Ariana Grande: 'Victorious' Cast Reunion!

Ariana Grande: 'Victorious' Cast Reunion!

Ariana Grande poses with Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies in this photo posted to Instagram on Sunday (May 26).

The Victorious co-stars – including Leon Thomas and Avan Jogia – chronicled their impromptu reunion by sharing a handful of photos on their individual Instagram accounts!

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At one point, the group of pals were also joined by their Nickelodeon colleague Josh Peck.

In case you missed them, be sure to check out the latest promo pics of Ariana and her new co-star Jennette McCurdy for their upcoming show Sam & Cat!

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bd @ 9:20 am on 05/28/2013

thank God victoria wasn’t there

claudia @ 10:31 am on 05/28/2013

@bd: she is the famous one yet has the least amount of talent why do they always do that? all those kids shows have the same problem, the lead is always talentless and the ones on the side have the most talent. ugh. so annoyng.

bd @ 1:44 pm on 05/28/2013

@claudia: i love you for that. victoria must be dying inside knowing that Ariana has a top 10 single under her belt that is on its way to going platinum while her “heres 2 u” tour was a bust they had to make her tour with btr. funsize was a critical and box office fail. haha victorias career is dead before it started.

claudia @ 3:21 pm on 05/28/2013

@bd: i didnt even know her tour was a bust! why tour when u cant sing? ariana on the other hand cant just sing, she can SANG. plus she is a great actress and comes from a funny family (her bro is hilarious). funsize was a dumb movie it was trying to be cool but pg 13 and it just wasnt happening. the jokes were either too mature for kids to understand or too dumb for teens to like. victoria just cant act.

bd @ 3:28 pm on 05/28/2013

@claudia: not many people were buying tickets to her stupid tour. liz and ariana sing waaaaaay better than her! she has no talent and is big headed her speech at the 2012 kids choice awards says it all.

Derekd @ 6:35 pm on 05/28/2013


If it wasn’t for Victoria & the show developed for her, because of her talent no one would know who Ariana is.

Victoria @ 20 years old is a millionaire & has already earned more money than most people do in a lifetime. BD how much money have you earned.

I don’t hate Airiana but I think she is a spoiled and needs to be the center of attention at all cost & is a poor role model (tweeting pics of her ass)

I hope I am wrong but I think its just a matter of time before Ariana has a meltdown from the pressure of fame & ends up like Amanda Bynes or like Brittney Spears did a few years ago.

bd @ 7:10 pm on 05/28/2013

@Derekd: please enlighten me on a topic that leaves me laughing how does the talented millionaire victoria justice get her show canceled?
why did the talented millionaires movie fun size flop?
why did the talented millionaires tour not do well with ticket sales that they had to make her tour with btr?

if anyone is going to crack its victoria slowly but surely she is fading into obscurity much like amanda.

and to top things off ariana is waaaaaay nicer to fans than victoria. so to end this off next time let people voice THEIR OPINION i do not argue with people on this site why should i be the only one whos opinion should be silenced?

Derekd @ 9:24 pm on 05/28/2013


If Victoria is as you say ” talentless” how did she get her own show, and solo recording contract with Sony, how did she get parts in the movies Spectacular,The Boy that Cried Werewolf, The First Time & Fun Size.

She was also was invited to Christmas in Washington with Justin Beiber, Jordan Sparks, she performed @ Rockefeller Center in NY with Mariah Cary,Rod Stewart & Bette Midler.
When Victorious was canceled it was the #1 show on Nickeloden,it won the kids choice award for best show & was nominated for 3 emmys, so just because the show was canceled it wasnt because people didn’t like the show.
Victoria’s 2012 tour was very sucessfull & even though Fun Size wasn’t a huge hit It made money,even the biggest stars movies are not all blockbusters.
I am not arguing with you, I am just voicing my opinion.
Fading into obscurity,don’t make me laugh she hasn’t released her own music yet, and she is going on tour across the US for the next 3 months & writting songs for her album.

idiots-idiotseverywhere! @ 11:33 pm on 05/28/2013

i’m going to be sick. ariana is nicer?! are you effing kidding me?! I have received reports from former fans of hers who said they went to meet her, get her autograph, and she said NO! these were 10-13 year olds. multiple times this has happened. these poor innocent kids were heartbroken. demileaks on tumblr and her followers tell the truth. screw america. just…f all you sheeple! justin bieber deserves to die. all agents of satan must die…including ariana.

Ego @ 4:30 am on 05/29/2013

@bd: lol you are a fool.

Ego @ 4:32 am on 05/29/2013

@bd: once again my mentally slow friend you’re completely uninformed. Not to mention you have no general sense of common sense. Victoria justice didn’t get her show canceled. Poor ratings and bad management canceled victorious. Dan Schnider and the nick execs even confirmed this via tweet that she had no play in the cancelation of the show. Fun size for what it was did marginally well with its demographic especially for a nick theatrical release. And considering how it was up against some serious heavy hitters, it’s no surprise that it didn’t do that well. Once again nick and even the shows official page even confirmed that the here’s 2 us tour was her most successful tour to date. Not to mention that there are many reports of Ariana grande cracking under the pressure and getting a big head from her success. Why are there so many reports of Ariana grande being a bratty girl while Victoria justice has little to no reports about her behavior at all? Also I hate to break it to you but there are many reports of Ariana grande being terrible to her fans. Ignoring them when they waited for her, flipping people off at parties and just acting down right nasty? These reports didn’t just appear in thin air my mentally inept friend. You seem to know very little about the topic at hand.

