Voting on 'Dancing With The Stars': Fans Want A Re-Count

Voting on 'Dancing With The Stars': Fans Want A Re-Count
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Credit: Adam Taylor; Photos: ABC
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  • @blownxawayx94

    GET OVER IT! It’s over! Kellie was 1000000000000000000 times better then Z THAT’S WHY SHE WON! Kellie had NO DANCE EXPERIENCE!

  • FIX

    @@blownxawayx94: Kellie was a CHEERLEADER!!!!!!!!!

  • tokidokihustler

    zendaya deserved it and i am not a fan of hers but she was the best. that shit was rigged

  • tokidokihustler

    zendaya deserved it and i am not that big of a fan but she was better than all those other guys. glad aly didn’t win though

  • brian

    Disagree with ya there blownxaway. For her age the maturity level with which she danced and the scores indicate that overall….Zendaya was better.

  • midz


    So Zendaya is a dancer and she may not be a ballroom dancer but she is a dancer so she had a leg up on the competition from the others because she knows about dancing and the whole counting the steps and what not!

  • midz

    The same thing happened with Aly as well she should have been in the top 3 considering she had wayyy better scores then Jacoby and always did well but you don’t hear her fans complaining! People need to get over it already haven’t you heard this show really isn’t based on talent and hasn’t been for quite and if it did then some of the winners would have not actually won.
    For example twice Sabrina Bryan was kicked off early even though she was an amazing dancer and had better scores then some of the other contests who stayed on longer then her! Katherine Jenkins came 2nd in season 14 even though she had the highest scores throughout most of the competition.
    If they want this competition to be fair they should either base the result 70% on the judges score and 30% on audience or just not have the audience vote and base it off only on the judges score because most people just vote for their favourite and not for the person who is most talented!!!

  • Lisa

    Y E S , we want a recount now. ZENDAYA IS AWESOME !!!!!

  • mike3894

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  • Jahnaya

    Yay Z was roy great she deserve to win :)

  • Jennette

    @Jahnaya: Yay she dose deserve 2 win

  • ashley

    Zendaya and Val was robbed from the mirror ball trophy!! Me and 5 other friends couldn’t vote. We don’t have facebook and twitter accounts. We tried signing up that night, but was giving us error messages. It is totally unfair. Just look at Kellie’s reaction, she knew for a long shot that Zendaya had the upper hand and was so surprises she won. She won cause everyone couldn’t vote. We only voted from our 1 phone that was it.
    Re-count! Re-count!

  • diane

    this is dumb because everyone would be affected. most adults are kellie fans and wpuld most likely be more affeted than her.. all online polls of viewers named kellie the winner by a huge margin. zendaya did great but she is the runner up. that’s all there is.

  • diane

    @ashley: more zendaya fans have twitter and fb accts than any other contestant which is why she won every twitter challenge. kellie looked surprised because she is humble., ew, etc called kellie the winner long before the voting that night started by their tallies.

  • milu1330

    Zendaya was better so far. She has rhythm, musicality and best personality. Just because some people believe that the kellie’s freestyle was sensational, makes her better. Ahhhh?????? Derek is a great dancer and choreographer, but Include a lot of lifts, complicated and acrobatic poses doesn’t make a routine great. Period.!!!!!!! Ricardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenco, professional Latin Champions had beautiful and amazing routines and they don’t includes soooooo many lifts, complicated poses and acrobatic stuff in their routines. Those two are sensational ballroom dancers.

  • milu1330

    Not only Kellie looked surprised, tony and other looked surprised too.
    If you don’t know the day of the finaleTom Bergeron announced that since voting on went down during Monday’s East Coast broadcast — and in fairness to all the couples — none of the votes cast on would be counted. What????????
    Is very clear they wanted to give that mirrorball trophy to Kellie. In spite she did nice routines, Zendaya was better so far.

  • Guest

    KELLIE DID NOT WIN THE ENCORE. Look at all the final hash tag numbers and Zendaya beat kellie by a few thousand. That’s a fact. Can’t manipulate this type of information. The show cheated Zendaya out of the encore and the trophy. Can’t believe that there was a glitch that lasted all night. This is a big corporation. Should have known better. Everyone looked surprised. Even the audience.

