Vanessa Hudgens: Hakkasan Opening with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens: Hakkasan Opening with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens sparkles on the red carpet at the Hakkasan Las Vegas Grand Opening at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino on Saturday night (April 27) in Las Vegas, Nev.

The 24-year-old actress was joined by her handsome Carrie Diaries actor boyfriend Austin Butler at the bash!

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“Soooo excited to watch @Cirque’s #O!!” Vanessa tweeted earlier that night before attending the club opening.

Earlier that day, Austin and Vanessa were spotted leaving her home to catch a flight out of Burbank Airport.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

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  • Mili

    They look great and happy and so beautiful…

  • OK

    Hi my sweetie Pies put $2.00 on red for me. Adorable couple !!!!

  • muse

    I know a lot of people comment that they’re together for PR or she isn’t happy os he doesn’t really love her, but how can anyone say that when you look at her smile. She is genuiely happy. I know she’s an actress but seeing her so happy in love is a good thing and if you’re her fan, then appreciate that Austin is the one putting that smile on her face. They a young and it’s not like they’re getting married, they’re together now and who knows what the future will bring, but just take one look at her beautigul glowing smile and apprecaite the reaon behind it :)

  • Warren

    I would think only a 12 year old girl would want this guy. Vanessa is all woman though and looks real sexy in that dress.

  • tina

    @Warren: I think she love the way he treats her. No woman wants a man who will run and leave her, when she can have one who will not only stay with her but will open doors for her.

  • OK

    True Love at it’s finest!

  • Candy

    @Warren: I don’t get the Austin hate it’s not like he busted her last relationship there was a long break between the time she broke up with Efron and dating Austin . What do you want her to do? She had a short rebound with Hutch , Zac didn’t want her, do you expect her to be alone for the rest of her life because she broke up with Mr Perfect? She found happiness again, if it works it does if not well so be it. But for now she has a BF I hope it asts because she is not a serial dater she obviously likes being in a relationship. I like that about her.

  • Candy

    I forgot Vanessa looks Hot and so does he

  • Georgia

    Vanessa I love you!!!! So Pretty and I agree with your Candy.

  • seeul8ter

    this seems like all just compensation… I don’t really see any connection between them and he always so unhappy. sure, she may find attraction in him (and maybe him with her a little), but they don’t seem in love. you don’t necessarily have to be in love with the person to be in a relationship. I think that she likes having him around for company, to show the public she has a boyfriend, she might find him attractive, use him as an accessory, but they just don’t look in love. and how I hate going back to this…. when she was with zac, you could tell that they loved each other… with Austin, sorry… don’t see anything. And he doesn’t even looks like he wants to be there. I mean he’s trying but…. you can tell his smile is fakey. and she clearly looks more interested in him than he does with her.

  • kim

    ugly couple…. he looks so awkward standing next to her, like he’s hesitant to be there.

  • IMO

    @seeul8ter: IMO it’s all relative there were people who used to say the same thing about her and Zac that he looked unhappy and she was the one looking like she was more into him. I think it was just Zac didn’t like paps look at him now. Also it all depends of the moment the pic was taken , remember it’s just an instant in time. There are going to be some pics where any couple looks happier than other pics and it’s their lives not ours . Time will tell if they are still going strong or not. They get so much criticism if they are too touchy feeley it’s fake it they are too distant they are not in love. In the end it’s just a picture that is taken by paps. I tend to agree with Muse for now she looks very happy . They make a very lovely couple.

  • overrated

    Maybe he seems happy to her because she’s too oblivious… too busy being happy herself. I mean, you can sort of tell that the faces he puts on are kind of fake. He always looks so bored…

  • uuummmm

    she seemed liked she smiled more often when she was with zac. I don’t know… to me zac just seemed like he understood her better…. that they connected on a much more personal level. and frankly overall… a nicer, understanding person in general. no offense, but Austin just seems really feminine for her. and he seems so fake

  • Limited

    I don’t really have a problem with them. But, to me it always seems like he is so uptight. Like he’s uncomfortable or something… just and observation.

  • kim

    @Limited: I know, she seems like she is trying to get his attention (in these pics), maybe being a little pushy, and he doesn’t seem that interested in her. @uuummmm; yeah he does seem kind of feminine…. and a very boring, monotonous person.

  • Angela

    Some of his features remind of Ryan Gosling. Just tiny little things….

  • Sally

    @seeul8ter @kim @overrated @uuummmm: You guys always say the same thing about Tony and Emma.. She seems happy together with him.
    Why do they hate them? Don’t come if you don’t like them.
    I am sick and tired of saying the same thing each time.

  • katy

    You Zanessa fans need to LET IT GO. Zac always looked like he wanted to push her in front of a bus. He never looked at her any differently than any of his other female costars, sorry to say.

  • MO

    @katy: Obviously you were blind. Zac always said nothing but positive things about her. And yeah, he did look at her differently than all of his costars… it’s kind of obvious.

  • Carol

    Zanessa back NO!!! I don’t want to see her being miserable any more
    She looks happy with her boyfriend. and you gotta accept the fact that she no longer wants Zac. You all need to leave them alone

  • shut up

    honestly everyone just grow the f*ck up and get over this rivalry crap, they are people you dont even know

  • Lawrence

    Awww they’re smiling at each other, sweet. Cute kids.

  • Ramona

    Okay. I really wish this lady all the blessings. I really do just want to see her on a movie se. She’s young and by all appearances..happy. But this is the time to solidify her acting career. Because we may say she’s free-spirited but to many she doesn’t appear serious and well in that career ,as in every other,she needs to prove herself. I want her to be successful! Oh and I think she should take acting classes. She’s good but could do waaaaay better.I’m just being honest and mean no offence!
    God bless and guide her:)
    Boy do I wish she’d read this!

  • http://shaymitchsrb Katarina

    I’m glad Vanessa is happy with Austin but i want ZANESSA!!!!!!That’s real love.

  • kelly martineau

    He doesn’t look confortable on the redcarpets with her. Augly couple. And when they look into each other eyes there no sparks. like Zac and V did. He following her like a puppy dog.