Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Lunch Date Duo

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Lunch Date Duo

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler head out to lunch on Thursday afternoon (April 18) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The twosome stopped by Cafe Roma before running some errands together.

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According to TVByTheNumbers, Austin‘s show, The Carrie Diaries, isn’t feeling love for another season.

“There is no disagreement about the fate of The Carrie Diaries. It’s still likely to be canceled,” they write.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a MinkPink dress.

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10+ pics inside of Vanessa and Austin out for lunch…

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • lol


  • Mili

    Looking good guys! Loving their relationship and their friends

  • so what?

    i dont know… looking at their body language, austin doesnt seem very interested in her.. just awkward. I find it weird that they don’t even want to walk next to each other. and no smiling or anything either.

  • sunny

    Austin isn’t interested in Vanessa (and if he was once upon a time, he sure doesn’t look like it anymore… awkwardly walking in font of her) So yeah, he must find her embarrassing to walk with….

  • just a thought

    I seriously don’t see any connection between them. I agree… he doesn’t seem at all interested in her. sure, we don’t that 100%. And I’m not saying this because I hate them or anything. But yes, @so what?: they don’t even want to walk next to each other? He’s either in front or behind….

  • uuummmm

    she seemed liked she smiled more often when she was with zac. I don’t know… to me zac just seemed like he understood her better…. that they connected on a much more personal level. and frankly overall… a nicer, understanding person in general. lol, yeah I reposted the same comment.

  • andrea

    i think that the are in love, that’s why they’ve been together for almost 2 years. And about the body language.. how would you guys feel if you have a bunch of strangers taking pictures at you, all over your face? I just don’t get it, if they are too lovey dovey every one thinks that they’re doing it to get attention.. if they try to stay quiet and not been noticed, everyone thinks they don’t even like each other anymore.. I love Zac and Vanessa together, but I don’t think she will stay with a guy who “doesn’t seem to be into her anymore”.. just saying

  • a comment

    I’ll just say, that it seems like when Vanessa tries to reach out and connect to him, he just ignores her. He looks more interested in the camera or his phone to pay attention to her. It’s sad that they’re not even walking together. That’s just sad…. obviously they don’t have that deep of a connection and so the only way that she feels that their relationship comes across as believable to the public is to get pictures of pda.

  • overrated

    @andrea:Or maybe she just doesn’t realize it. Maybe she’s too worried about (like a comment said) trying to make their relationship look real, or maybe he seems happy to her because she’s too oblivious… too busy being happy herself. I mean, you can sort of tell that the faces he puts on are kind of fake. He always looks so bored…

  • seeul8ter

    this seems like all just compensation… I don’t really see any connection between them and he always so unhappy. he looks more interested in what’s on his phone. sure, she may find attraction in him (and maybe him with her a little), but they don’t seem in love. you don’t necessarily have to be in love with the person to be in a relationship. I think that she likes having him around for company, to show the public she has a boyfriend, she might find him attractive, use him as an accessory, but they just don’t look in love. and how I hate going back to this…. when she was with zac, you could tell that they loved each other… with Austin, sorry… don’t see anything. And he doesn’t even looks like he wants to be there. I mean he’s trying but….

  • Sayingsomething

    Sorry… but Austin Butler is UGLY… with Vanessa Hudgens. It’s a shame that she and Zac broke up. They had a special connection and a special realtionship, Austin is just some random guy she met through Ashley Tisdale. Everyone can see the chemsitry that Zac and Vanessa had. Their costars, fans, even directors. It’s obvious that she had something very special with Zac that she will never have with Austin, or any other guy. You can see by the way they looked at each other, that Vanessa and Zac truely loved each other. Even though Vanessa may have moved on in a new (PR realtionship), that doesn’t mean she “loves” Austin more than she loved Zac. I think Vanessa still cares about Zac even though they’re not together because he was a special part of her life. And just because she is with Austin, doesn’t mean that she loves him more than she loved Zac. I personally think that she still cares about Zac. In interviews, when HSM or anything that relates to him is brought up, she blushes and smiles about it.

  • teddy

    Because this is a celebrity news/gossip site, people should have the right to express their opinions, but I just find it really annoying to see the same and/or similar comments on each post about them together. We most certainly can have our own opinions, but I don’t think they are really worth arguing about in the comment section of every post. So, if you think a certain thing, then go ahead (however it is extremely annoying), an if you disagree, then that’s fine too…

  • sssshhhh

    ewww it’s austin

  • Bel Ami

    Je T’aime Vanessa and Austin.

  • juliet

    Wow, they’re always repeating the same point.
    If he is not interested in her, why are they still together and dating? They are really rude and immature. Don’t misjudge that you know all about their relationship. And she already left and she doesn’t like Zac any more. You have to accept it and face the reality

  • IMO

    Lovely couple. I don’t get it . If they are too close and affectionate they get complaints . Now if they ignore teach other in front of the paps they get accused of not caring for each other. They are still together so that obviously says something.

  • Mariakins

    Ahh everyday isn’t going to be sunshine and roses they probably were just having an off day

  • jazz

    noooooooooooooooo don’t cancel the carrie diaries please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lawrence

    Cute kids.

  • mags

    looking young and fresh vanessa!!!!

  • Rosalie

    I like her dress.

  • haha

    dont give a s**t about them as a couple, im not a fan of austin but i dont care that much about fate of carrie diaries
    i like vanessa’s dress but I dont know, feel like it doesnt suit her..still pretty though

  • Liberty

    The dress is very Vanessa,and is totally in this season.

  • Nikita

    @IMO: agree 100% Don’t talk about them pretending you know those idiots.
    And, if he does not hold her hands, does that mean that he is not interested in her?? Besides, people criticize them regardless, whether they show affection to each other a lot, or or do not show it at all.
    Had they not loved each other, they would not have been together, but the matter jof fact is that THEY STILL ARE together. Think about it, what it means.

  • Emma

    @Liberty: Oh Why do you care about her wearing style every time?
    She can wear what she wants to. It’s none of your business

  • kelly martineau

    Hate v boots. Like her dress. Parently he doesn’t know how to do wash. He has his’s pants rolled up like a dork.
    Austin is gross looking. He’s allways the same clothes when he’s out with V. There’s a video of them out. Its on x17videos com.

  • karen

    his clothes look terrible. zac was so much better dressed than him.

  • tina

    Last thing I would want is a man who is so concerned with clothes, that it is main his priority. He looks fine.

  • Appu

    You can find her entire outfit here :)

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