Vanessa Hudgens Shops The Green Man

Vanessa Hudgens Shops The Green Man

Vanessa Hudgens walks with friend actress Kim Hidalgo after their yoga class on Thursday afternoon (May 1) in Studio City, Calif.

The two stopped off at The Green Man shop, which specializes in psychic readings and books before heading out on their way.

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“We got something cookin’. U ready? #werk cc: @ylamusic,” Vanessa recently wrote on her Tumblr page. Can’t wait to see!

Across town, Vanessa‘s boyfriend Austin Butler was spotted out with a gal pal.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa, Kim and Austin

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Credit: VM; Photos: FameFlynet
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  • kim

    id rather talk to her than Austin too. She doesn’t even want to walk by him. Don’t see this so called “relationship” lasting that much longer

  • Haryana

    To me, it seemed like after she and Zac broke up, Vanessa came across as kind of desperate. I mean Gaelan Connell? I have never seen them hang out before until sometime in early 2011 after she broke up with Zac. Josh Hutcherson? He was 18 at the time she had a fling with him (so still quite young) Yeah, she did a movie with him, so that’s how she knew him, but I think it was kind of strange how she immediately out of no where started hanging out with him. Austin Butler? Well let’s see… he worked with Ashley Tisdale on two movies, so Ashley knew him first. Vanessa is good friends with Ashley… I see it like this. She probably talked with her… complained. And of course… desperate to get to know one of Ashley’ friends. And when there were rumors about her and Austin as a couple there was a video of them at a restaurant for Ashley’s sister’s birthday. She seemed desperate there to… you could tell that she was desperate for attention from him and more into him than he was into her, and he was mostly looking at his phone. And to me, that still seems how it is. She still looks more into him than he does to her, and their relationship doesn’t seem real (like they are in love) to me (and a lot of other people too)

  • Seeul8ter

    this seems like all just compensation… I don’t really see any connection between them and he always so unhappy. he looks more interested in what’s on his phone. sure, she may find attraction in him (and maybe him with her a little), but they don’t seem in love. you don’t necessarily have to be in love with the person to be in a relationship. I think that she likes having him around for company, to show the public she has a boyfriend, she might find him attractive, use him as an accessory, but they just don’t look in love. and how I hate going back to this…. when she was with zac, you could tell that they loved each other… with Austin, sorry… don’t see anything. And he doesn’t even looks like he wants to be there. I mean he’s trying but….

  • a comment

    I’ll just say, that it seems like when Vanessa tries to reach out and connect to him, he just ignores her. He looks more interested in the camera or his phone to pay attention to her. It’s sad that they’re not even walking together. That’s just sad…. obviously they don’t have that deep of a connection and so the only way that she feels that their relationship comes across as believable to the public is to get pictures of pda. I wouldn’t blame her for rather walking with her friend..

  • addison

    across town with a gal pal huh? he has never looked interested in Vanessa so he was probably sick of hanging out with her.

  • Haters Suck!

    Why are people so dead set against this relationship? It’s been like that from day 1. I’ve always heard how “soon” they’re gonna break up. It’s been over a year when is “soon” gonna get here? And how much longer is she gonna have to put up with this zac BS?

  • jessica

    People always leave their comments that he is not interested in her.
    If he is not interested in her as you say, why do they date for several years? You guys don’t know anything about them. Don’t be rude. And she can do what she wants to do and date who she wants to date. It’s her life, you know. It’s not your business

  • IMO

    Pretty girls, Kim could be her sister. I don’t know why there is any discussion about her past relationship. she was secure then and he had other friends and I’m sure she is secure now as her current beau can have other friends . For all we know that is family anyway.

  • kim

    @jessica: several years…. try 1

  • BIG

    @Haters Suck!: It’s a gossip site. You cant expect everyone who comments to have the same opinions. And if it bothers you, just ignore it.

  • jess

    he looks bad…

  • Lawrence

    I love how Austin’s pecs show through!, the boys got a sexy bod.

  • Lawrence


    True but do they have to keep repeating it in every damn post?. You don’t continue to date someone thats not interested in you, that makes no sense whatsoever. Haters live in a delusion filled world where nothing makes sense except hating on Austin for whatever irrational reason. Van obviously sees something in Austin and like wise, why some of you can’t bring yourselves to accept that fact is the real question here.

  • anne

    @Lawrence: agree100%!!! Omfg. It’s really sad how many people are completely against Vaustin. They’re dating and they’re both happy so just deal with it!!!

  • lena

    That’s Austin’sister

  • amy

    yeah guys thats his sister hahah

  • IMO

    @lena @ Amy proved my point . People included Just Jill write things up just to cause trouble. A pic taken by people who you don’t want there in the first place. That is no way to judge the feelings of the couple involved. Some days they will smile, on others they will be annoyed all the while we have no idea what is being asked or shouted at them to get a reaction.

  • @Lawrence: Austin is a sissy, just by all the stuff he says, the ways he acts, so he wouldn’t have the guts to break off the relationship. And maybe Vanessa doesn’t know that he may not be that interested in her.

  • JJJ

    @: Yeah, and it also seems like Vanessa was more interested in Zac than she is with Austin. @Haryana; I agree and good points!

  • (The original)Xo

    First if all, that’s his older sister, Ashley. Second, I agree with whoever said V and Kim look like they could be sisters. They’re both so tiny and cute. Third, I lol so hard everytime I see the ‘I don’t see a connection between them’ comment shows up. 95% of the pics we get of them they are walking out of a building to their car. How many couples do you see walking to their car ‘showing their connection?’ You know nothing about their relationship, yet you judge it based on pics taken during 3 or 4 minutes of their day. I highly doubt if one or both of them was as miserable as you wish they were they would still be together.

  • Lawrence


    Following that line of reasoning doesn’t that make Van a wimp?, she could easily break off the relationship too. Until I see some hard facts that aren’t based on opinion and interpretation I’ll stick to what I said.

  • kelly martineau

    That’s big lips sister. To bad he wasn’t two timing V. He looks guy in that sweater. He is just gross guy. What’s he going to work on next. nonthing.

  • JSYK

    @(The original)Xo: yeah, also those people who say they are in love and have a strong relationship no nothing about them either.

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