  • kelly

    @justsomeone: i think he’s gay lol. it’s not just because the way he dresses but the way he talks, he just seems very gay. there’s nothing wrong with that. it’d explain why i never bought him and lily too though

  • bean


    I agree with @minnie because at first they didn’t care WHO saw them together and now, they are rarely snapped out and about. Plus, they didn’t seem relaxed around each other at the wondercon conference either. Something happened.
    OR, maybe they are really pretending to be brother and sister so that when they shoot the next movie, it will feel more real! LOL. :)