New 'Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters' Trailer -- WATCH NOW!

New 'Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters' Trailer -- WATCH NOW!

Check out the new trailer for Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters!

In the upcoming flick, Percy (Logan Lerman), Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) and satyr Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) travel to the mythical land known as Sea of Monsters to retrieve a golden fleece that is essential to saving an ailing magical tree that protects their home, Camp Half-Blood.

Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters opens August 7th.


Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters: Trailer #2
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  • Jessica

    The previous trailer depicted exciting and immediately-accessible family-friendly adventure. However, based on what we’re seeing, this film doesn’t seem to hearken back too much to the first entry. In fact, I would venture to guess that this sequel is made in such a way where seeing the first film will not be necessary. But having said so, I can’t wait till August.

  • yasmine

    Logan Lerman is so pretty, heís almost TOO pretty to be male. The doe-shaped eyes with long lashes, the perfectly shaped eyebrows, the porcelain skin, the button nose and the full pouty lips. No wonder he has a huge gay following as well as a huge female following. Sorry Logan, I do think youíre gorgeous, itís just that itís true that you have pretty, delicate features. Thereís nothing wrong with that though. I prefer my men pretty over those hairy, huge bear-men.

    As for the movie, Iím realliy looking forward to seeing it. Logan in 3D=total eye candy!

  • Hr

    Looking good for sea of monsters. Logan lerman is a great choice for percy jackson

  • lance

    Wow! It looks so good! I’ll be definitely seeing this when it comes out.

  • steve

    Ever since I was wowed by the talented Logan Lerman in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, I’m game to watching anything else he’s in. I never got the chance to see the first Percy Jackson film but I just may have to consider it. This one looks very appealing. I’m also looking forward to seeing Lerman in next year’s war film Fury starring Brad Pitt. That sounds like it will be a tremendously dramatic and entertaining film directed by the brilliant David Ayer. Looking forward to seeing the young Lerman thrive in what I believe will be a very successful, bright future.

  • jessica

    omfg!! I want to see this so bad! It looks like it’ll be closer to the books and even better than the first movie. However, I do admit I did enjoy the first one very much, especially the Lotus casino scene with Percy getting high on the Lotus flowers and giving that adorable high-pitched giggle. And the infamous line, “This is a pen! This is a pen!” hahaha.

  • Nick_jr

    My dream is to look like Logan Lerman and to date Alexandra Daddario. Every day I’d be looking in the mirror marveling at my good looks and feeling myself up while treating Alexandra like the Queen she deserves to be.

  • Gregsimmons22

    I admit, this looks really good but if Kronos is showing up in this film(when he really doesn’t show up until later in the series), how are they supposed to do any future films and stay true to the books?

  • bethanie

    I love me some Logan Lerman. <3

  • bethanie


    Logan Lerman’s giggle was priceless! I lost count how many times I would rewind that scene over and over again just so I could hear his giggle. lol

  • fan

    Excited. <3

  • Dan_the_man

    Three words: THIS LOOKS EPIC!

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