  • andrew

    Zendaya does deserve to win shes the best they didnt count the votes on thats not fair whoever thinks kellie deserves to win is so wrong cause zendaya & val deserves to win

  • andrew

    zendaya deserves to win they didnt count the votes on thats not fair whoever thinks kellie deserves to win is wrong cause zendaya & val deserves to win

  • may

    i agree!! if kellie deserved it then why did zendaya get higher scores from the judges? like kellie is a great dancer , she did an awesome job. but i still think that z should’ve won. she needed to prove herself. She’s only 16! and the reason why aly’s fans didn’t say anything is because she doesn’t have as much fans as zendaya. i think this show was rigged. val did a great job with zendaya it was time they gave him a chance. derek won enough times.


    Zendaya & Val Deserve It!!!!!!! Give Us A Recount!!!!!!!!!!! To See Who Really Won!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathryn K.

    Would everybody please just get over it. So ridiculous. Kellie’s performance brought the entire audience and the judges to tears, it was THAT good. What Zendaya did throughout the entire competition is what she does on a weekly basis on her show. She is a really good dancer and is well-trained, but she wasn’t the best. Not that night.

    The way I judge dancers is the same way I judge actors’ performances who are in the run for the Oscar. If the roles were reversed, could one actor play the other’s part, and vice versa. I think Kellie could have very easily given the performance Zendaya did, but I doubt seriously that Zendaya could have given Kellie’s performance.


    Zendaya Was Better Than Kellie & People Voted On & I Think The Results Would Be Different With The Votes

  • Sylvana

    Zendaya was better than Kellie on DWTS. The DWTS team have not counted the votes on, which explain that we had the final results until Wednesday, not Tuesday. WE WANT A NEW FOR RECOUNT ZENDAYA!!



    Kellie lives on the East coast, Zendaya on the West. Only fair that both “sides” had the opportunity to vote via .com or neither.

  • Kate

    Kellie did win the Encore despite Z have 2+Million Twitter followers and winnign every other tweet contest (even when she did not deserve it – example the group dance). That was a big clue there. Z had maybe 6x the twitter followers of Kelly.

    Every poll on the Internet had Kelly winning by a large margin. There was no inequity here. They were both good dancers. Z being a dancer did have an advantage and your story arc does matter. Kellie had never danced a day in her life. Better story. Plus your personality counts in this show. Kellie is relatable and likeable and humble.

    Free styles have usually won this show for the contestants. Hands down Kellie had the best free style.

    There was no consipiracy – Kellie connected with the fans better, she was beloved as a person, had a better story, had the most creative body of dances the whole season, showed continuous improvement and wond the Freestyle.

    Last year the technically best dancer was Shawn Johnson by miles. She even had the best free style by miles adn didn’t win. Now that was a travesty. This year, I can see it. That in no way takes away from Zendaya what a phenomenal job she did and the tremendous poise she showed for a 16 year old (or anyone for that matter). She is a winner and always will be. As Z’s fans – show some class and stop this. Last year Derek and Shawn were the most gracious of losers and won due to pity votes for a pro that had never one. That wasn’t the case so move on. Every poll on the INternet I’ve seen now reinforces t the right contestant one and that is Kellie.

  • Izabel

    Uh, yeah we want a recount! It was CLEAR that Zendaya won the encore Twitter challenge and voting “just so happens” to go down on finale night? Give me a break! How dumb do you think we are. And on top of that, all the votes cast for them on ABC suddenly don’t count? Come on. It’s pretty obvious DWTS producers wanted Derek to win one last trophy since this is probably his last season. And we ALL know a Chmerkovskiy isn’t winning. The producers use Maks and Val for drama and take them far, then just throw them to the side in either the finals are when it’s the last 2 couples standing. Val did an incredible job with Zendaya and his choreography was FAR superior to Derek’s. Whatever, we all know who is really the best dancer and in a few years when Zendaya is on top winning awards and starring in movies and Kellie is nowhere to be found (she’s been dropped from record labels, hello!) No one will even remember their “win”

  • mike

    its over, if they did not re-count that same day, its too late. yes Zendaya was great, but the judges saw something everyone else missed. granted, would have love to see Zendaya win, but second is better than fourth.

>>>>>>> staging1