Who Went Home on 'American Idol'? Top 2 Revealed!

Who Went Home on 'American Idol'? Top 2 Revealed!


After a slew of stellar performances from finalists Candice Glover, Angie Miller, and Kree Harrison, one sadly had to go home during tonight’s (May 9) Top 2 reveal.

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In the end, Candice was deemed safe first! And the eliminated contestant was… Angie!

In case you missed it, check out all of the contestants’ performances from the night before.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Angie going home?

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  • dennis

    angie is out and i don’t watch idol any more.this is bull

  • Nathan

    Angie should win!!! bye bye American Idol never more

  • Montell Prigmore

    Angie was the best singer and for her to not win somebody must of mest with the votes. Angie looking to see more of you> love you good luck!!!

  • Judy

    This was a really tough call because I agree with the judges that Angie gave her best performances last nite and was getting better each week. Frankly, I think that Angie should have been eliminated instead of Amber.

  • Katie

    Idol won’t be the same without Angie!

  • fran

    This girl Angie was the whole package! I know now why i have stopped watching idol! I Love the Voice-better all around. I know I would never buy another Idol show ticket. Watch, Angie will be out there Performing!

  • http://@azspiceco Deb

    Go Kree! You are the American Idol!

  • Rick and geri

    We’ve followed the show all season long and we totally disagree with most of America. Angie should not have gone home!!! American idol’s production has lost our trust. As a family of musicians that knows music, this competition has turned into a total popularity contest. Kree should have went home!!!!

  • jessi

    i don’t vote, but i only watched bc i liked angie’s performances. i love country music, and i just never liked the tone of kree’s voice at all. obviously other people do…….and now if candice doesn’t win it will be even more ridiculous

  • Angie

    NOOOO!! :( I really liked Angie.

  • cindi

    Think Angie should have been eliminated before Amber (last week.) Think Candice is the stronger of the two but feel that Kree will win because of her “story” and color of her skin. Also not sure that winning gives you as much of a chance for success as being #2. Not even sure with the shakeup in judges whether this summer’s tour will be a stepping stone or whether they will be on the bus to nowhere.

  • peaches

    think it was mean of American Idol and Ryan to force a gal who is crying about being eliminated to go out and pretend that everything is great and that she can sing a song to say goodbye. Angie should have just refused to go–or the three gals could have all practiced on the same swan song and then if she faltered, the other two all go out and finish singing with her…. Nice at least that they let her family come on stage for support before she finished. Looks like Jimmy will be one of the judges next year–his role this season certainly has been stronger than in the past.

  • Michael

    I was really hoping seeing it was down to the last three girls that they would have said you all win and your all American Idols. Now that would have been something different for American Idol to do.

    It was so sad seeing Angie cry like that last night and she was my least favorite but so sad all the same to have your heart and dream crushed like that. Hopefully she has gained enough of a audience to keep going.

  • terry

    I was not a fan of Angie – she could sing and she was beautiful. But she was too in love with herself. One of those artist, that you like to listen to but don’t like to watch. Something about that is a turn off. She hadn’t learned to connect to the audience. She was too connected to herself. I am a Kree fan – She reminds of Trisha Yearwood. – but think Candice will win, cause I think she has done an awesome job the last couple of weeks.

  • sure its fixed

    Somehow this is rigged. Angie was the front runner. There is a way that American Idol judges etc. skew the vote. With the aility to vote 50 times it would be easy for these people to have 10 or so people voting the way they want it to turn out. I agree bye, bye American Idol. Jessica should have won last year and Angie should have won this year. How do you rig it?

  • http://yahoo.com Noelle

    Not worthy of commenting…the last few years have been manipulated for shock value to gain more viewers & boost ratings/advertising $$

    People do have different tastes/preferences in music as they do in food and other expenditures..

    I think that Angela’s elimination was not based on her performance.
    She was great on May 8 and really stayed with the competition of more experienced singers– Angie is the BEST performing artist of the group.
    Obviously, they think Candice’s STELLAR vocals & KREE’s popular style will make more $$$-
    So once again, the producers played up the ‘sad background’ stories to
    elicit empathy & get the outcome they want–as in the past.