Angelique Sabrina: JJJ Exclusive Interview!

Angelique Sabrina: JJJ Exclusive Interview!

Check out our new interview with the talented Angelique Sabrina!

The 15-year-old Bahamian singer is creating tons of buzz with her new single “Stop Sign,” featuring Shontelle.

In fact, MTV called her “the next Rihanna,” and she’s currently in the studio hard at work on her debut album.

JJJ recently caught up with Angelique to get the scoop on her new music video, biggest inspirations, and amazing dance skills.

Click inside to read our interview with Angelique Sabrina… Intervew – Angelique Sabrina Can you tell us about the video for “Stop Sign” and how that concept came about?

Angelique Sabrina: The song in itself, the message of the song, is pretty straightforward, basically saying that when I walk in a room, everyone wants to treat me like a stop sign. The sound of the track itself… the track was produced by Rockwilder, so we wanted the track to have a very street, urban sound. It kind of led us to filming it in New York. It sort of just fell into place based on the what the song is about.

JJJ: What was it like working with Shontelle on the song?

AS: It was so cool because, of course, I grew up listening to her. When “Impossible” came out, that was every girl’s song (laughs). I actually first met her when we were in the studio working on “Stop Sign.” The song was playing in the background and that was the first time she heard it. So when I went to New York, I ended up meeting her and she loved it so much, she ended up being featured on it. That was sort of how she got on the track. It was a coincidence. Working with her was really great. She’s my mentor. If I ever have a question, she gets it and I can go to her. It’s also great because she’s a woman. It’s different with girls, you know? I can ask anything. She’s there for me and it’s important for me to have someone like her.

JJJ: Who are some of your biggest influences?

AS: I’m really influenced by a lot of different sounds. I like a lot of Michael Jackson and Prince, and I love Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. I also love Broadway, so any Broadway soundtrack or Disney classic soundtrack.

JJJ: Which is your favorite Broadway play?

AS: My favorite is Cats. I grew up watching Cats with my grandmother and my sounds. From day one, I’ve just loved it. It’s my favorite.

JJJ: For people who are unfamiliar with your music, how would you describe it?

AS: I would just say… it depends on the song you’re listening to. I’m actually working on an album right now, so I’m kind of doing a lot of different styles and seeing what we want the album to sound like as a whole, just experimenting and not being close-minded or limiting myself. But naturally, I would describe my music as pop with an urban island sound because that’s where I’m from. That’s just naturally what I tend to do as well. So I think that’s how I would generally describe most of my music, but I’m working on a lot of different kinds. It’s going to be exciting to see how people take to that.

JJJ: How do you come up with the songs for the album? Are you involved with the songwriting process?

AS: I’m very involved with all the writing and everything. I think it’s a big deal, especially to develop my skills and coming up with ideas that I think fit me and who I am as a person. Because in the end, I’m going to be the one out there. If I’m not comfortable with it in the studio, I usually don’t let it go past the studio. If I feel as though I’m not feeling it, then I don’t want anyone else to hear it. I want it all to be very genuine. I usually try to get very involved and make sure I’m having fun. Because when I’m having fun, it’s usually the best result.

JJJ: If you could work with anyone, who would you want to work with?

AS: This is a hard one…I think I would choose Frank Ocean because that would probably be the best learning experience for me ever. He does so much and he’s so himself. He knows his style and his songs, and if it’s not him, he’s not going to do it. I think that’s so great and I love that about him. I would love to get in his head and ask him questions.

JJJ: What song is playing most these days on your ipod?

AS: One that’s been stuck in my head a lot is that new one by Calvin Harris, featuring Florence Welch, called “Sweet Nothing.” It plays all the time. It’s stuck in my head and I love that song.

JJJ: You’re also a great dancer. Have you had formal training?

AS: I wouldn’t say formal because in the Bahamas, there’s not really dance school. Its just sort of a hobby. Nothing like in the States. My culture is really dancing, so I’m surrounded by it all the time. I grew up dancing with friends. I’ve never been formally trained in dance, but I love to dance.

JJJ: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

AS: In my spare time, I’m usually with my friends. I like to read as well. I’m either reading or listening to music, or I’m with my friends. I like to have fun. I have a really small group of friends I’ve known my whole life, so they’re like family to me.

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