Zac Efron: 'Townies' Wrap Party!

Zac Efron: 'Townies' Wrap Party!

Zac Efron checks himself out in the mirror as he heads into the wrap party for Townies held at Eden on Sunday night (May 26) in Hollywood.

The 25-year-old actor was joined at the bash by his co-stars Dave Franco and Seth Rogen.

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Earlier this week, Zac filmed a frat party scene with Dave that results in his character getting arrested.

According to THR, Zac is set to co-star alongside Amber Heard in the upcoming chase thriller Autobahn.

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron

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  • lauren

    zac looks little orangish?

  • Amy

    @lauren: I thought so too. Now besides that I am not surprise he does.

  • OK

    Love you Zac ! You are always so hot looking!

  • lauren

    im not saying like fake tan
    but he seems tan in general?
    at least he has driver to take him home.

  • Sharona

    Zac baby, you look gorgeous as always!

    I would attribute the “orange” look to the reflection from the cameras of the paps who are forever on his back and in his face.

  • OK

    Wish I could of been there. Love this guy.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • lili

    So sexy, gosh

  • WTF

    Sorry but he looks like a hot mess. Plus he has a belt on going in but not coming out. I’m sure he got a fake tan for this movie since he was
    practically naked all the time. What happened to his style looks like he rolled out of bed.

  • Tazzy

    Oh Zac

  • tina

    His face looks better than in awhile

  • Maryjane

    He loves me , just look at his eyes

  • Hehe

    Ugly clothes for a party , looks like he’s going to a bar down by the trailer park.

  • Hehe

    What’s in the bad Party favors of the illegal sort?

  • USA18

    So handsome! My li’l lovebug! ????

  • lauren

    grow up

  • Sharona

    @Hehe @WTF Jealous much???

  • OK

    This is an observation, opinion, or a guess, your choice. He was walking in with some items and leaving without them. He obviously gave them away including the belt. That belt was way to big for him anyway. He didn’t need it coming out.

  • WTF

    @OK: Yea he gave away his belt . Right that’s the reason. I can see the bag was gifts but the belt ? Yeh I’d say he was serviced and left it behind.

  • OK

    Just love this man.

  • OK

    @WTF You don’t need to take a belt off to be serviced. You do have to take it off to give it away. Since you don’t like him think what you want.
    (That belt looked way to big on him.)

  • IMO

    It’s ridiculous that some people are picking on Zac for what going to a party? With tons of people from the film, his dress is casual because of the type of film it was . I ‘m sure those bags were filled with gifts for the cast. If he took off the belt it looked big ,ugly and old so he probably threw it out since it did nothing for the look of the outfit. Anyone with a dirty mind can think what they want but a belt has nothing to do with anything a person would just put it back on. Haters back off and there were no reports of anything happening at this wrap party except having a good time period. He looked good coming and going.

  • IMO

    It’s bugging me about his belt and the insinuations but I looked again and I don’t think he took off the belt at all. I think his shirt is covering it up. People need to put their time to better use, including me. LOL

  • OK

    @IMO It looks like you just might be right. I feel silly for getting into this stupid argument.

  • OK

    Just look at that face, to cute for words!

  • claudia

    hes got a good team man. they know what they are doing even if he doesnt

  • Lawrence

    You guys are arguing over a belt?*lol*, must be a slow day. I think it opens possibilities for the creative mind*heh*.

  • http://@yessyefron Yessy Bouquet

    He looks amazing :d so relax so him <3

  • 17

    he’s eyebrow is really amazing.. the most beautiful eyebrow in the entire celebrity males.

  • ontd

    Man, people are talking about his belt unbuckled? WTF. Seriously. No wonder Zac shies away from paps. People are going to make mountains out of molehills when these poor folls analyze pictures.

  • misti

    this dude really rocks my world!

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  • jade

    this boy needs to hurry up with his roles. i want him to get far but it seems like hes taking too long to have an impact on the public. the comedy is cool but i would like to see him in a really good movie to bring him critical attention. cant wait for parkland

  • claudia

    @jade: same! i just want the trailer for parkland. AWOD looks crap sorry to say i dont want him to do romcoms for a while no but i really liked the weirdness of paperboy (cusack is back b*tches!) but like i said on the logan lerman post he needs to hurry up because he is still seen as a pretty boy and it really annoys me. this kid called ross lynch is in a disney musical movie and is being compared to zac..i didnt like that. he hasnt had a memorable role to make ppl go “DAMN is that zac efron?” and he needs it.

>>>>>>> staging1