Kendall Jenner To Frances Bean Cobain: 'You Donít Know Me'

Kendall Jenner To Frances Bean Cobain: 'You Donít Know Me'

Kendall Jenner heads back to her car after an appointment at Andy Lecompte Salon in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Friday afternoon (May 24).

The 17-year-old aspiring model has responded to Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, after she called her out on Twitter.

Kendall had written “Just wish things could be easier sometimes mann,” on her personal Twitter when Frances responded to her and called Kendall a “self-absorbed idiot.”

In response to Francestweets, “an individuals feelings are relative to their environment. you don’t know me, you don’t even know what I was referring to.”

She continued, ‘I am aware that I am very privileged and blessed, and I’m thankful for that everyday, I know there are greater problems…in the world. I pray for those people every night and give back as much as I can. So who are u to judge me?”

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  • kendall is stupid

    welll kendall is actually and idiot. kendall and her sister are always complaining for everything… god it must be really hard to get everything you want… mommy i want to be a model, but i don’t want to move a single finger in order to get that, dad, i lost my loubd, give another pair, daddy give a new pair of uggs… i fucking hate this family, they are just so stupid

  • why do u care?

    god i want to freaking murder her and all her stupid family

  • Jason

    That’s funny, though, considering how Frances Bean’s dad made his fortune by complaining and whining about HIS life.

  • M

    @Jason: Well at least Kurt Cobain had true talent…wrote his own music and actually played guitar. Hell, he and Nirvana were the 90′s. Who out of any of the Kardashian clan actually have any discernible talent? Seriously, does anyone act, sing are do anything beside whore their life out to the public. In a way I feel sorry for Kendall..yes she never has to worry about money or being able to survive but who the hell would want to grow up in a sordid fishbowl driven your own mom?

  • Amy

    Nothing who with complaining when you’re privileged but try doing it privately and not publicly

    @Jason that’s her Father who is not deceased and not her and further more he wasn’t rich when he wrote those songs ;)

  • Amy


    *wrong *now

    I should really proof read before

  • may

    guys we know that she gets almost everything she wants but that doesn’t mean that her life is perfect and all happy. she’s right you guys don’t know what she was referring to. so why judge? but kendall is the good one and who actually cares

  • sam

    LOL. I highly doubt those are her exact words. Probably got her PR team to come up with that like her Kim always does.

  • e

    @jason you just said it, the one who was complaining about his life was Kurt, not Frances… i don’t blame Frances for being rude to this girl, i really think these sisters are sooo annoying

  • emy

    spoiled brats y fcking hate them i hate the kardashians

  • emy

    it must be hard not getting the exact pair of loubs you wanted, oh wait, this doesn’t happen to these btches, because they actually get whatever they want, fck them

  • hey

    well kendall obviously cares too much on what people say about her, she’s always tweeting back to haters, i’ve never seen a reply to any of her fans, she only answers people insulting her

  • abby

    i hate them, they always complain on how much they hate the fact that their lives are not perfect, god they are annoying, also they always complain about paparazzis and then you see them posting pictures on twitter taken by paparazzis, like stfu btch

  • *

    At least Kendall can earn money as a model, too bad Frances didn’t inherit any musical talent from her parents! If it wasn’t for her last name, noone would give a crap about her!

  • mxxm

    what if kendall was involved in an argument and tweeted that? kendalls life doesnt revolve around money she has friends and noone knows what she was talking about. dont be jealous she has the money she has and get off your lazy butts and work for yourselves.

  • Jennifer

    Things like this piss me off so much.. So since she’s rich it automatically means that she has to be happy and she can’t have any problems at all? Money means nothing when it comes to happiness. She could have problems with friends, she could be dealing with anything. She’s no different just because her family has money. Studies actually have proven that wealth has nothing to do with happiness. People struggling with money could be happy than the Kardashians are. So stop with this “it must be hard to get everything you want!” “must be hard to own 6 range rovers!” Having expensive things does not make you happy.

  • Sweet p

    @Jennifer: As I see it, people tend to relate money w/ happiness (in this particularly case) ’cause the Kardashians has used and abused w/ that image. You cannot completly blame people for hate the way their live their lifes, when they has make enough publicity in everybody’s faces about how they did it.

  • Sweet p

    @*: Frances never has take advantage to the fact that she is a Cobain. She gives a crap about people giving a crap about her. She doesn’t live her life publiciting itself as Kurt Cobain’s daughter.

  • Sweet p

    @Jason: At least Kurt made something w/ his “complaining and whining about HIS life”… something called music, even if you liked or not. Plus he never had a “fortune” while he was alive, Nirvana never took obscene amounts of money as exchange for its music. Kurt hated be known… and it was, as you said, Frances dad. Not she itself. So your comparision is as weak as invalid.

  • *

    @Sweet p:

    Kendall earns her own money, unlike Frances who must be living off dear old dad! So she should just shut up already!

  • *
  • Nela

    She’s so silly

  • Leonard

    @kendall is stupid: At least they don’t seem to have as big a problem as you do with the English language. And how does using the advantages of your families situation make you an idiot?

  • Leonard

    @M: And then he killed himself. Yeah that takes talent. And the comparison is Kendal to Frances, what has she done besides live off her father’s money?

  • sam


    Brilliant. Absolutely. We all know she has no parenting. And that online bullying leads to ..suicide.

  • vi110277


  • abby

    @leonard fyi actually frances turned out important roles sucha as bella in twilight and alice in tim burton’s alice in wonderland

  • abby

    turned down*

  • vi110277

    @M: I, too, am not a fan of their show and, more so, thier family, but in fairness, Kendall’s (& Kylie”s) father, Bruce Jenner, is an accomplished athlete. he actually won an Olympic gold medal in 1976 in the Decathlon. Unfortunately though, his children did not inherit his Olympic prowess or even seem to have a slight inclination or interest in it.

  • k

    true but no matter what y’all say the kardashians are still a buncha idiots even if they’re entertaining

  • ontd

    What’s strange to me about the Kardashians is that not one of the kids seem to have any interest in pursuing a career outside of reality tv, self promotion or modeling. That’s sad to me. They have the means, go to law school or study medicine or architecture. Do something tangible besides exploiting your life in a scripted reality show.

  • abby


    yes, i wish i had as much money as they have to pay for a good college, instead of throwing it away buying range rovers and celine bags

  • yes

    this family is so stupid and lame

  • yes


    actually frances does work, kendall wouldn’t earn a single dollar if she was an ordinary girl, tell me, how hard she worked to became a model?? oh right, mommy kris did all the work, i think it’s sad, being many girls who could be better models, but too bad we don’t have mommy to call her contacts to make our dreams come true…. in a couple of years i hope everyone just forget this family, that just make me sick

  • lovely lovely ;***

    and i don’t understand………people who r like bullying kendall….i think u r just jelous….for example she is like rich,beautiful and you r jelous cuz you like arent beautiful and i’m giving you an advice:if u don’t like kardashian’s family don’t tell the world that u dont like them cuz nobody cares

  • llblake

    I can assure you all that poverty certainly doesn’t buy happiness either…

  • Quinn

    That entire family has the combined IQ of a hairbrush. What’s to know?

    Also, nod to “aspiring model”. Nice touch. 15 pounds ago, she was just a regular model.

  • Quinn

    @Leonard: Well for one thing, Leonard, I really think someone who doesn’t know when to use families versus family’s should not be calling anybody out for their use of English or any other language.

    Go read something. Something else.

  • Mike


    “I’m on a plain, I can’t complain,”
    - Kurt

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