Is 'The Lying Game' Canceled?

Is 'The Lying Game' Canceled?

If this is true, JJJ is certainly bummed.

The Lying Game may be canceled, but may not be either. All we know is that we’re ancy and really want to know if the show is coming back!

Actress Alice Greczyn, who plays Mads, tweeted the eery news: “Kinda silly w everything else goin on, but want to let fans know that #TheLyingGame did not get picked up. Sorry! Thanks for all ur support!”

She added after, to calm her fans down, “Should also note that nothing will be officially official til summer. #TVisaweirdworld.”

Exec producer and creator Chuck Pratt also wrote, “#TheLyingGame ATTENTION ALL — The Lying Game inot dead! On hold til June. Would be back on the air in January. Do not give up the fight!”

Keep crossing your fingers and writing to ABC Family.

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Credit: Felicia Graham; Photos: ABC Family
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  • midz

    OMG i hope they don’t cancel it! Its such an amazing show and the way that they ended it will make it worse if they cancel! It did got in ratings so why cancel!
    I love the show!!!

  • afra

    Ughh NO!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE HATE HOW ABC FAMILY doesn’t give enough credit to THE LYING GAME. But they advertise PLL so much. I HATE that show. PLL is terrible.Its only famous because of the ‘beauty’ the girls. THATS IT. THE LYING GAME IS THE WHOLE [PACKAGE. EVERYTHING is beyond phenomenal. And PLL is adding ‘good looking’ actors to boost the ratings. UUUMMM THAT GUY FROM STEP UP 4 AND SEAN FARIS. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY TRYING TO DO. Make the viewers watch the show because of the actors in it. I stopped watching PLL long time ago. Its awful. THE LYING GAME BETTER WIN THE FIGHT AND DESERVES TO BE ON AIR. UGHHHHHHH/…SO PISSED.

  • Bel Ami


  • demi


  • Bel Ami

    So Sad , loved that show.

  • Skylar

    TLG is SOOO much better than PLL.
    I’m working on a site to save the show though guys so come back and check the comments next week and I’ll post the link!! :)

  • sara

    I love the lying game. such a shame that it’s gonna get canceled, that’s ABC Family’s flaw, they always cancel good shows like kyle xy and the nine lives of Chloe king. I hope it doesn’t get canceled cause I’m dying to know what’s gonna happen next.

  • Beth

    Could care less about the lying games but the one show that I do need on the air is Beauty and The Beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://ema ema

    te quiero, martina stoessel! :) :-*

  • Caz man

    I loved that show.

  • nini44

    OH NOOOO ! i hope it will come back !! we love this show in France !!

  • Tiffany

    I hope they don’t cancel it, that would be awful! They at least need to make a few episodes to wrap it all up. Ugh. It’s like MIOBI all over again!

  • Kim Buus

    I really hope it stays me and my sister LOVE!!! it!!

  • paula

    ABC owes it to their fans to at least give them some resolution. So many cliffhangers and no answers is just cruel. Maybe a special episode that brings the show to a final conclusion. Leave it
    to the powers that be not understand their audience. And yes, I agree that PLL gets way to much exposure and it’s a mediocre series at best.

  • Islandgurl

    NOoooooo, they cancel this show, It’s my favourite show!!!!!!

  • Samantha

    They cant cancel the show. It was left wide open for another season with thayer having the murder weapon. It all needs to come out. Kristen needs to know that Sutton has a twin sister and that thayer and rebecca need to go to jail.

  • Samantha


  • Jim

    Help us keep this great show on the air. Sign this petition:

  • sarah

    I swear if they cancel this show, I am done with ABC family

  • Daniela

    oh come on! this was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and the plot never seemed to get boring, at least so far! they cannot cancel this :/

  • Makeitorbreakitfan

    ABC FAMILY cancelled Make It or Break It on a HUGE cliffhanger. It is so fucking frustrating. Now they’re starting really strange new shows but won’t keep The Lying Game??? WTF. I’m so done with this network.

  • vikki

    I have a feeling The Lying Game is over since Ethan Whitehorse is back on Switched at Birth

  • Netty

    What a shame!!!! :( I LOVED that show. I won’t give up hope but the Network needs to take a real hard listen to what the fans are saying!!!!

  • eve wilson

    OMG, Whats wg with Fox? SUCH A SHAME! Why are you canceling one of the BEST SHOWS on tv these days? The story line is great & the actors are super great! So much better then PLL where all the girls do is run around getting in trouble looking for “A” who keeps leaving text to them Stupid plot! The Lying Game is about real people with real problems! I can’t believe Fox even thought of cancelling it. I am SO VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  • Angie

    I have no idea how much exposure the PLL gets, as I watch it from England and I don’t really watch tv when it aires… I just buy the dvds.
    And I choose things by myself without the adverts, so I have to say that I love Pretty Little Liars much more than The Lying Game. I saw a coupple of episodes of the second season and it is honestly went down the drain. First season was amazing but second? asdfghjkl ! I will actually be happy if it’s cancelled so I can put it on my list of all the shows I watched from beginning to end.

  • lulu

    OMG NOOOOOOOOOOO they had better not cancel it…. i started watching PLL coz everyone else at school loved it and i had read the books… I had also read the first lying game book and hadnt liked it too much. But i was googling PLL one day and I read somewhere that there was a Lying Game series so i got the first episode as i dont think we can watch it on tv in oz. I discovered The Lying game two weeks ago and am now up to episode 19…. THEY HAD BETTER NOT CANCEL IT!!!!

  • Mini_20xo

    I thought they cancelled it a long time ago…?

  • Sheena

    I love the lying game it’s a great show the least abc family could at least finish it they owe that to the fans of course all the good shows get cancelled what a bummer