Selena Gomez: 'Dancing With the Stars' Performance - Watch Now!

Selena Gomez: 'Dancing With the Stars' Performance - Watch Now!

Selena Gomez bares some midriff during her performance on Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night (April 16) in Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old actress/singer sang her hit new single “Come & Get It.”

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“#1 Most Added for 2nd week in a row at radio!!! Thank you for requesting ‘Come and Get it’ N Thanks to all the stations for playing it,” she recently tweeted.

The day before, Selena performed the song on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Watch Selena hit the stage at DWTS below!

Selena Gomez – Dancing With the Stars performance

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sel’s performance?

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  • S

    Still not managed to get top 10 on iTunes! FAIL.

  • Araik Danielyan

    Wow, how beautiful Selena insanely beautifu I really liked it

  • T

    She’s pretty. Couldn’t hear her voice–music too loud. Dancing was awkward and slow-motion-like. Close to the end she grabbed under her crotch area and it was just weird. She smiled at the end of performance, but camera kept going back to her and she looked pissed. Maybe the crotch-grab was some microphone wiring gone awry. I don’t really like when a live performance seems dubbed. Oh well, go for it Selena, I couldn’t do what you do. Go girl.

  • James

    @S: Failure is when the neutral masses don’t buy. Fact is that Selena is THE Selected Target of “hate”(likelier is Bigotry) so, VIRTUALLY, Selena IS A BIG SUCCESS.

  • James

    @T: That’s really friggin dumb: I wonder how the neutral listeners were able to hear every word. “Crotch” grabbing (you insinuate it)? And blind! It was her THIGH, and just a sudden place to rest her arm for a moment. She looked “pissed”?! You are more blind than I thought. Not once did she appear “pissed.” “Dubbed”? I think a rat was let loose on your keyboard and typoed a whole bunch of droppings.

  • Joseph


    the song is number 10 on itunes though…

  • Joseph

    It was a really strong performance, it would have perfect if she sang a tad louder. The stage, the effects, lighting, her outfit, make up,everything was great :)

  • jj

    Okay we all know her voice isn’t the best, but she looks pretty while performing, has a solid fan base, and that’s what will keep people watching. I just wished her people would give her a damn backing track of her studio version of the song. She can barely pull off her songs live just standing there. When shes dancing, she needs the support of a backing track of her studio version and the back up singers to carry her when shes out of breath. Cause at some points we cant really hear her. But other than that, if she keeps this up, she has JLo potential, which is good.

  • Setra

    I enjoyed this performance of Come and Get it, on Dancing with the Starts last night. I wasn’t going to miss it even though I was at work at DISH when it aired. I set up my DISH Hopper with the PrimeTime Anytime feature, to record all primetime shows that came on ABC. Because of this I don’t have to worry about setting up an individual timer for Dancing with the Stars each week.


    I am I the only one who thought this performance was pretty bad? She’s a mediocre dancer and the singing was…well I can’t even call it singing. When she wasn’t panting into the mic ( she was sitting on the floor for half the performance..looked like a yoga stretching session) she was barely audible almost saying the lyrics rather than singing them. She does not have any talent when it comes to singing, acting though I will admit she’s a promising young actress but singing is not her forte. Its so sad to see how far people can go just off looks alone, to the point where even when its completely obvious they suck people will look past it and make excuses.

  • Alyssa

    the truth is Selena really can’t sing. If anyone thinks so it’s because they are fans and fans always somehow think that the person they like has talent no matter what. I love this song in studio version. I like her sound and everything but she couldn’t sing live to save her life. She’s a beautiful girl, even a pretty good actress. However, singing is not her strong suit. The dancing I really enjoyed…That’s about all I have to say:/

  • Alyssa

    @DENISEK: i definitely agree with you!

  • stg


    She is on the top 10 shes #8

  • n

    I can not wait until I get her c d

  • Annie Vo

    it is even better than the perform on MTV aw, but they are great

  • Annie Vo

    @Joseph: actually it s on #8 now =] I am obsessed with it

  • Gabriela

    I can’t stand her singing career. She can’t sing. There are millions of people who CAN sing and try out for the voice and american idol but never have careers but yet we have crap like that on our top music charts. She is a hilarious actress but someone needs to cut her record deal.

  • Lima

    As long as the people around her is making money of her, they will never cut her record deal…

  • annie

    @DENISEK:you call screaming singing I think the only talentless person is you that just care about people’s little flaws while you are worse. who are you to judge unfairly about her?

  • annie

    @Gabriela:you speak in the way that you are expert just maybe the fact that selena has the most silly haters in universe doesnt mean that they are right because her name has been given out as a bad’ve better to go and wash your mind and think yourself not with others beliefs

  • Tex

    “This love will be the death of me, but I know I’ll die happily”
    Perhaps natas?

  • Faith

    I love her outfit!!!!!!!!!!! And also I think she did amazing!!! :D