Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, & Jennifer Lawrence: 'Complex' Hottest Women Top 10!

Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, & Jennifer Lawrence: 'Complex' Hottest Women Top 10!

Selena Gomez makes the Top 10 of Complex magazine’s list of the Hottest 100 Women Right Now!

The 20-year-old actress/singer is in the company of two more of our favorites – Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus – who also ranked high on the list.

The mag noted their biggest accomplishments this year, with Jennifer‘s of course being her Academy Award win for Silver Linings Playbook. Meanwhile, Selena‘s role in Spring Breakers and Miley‘s upcoming single “We Can’t Stop” were also praised.

Check out the full list!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of these girls making the Top 10?

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  • claudia

    this screams pr not just for miley but for selena too.

  • Jason

    If Selena’s biggest accomplishment this year was Spring Breakers, then she needs to stick to music – the movie went directly to DVD! I’m not saying that’s HER fault, but it’s hardly an accomplishment at all.

  • claudia

    @Jason: but shes not very good at music either. i mean they are promoting come and get it sooo hardcore i probably know all the words without even trying. im just waiting for her movie with ethan hawke cuz he is a legend

  • Javi

    uhm sorry Selenas movie was in theartres at limited release seeing as it was an indy movie

  • Chelsea

    @Jason: it was an indie film that got a limited release in theaters, and it actually made over 30 million dollars.

  • Chelsea

    @claudia: Her song is doing really well , its about to go platinum, and its number 6 on Billboards Hot 100

  • claudia

    @Chelsea: i never said it wasnt doing well, i just said shes not good at music, singing wise. but then who is nowadays in the music industry? good on her for it getting so well received. shes going back to acting so might as well get good reviews from music too.

  • claudia

    @Chelsea: and u must admit that justin had a lot to do with her getting far in music. i would have never thought she would host the emas. ever. but she did, although i have never heard her music on the radio in the uk. as soon as she is back with justin (or at least rumours all over the place) she releases songs from her album. a little bit fishy to me.

  • Wasp

    Jennifer Lawrence beats them both. The other two are just annoying and not worth spending time debating over who’s better.

  • fan

    Vanessa’s on the list. :D I don’t care about the number spots though as long as she’s on the list. :bd

  • javi

    @Jason: jason the movie was on theaters first on select theaters and then wide release. i think the total was 10 million very good for an indie film.

  • mxxm

    @javi: it exceeded 10million dollars

  • emily

    Totally awesome

  • Daniela

    Selena is GORGEOUS.

  • liljoey

    this list is a joke.the only person on the top ten who actually deserved to be there is Jennifer Lawrence but maybe 9 or ten.And you know its a joke cause Kim Kartrasian is ranked 10 and kate upton,blake lively,Nina Agdel,Barbara Palvin,Alexandra Daddadario,Bar Raefelli and this super hot girl from Australia named Jessica Green did not make it.All these lists are about any more is movie studios and recording artists and their studios spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote their product it no longer has anything to do with Beauty

  • Warren

    I can’t get the list to work. Miley should be number 1 though. And Chloe Moretz or Selena second. Good for Jennifer and Vanessa too.

  • Chloe

    1. Selena 2. Jennifer 3. Miley I used to luv miley when I was like 8 but now she turned all bad and punk and I hate her new hair! Anyways Idk why Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus are on the TOP 10!! But Selena yes she’s gorgeous! Why is Jlaw and Miley on the top 10 if Alexandra Daddario or the other celebs. I can name a lot of celebs that are A LOT more beautiful then Jennifer Lawrence! This is no longer a Hottest Celeb Contest people are just voting for Jennifer Lawrence cuz she was in thg! If any other actor was katniss everdeen I bet they would be on the top 10! It’s not fair there’s a bunch of other celebs 1000 times more prettier the Jennifer Lawrence! Come on let’s make this contest a beauty contest again! There is already something called THe Grammys for the best actor!!!!

  • Chloe

    @liljoey: I agree ppl r just voting for who they like the best! This is a beauty contest not the Grammies!