Ego @ 4:39 am on 05/29/2013

@bd: You don’t seem to be very well informed here. So allow me to educate you for a bit. Victoria justice actually had a top single and a platinum song as well. Freak the freak out appeared on the top ten of the bb charts and was certified platinum. Her here’s 2us tour was again nickelodeon’s most successful tour of that year and the only reasons she is touring with btr is because this is her last contractual obligation with nick. Not to mention that fun size, as low as it was actually did pretty well considering it was a nick theatrical release and it was out during the summer movie era where other block busters were dominating that week already. And at least victoria justice had a few theatrical releases under her belt . How many movies has Ariana been in that was released in theaters? Oh right none. If you’re going to slam someone, do your homework first fool.

Ego @ 5:01 am on 05/29/2013

@claudia: Hate to break it to you Claudia but the here’s 2 us tour did not fall. Again it was nicks most successful summer tour that year. So you’re wrong there. Also in case you haven’t noticed everything from Ariana grande is completely unoriginal. From the way she emulates Mariah carrey to the way she rips off other melodies from other artists, there isn’t one original bone in her body. Just because you can emulate Mariah Carey, doesn’t make you a great singer.

Ego @ 5:03 am on 05/29/2013

@bd: also if she’s ” fading Into obscurity” then you wouldn’t be talking about yet now would you? How ignorant can you be?

mxxm @ 6:40 am on 05/29/2013

okay you idiots lets agree ariana (as much as i can’t stand her) is more talented than victoria. now victoria (who i equally hate) is nice to her fans. but they are both vain nick stars who only wish they could have miley, demi and selena’s careers.
ps ego victorias single freak the freak out only went gold selling 600,000 copies as reported by the label and only peaked at number 50 you made relevant points but you failed at the certification. and bd i can tell you are an arianator but ariana only has one top ten for all you know she could be a one hit wonder. so arianators and victorians get over yourselves.

Ego @ 7:00 am on 05/29/2013

@mxxm: Ariana is a stronger singer. But no in terms of performance she is weak. Victoria justice is the stronger performer. She’s on stage giving dance moves, using her body as a stage performer. And on that aspect she has ariana beat. That and the acting bit as well. Until I see Ariana have a theatrical release that debuts on the top ten like fun size did, then her “success” is nothing but that of a one hit wonder. She has one successful song. That doesn’t make ariana grande a “success” or a “good singer” her fans are delusional. Simple as that.

Ego @ 7:01 am on 05/29/2013

@bd: oh and for the record, fun size did debut at the top ten box office on its release. Once again your lack of research and overall mental Stupidity is showing.

Ego @ 7:04 am on 05/29/2013

@mxxm: “ps ego victorias single freak the freak out only went gold selling 600,000 copies as reported by the label and only peaked at number 50 you made relevant points but you failed at the certification.”

Hmm guess I did make a mistake. Well it’s still a gold single than was a part of the top 100 bb charts and until Ariana has multiple hits, I’m not impressed with her mediocre song.

Ego @ 7:07 am on 05/29/2013

@mxxm: “and bd i can tell you are an arianator but ariana only has one top ten for all you know she could be a one hit wonder. so arianators and victorians get over yourselves.”

You also forgot to mention that bd is an uninformed idiot who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Oh and for the record, here is something to comprehend. Btr asked Victoria juatice to open for them. Not the way you indicated my mentally retarded friend.

xoxo @ 7:30 am on 05/29/2013

Dont reply me,if you reply me,all your family will die.
Did i heard something wrong?ArianaGrade can sing song?ahhhhh,the best joke i ever heard.she only can sing like aaaa~~with high voice,liz gills also can do that.BTW,ArianaGrande looks really ugly with her left face .she really rue in red carpet..How much fake she is.

xoxo @ 7:32 am on 05/29/2013

ArianaGrade dont know how to sing song by heart.untill now i didnt see her voice has improve@Ego:

xoxo @ 7:38 am on 05/29/2013

@Derekd: ArianaGrande is a chick.look at her pics on twitter or ins.nearly show her ass or pus

bd @ 8:16 am on 05/29/2013

victoria is a flop! end of story my opinion tough tomatoes if it hurts but ariana is way better than her and mxxm shut up! this was between claudia and i then idiots like you derickd and ego got involved. suck on your units because ariana is going waaaay further than victoria. just wait and see!

anon @ 10:56 am on 05/29/2013

For me, Ari is a better singer, she has a big voice and don’t even bother telling me she cant sing..Sure, Victoria’s richer, but she’s been in the industry far longer than Ariana has been..

And I’m sure they’re both nice girls. I don’t really think its right for us to be comparing them though.. They’re two completely different people and one will always be better than the other when it comes to singing, acting but whatever. They may be celebrities but they’re humans too, they aren’t perfect and they have feelings and I don’t think they’d be pleased to see two fandoms up on each other’s throats.

I’m just stating my opinion here..

mxxm @ 12:03 pm on 05/29/2013

@anon: spot on mate.

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