Bonnie Wright: Vogue Festival 2013

Bonnie Wright: Vogue Festival 2013

Bonnie Wright hits the carpet with designer Dominic Jones at the opening party for The Vogue Festival in association with Vertu held at Southbank Centre on Saturday night (April 27) in London.

The 22-year-old actress, who stopped by Esquire‘s Little Black Book party at Sushi Samba last month, chatted with The Telegraph at the bash, revealing that she’s going to keep mum on her new relationship.

“Yes, I am with someone,” Bonnie shared. “I learnt my lesson from the last time that it isn’t something I should talk about so openly. I am happy – I’ll say that.”

Bonnie was also seen at the Inauguration of Warner Bros. Studios on Friday afternoon (April 26).

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Credit: Ben A. Pruchnie, Daniel Deme, Lia Toby, Mike Marsland; Photos: Getty, WENN, WireImage
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  • dddff

    Bonnie is one funny looking girl.

  • lol

    haha the hair looks funny. but hate it

  • Raquinta

    She would do better on the red carpet with some of the films in which she played were to come out, but seems this never happens.

  • Diana Mackie

    I saw your coverage of the Vogue Festival and wanted to let you know that Rightster partnered with British Vogue and Vertu to syndicate videos of the event. If you’d like to add video to your article- just register at
    Our videos are free for editorial purposes!

    British Vogue’s highlights include Alber Elbaz having the audience in hysterics with his fashion industry tales to the most memorable quotes from Donatella Versace, Michael Kors, David Gandy, and Mario Testino.

    We currently have these highlights from the two-day festival available, and soon will add coverage of the panel discussions.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Diana Mackie
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  • Bantos

    Yeah, Bonnie seems to be unlucky with her post Potter film. Geography of the hapless heart wanted to make it into Cannes already last year, and again miss it this year. The Philosophers film apparently finds nobody who wants to sreen it. Rumour has it that the actors were quite shocked about the film when they saw a screening in autumn 2012, and not really because they had been so positively impressed by what they got to see.

  • kelly

    @Bantos: The Philosophers has been widely liked by the cast and crew, I don’t know where you’ve seen it hasn’t been. It also has a pretty good following on tumblr by fans who want to see the film. Over 16,000 notes on the trailer alone. Not bad for a film that hasn’t had much press.

    Bonnie’s cute, but I like her hair a bit longer.

  • nina

    I’ve been following Bonnie’s live below the line thing on her twitter and think I’ll probably take it up next year. Seems like it’ll be hard but I’ll try it. She’s inspiring when it comes to charities.

    Glad she’s with someone new. :) Never much liked her last boyfriend…

  • Noisy Mouse

    I do appreciate Bonnie’s involvement in Live Below the Line and I think that her intentions are primarily sincere. Yet I have some doubts about the purpose of all this. The 1quid a day has a different meaning in the western world than in other countries, to start with – even though it is still very little. Understanding what it means to live below the line? Well, having very little money for food is highly unpleasant, we understand that much. Rather than putting that to test it would be more constructive to change the situation. Many charity campaigns tend to develop into self-promotion acts of celebs, with the likes of Ben Affleck joining etc.

  • Quety

    I saw on one of Bonnie’s fan blogs someone writing that Bonnie’s new guy is Sasha Carlson of Splashhband. Anyone know something about that or is it just something someone made up? She’s been hanging out with the guy and his friends though, there are some pictures on her twitter and instgram of last year.

  • nina

    @Noisy Mouse: Bonnie has a sponsor page set up, everyone who does LBL does. I looked into it earlier last month after following Bonnie’s mentions of it. People donate money to whoever’s doing it, much like a marathon runner would get sponsors for running a marathon (and she herself donates money, the money she’d otherwise be spending on food this week).

    The purpose is to get people aware of how hard it is, how difficult it is, while also raising money.

  • Goose

    “kelly @ 4:08 pm on 04/30/2013
    @Bantos: The Philosophers has been widely liked by the cast and crew, I don’t know where you’ve seen it hasn’t been. It also has a pretty good following on tumblr by fans who want to see the film. Over 16,000 notes on the trailer alone. Not bad for a film that hasn’t had much press.
    Bonnie’s cute, but I like her hair a bit longer.”
    Yeah I don’t know where they got that. The Philosophers has gotten tons of Europe and Asia distributors and has release dates set for Russia and the Netherlands. They’re still trying to pick up more and for the US. And they’ve gotten great responses to the trailer. I also agree about her hair. Wish it was a little longer.

  • kelly

    FWIW, the guy in the pictures with Bonnie, Dominic Jones, is not her current boyfriend. He’s just a friend. Rumor has it her boyfriend is from an indie band in the UK, but she’s keeping mum.

  • kumar

    I would like to see Philosophers but not in Netherlands or Russia. Many people like trailers of movies because the trailers show parts of best scenes. So this don’t say too much. Have to wait until the movie is out before judging if it is any good. But if it is such good movie, why does it take so long to get into cinemas?

  • Goose

    @Kumar It’s because it’s an indie film and they can take a while to get out. Though this indie film has a bit of special affects and that took a bit more longer. Right now the film is being part of market screenings. It was screened at the Berlin Film Festival’s market and next it’s going to be screened at Cannes film market. They do have distributors as mentioned from other countries :

    Just no set release date for them yet. They’re working on getting more distributors and going from there. They were well received from some of the tweets from Berlin and seeing what countries picked up the film. The big thing against the film is there is not super well known stars. As in no A-lister. Those tend to take longer to be released.

  • kelly

    @kumar: You really don’t know how independent films work, do you? Some can take YEARS to get released. Quality has nothing to do with it.

  • Gie

    so, just because she posted with a friend on some event, it’s his boyfriend now? LOL.

  • april

    @Gie: i dont think anyone thinks this guy is her bf… she says shes keeping quiet, so it obviously isnt this guy