Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: BBQ Bikini Babes!

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: BBQ Bikini Babes!

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale look summer chic in their bikini tops while celebrating Memorial Day together on Monday (May 27) in Los Angeles.

“BBQ at my house celebrating #memorialday @vanessahudgens,” Ashley wrote on her Instagram account. We love seeing these BFFs hanging out together!

“Thank you to all the men and woman who have fought for r country #HappyMemorialDay,” Ashley added on her Twitter account.

That morning, Vanessa posted a photo of her nail art on her Tumblr page. “I think I’m starting to get the hang of these nail stickers lol #pyrite #ManiMonday,” she wrote. Check out the pic below!

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vanessa hudgens ashley tisdale bbq bikini babes 02
vanessa hudgens ashley tisdale bbq bikini babes

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  • lauren

    why is this a post.

  • yets

    hope they are still friends w/ Zac…oh i miss them.

  • Amy

    @lauren: way too jealous huh?

  • Mili

    I for one like it so much, they have been friends for so long, and they are as close as ever and like to hang out and I just like them as bffs. Too much cuteness

  • Amy

    @lauren: I could ask the same about the wrap party, or the party or the party, or the urban outfitters

  • IMO

    They look darling , it’s nice they remained friends that is nice to see.

  • lauren

    im not jealous?
    but jared does not need to make a post on every move vanessa makes,
    how is that making me jealous? really?

  • yuou

    @lauren: Don’t mind them. They are crazy. In their minds, everyone should be jealous of vanessa hudgens. Wacko. In other words, your not an extreme attentionwhore like vanessa, so you should be jealous of her attentionwhoring ability. And that of her sister Stella, who has had fabulous lessons in attentionwhoring from her older sis. ha ha.

  • yuou

    @Amy: Im jealous of vanessa because she got to hang out with Ashley Tisdale. I am not jealous of Ashley Tisdale hanging out with that loser Hudgens on a perfectly good memorial day LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • claudia

    @lauren: you should ask jared to stop cuz frankly there is no need for half these posts about vanessa just walking the damn street

  • What

    This is a gossip blog. If you don’t like Vanessa Hudgens then don’t read her posts. I think she’s really cute and I would rather read about her going anywhere than read a post about someone like Lena Dunham.

  • Haters Suck!

    This is Jared’s website he can post whatever he pleases. Don’t like it create your own website. One that bans any mention of Vanessa. I’m sure Lauren will be your first visiter.

  • Haters Suck!

    Btw Ashley for the love of god eat something. It genuinely freaks me out that I can see your ribs. Just disturbs me.

  • Muah!

    Don’t worry, she’s not that thin.
    Ashley never wanted to be the typical skinny girl, she likes her curves.
    PS: Look at the other photos in bikini, she eats well.@Haters Suck!:

  • lauren

    thank you

    @haters suck
    get over yourself and your self love for vanessa, not everyone has to like her or be a fan of her, my god,

  • Haters Suck!

    You also don’t have to b!tch about her all the time but that doesn’t stop you. If you don’t like the music change the station. Or like I said create your own website.

  • damien

    like the old saying going….when you have no talent…strip!!……ashley how bout a sandwich!! ..damn look at those ribs

  • damien

    more people posting on this than saw spring breakers or bought ashley’s last album

  • kelly martineau

    Ashley looks gross. You can see her ribs. Shes thin. V to much into her looks and nails. Women needs a job.

  • mark

    The general acceptance of the “soldiers fight for our freedom” garbage is such a deft, successful example of mass delusion and propaganda that Hitler and Stalin would be proud and Orwell would be horrified…

  • Isabella

    Memememememe :( i need this

  • ontd

    @lauren: For someone who doesn’t like Vanessa, you sure do a thorough job of stalking her, her sister and her ex boyfriend. Gawd, if you don’t care for Vanessa why are you on her threads and always getting into her business?

>>>>>>> staging1