'House of Anubis: Touchstone of Ra' Airs June 17th -- Watch The Trailer!

'House of Anubis: Touchstone of Ra' Airs June 17th -- Watch The Trailer!

Who’s ready for an all-new House of Anubis special?

JJJ got our hands on the official trailer for Touchstone of Ra, premiering Monday, June 17th @ 9PM ET/6PM ET on TeenNick.

In the “Touchstone of Ra”, the residents of Anubis House are nearing the end of their final term when their celebratory mood is cut short after a group of underclassman unexpectedly move into Anubis house, and a trip to an Egyptian museum leaves the group with a strange stone in hand.

The Sibunas are confronted with their greatest challenge yet as they set out to decipher the secrets behind the touchstone of the ancient Egyptian god, Ra. As the power of the stone begins to cause chaos, it’s up to leader Eddie Miller (Burkely Duffield) and the Sibunas to solve the mystery before it’s too late.

As the mystery unfolds, the Sibunas learn that not everyone is as they seem, and there’s only one among them who can save them from the powers of the stone.

The special will introduce newcomers Sophia (Claudia Jessie), Dexter (Jake Davis), Erin (Kae Alexander) and Cassie (Roxy Fitzgerald).

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    So stoked, eek!

  • https://twitter.com/fabinafan Theresa

    I’m so excited. But I don’t know if I can handle this. It’s too much. I’m just so excited.

  • Lawrence

    Burkely’s such a hunk!.

  • Dave

    Man that Tasie has some pretty brown eyes.

  • Ali

    BLOOPER ALERT! – I just caught this :)
    In Season 1 Episode 6 – House of Locks, when Patricia is breaking into Joy’s locker, Joy’s name is missing from the locker, but after being caught and when Mara says “But Patricia” you can see Joy’s name on the locker.

  • Tristan

    I think willow is the one who can save every one but I might not be right but just think her real name was the only one not listed above so just think and ps what the heck is going on with tasies freakish eyes

  • Tristan

    Or mabey the person to save them is some one u would not suspect like mr. Sweet victor or Trudy

  • joshua

    the new girl is back for revenge………MISS DENBY!?!?!?!?

>>>>>>> staging1